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PushpahasKuchipudi 1
Chapter 699 2 days ago

The story left me speechless!! The first couple of chapters it felt boring but damn the story got real interesting very quick. There are no fillers, the author utilized every single character mentioned in the plot/story. The best one so far!!!!

Bruhstling_mind 2
Chapter 699 2 days ago

Straight up fire , spicier than those korean noodles best light novel out there cant even be compared to the average light novel , checking every single day if a new chapter has dropped 5/5

CosmicRaven 1
Chapter 6 3 days ago

Well. . . as one of the hundreds of people that reviewed this novel, what can I possibly say that others before me haven't? I mean, like one of the best novels I've ever read in my life is right here, so go and read it already! Plot, check! Character, check! Development, check! What could you possibly expect from the number 1?

AlessandroSaluzzi 1
Chapter 599 3 days ago

Well written, incredible world building, power up, story-telling, cat calling. . . Sunny, my boy! So refreshing thanks original trope and funny moments. . . 5 Stars

MuchPressure 1
Chapter 699 3 days ago

Honestly, it's been a long time since I've read something this good. The world building is incredible, the secondary characters are captivating and the author's writing is impeccable. If you expect a badass protagonist, who kills everyone with one finger, is a born leader, full of catchphrases and the messiah who wants to save humanity by sacrificing himself for it, you are in the wrong place. Sunny, is rotten, selfish, petty, paranoid and VERY insane, everything a human being raised in the rotten part of society would be when falling into a real hell. And that's precisely what makes him an incredible protagonist. Of course, nothing is perfect, some moments the narrative is quite slow, but nothing that makes the story difficult.

DivisionNec 1
Chapter 39 3 days ago

The first volume was top-tier, in my opinion. Everything after that was down-graded. And this might be my preference, not that the novel Is at fault; I don't like the fact that he has to have a master.

Hypnweeb 2
Chapter 561 5 days ago

The story left me speechless, I started it thinking it’s gonna be the usual go into a gate, get op, come back, be the best… the usual cringe. But this… this is beautiful and I can’t live without this anymore! The experience was truly like: I came looking for copper but found gold.

Tojinsjskd 1
Chapter 316 6 days ago

One of the best web novels I have ever read. It has interesting plot(with unexpected plot twists), excellent characters and outstanding lore&world. Definitely worth reading!

Mongi 1
Chapter 686 6 days ago

Im old, I read WN because its easily available and easy reading vs normal books. But holy hell is this a true gem. Its been a long time since i felt a sense of adventure and discovery through the many worlds. The world building is top notch. Its take on isekai/other world is a breath of fresh air. Its self imposed imitations and workarounds are creative and subverts expectations. The characters are flawed physically and emotionally which is rare. And the MC is strong yet struggles. I always felt a sense of danger with the monsters which is also rare, you never know if his gonna get impaled or lose a few organs. And did I tell you the world is amazing? Its amazing. The history, the mechanics, the receding seas, the elevating floating islands, the endless abyss. Usually authors work with one type of world, not multiple. The writing is not the best but with all these amazing attributes, you hardly need to be good when you have an amazing story with a solid foundation. Add that to the mysteries and overall arc and the impending doom which is yet to be revealed, this LN is just packed with goodies. I mean you can tell a book is good when people take time & words to review it instead of just "amazing! Recommended! The best ever!" For a fantasy LN its way WAY ahead of any in its group. Totally deserving of its spot. Cant say the same for others, sadly

DivineAsura28 1
Chapter 690 6 days ago

This novel is definitely recommend to read World building 10/10, it is just amazing; Character Development 10/10, not only Mc; Story 10/10, Can't wait to find out everything; This novel shows everything good and bad sides of humanity, it makes you feel so many things and at some point you realise that you are in love with characters.