Sign In Buddha’s Palm

Chapter 143: Obliterate.

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Chapter 143: Obliterate.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

In the Long Life Temple.

Emperor Li Sheng was currently worrying about the alliance of the Kings, when he suddenly felt shivers.

An ordinary person can not perceive the World Essence Qi fluctuations. But the scope was so wide and violent, that there was no way that he wouldn’t be able to sense it. It was akin to being stared at by a ferocious beast.

“What’s the matter?”

Emperor Li Sheng wore an expression of shock.

“Your Majesty.”

Eunuch Liu’s figure appeared in front of Emperor Li Sheng. He said with a trembling voice: “World’s Essence Qi– the World’s Essence Qi is completely out of control…”

Eunuch Liu’s tone showed great horror.

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As a Grade 1 Great Grandmaster, Eunuch Liu naturally has a keen perception of the World’s Essence Qi. At this moment, he suddenly discovered that the originally meek and plain World’s Essence Qi suddenly began to turn violent.

Being surrounded by such World’s Essence Qi, made Eunuch Liu feel that 90% of his strength was suppressed. Moreover, the suppression was gradually increasing.

For an ordinary person, such a phenomenon might only affect their mind a little and will produce uneasy emotions; but in the eyes of the Martial Artists that’s in the Upper Realm who have already experienced World’s Essence, it was no different than facing a storm.

It was not only Eunuch Liu, but other Upper Realm Martial Artists in Chang’an City also felt the same.

At the same time.

In front of the Right Spring Square.

The Nine Yao Bow in Su Qin’s hand finished condensing its arrow.


The arrow breathed, as if it was alive, devouring the World’s Essence Qi that flows from all directions.

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“Almost there.”

Su Qin’s eyes slightly narrowed. He adjusted the direction of the arrow and aimed at the position locked by [Eyes of Truth] and [Celestial Eyes].

It was then…


Su Qin let go of the bowstring.


It was like a stone thrown into a lake.

The arrow that was filled with murderous intent, turned into a dazzling divine light and flew towards a certain location at a terrifying speed.

At this moment, whether it was the Imperial Army, Martial Artists in the Imperial Palace, or the hundreds of civilians in Chang’an City, they all saw an unforgettable scene.

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They saw a heavenly light rising from the depths of the Imperial Palace, and then disappearing into the sky.

Right Spring Square.

Su Qin slightly loosened the Nine Yao Bow and put it into the System Storage, his thoughts fluctuating slightly.

With the disappearance of the bow, the World’s Essence Qi, which had suddenly become violent, also slowly calmed down.

“Is the consumption of the Nine Yao Bow so large?”

“If I shoot a dozen arrows in a row, wouldn’t it cost me 10% of my Divine Sense…”

Su Qin exclaimed.

Nine Yao Gong is a Divine Sense driven treasure. It does not rely on the Body nor True Essence. It only needs enough Divine Sense.

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“I can feel that the arrow just now was not still at its limit. If I continue to charge it, the power of the arrow will skyrocket infinitely; but in the same way, during the charge, my Divine Sense consumption will increase. “

Su Qin carefully examined the feeling at the moment when he shot the arrow.

Su Qin felt that if you charge the arrow up to the end and exhaust all of your Divine Sense, the arrow will definitely be enough to take on an Arhat/Legend, except for those at the 7th Heavenly Layer that can create their Small Domain.

Of course, Su Qin will not really try that.

That’s because once the Divine Sense is exhausted, one’s strength will inevitably be greatly reduced. Although Su Qin has all kinds of trump cards, if his Divine Sense is really exhausted, he will not be putting himself in danger.

“When the Nine Yao Bow was used just now, the World’s Essence Qi that it drew was violent.”

Su Qin touched his chin.

Normally speaking, the World’s Essence Qi gathered by an Heaven and Earth Array, like the Essence Gathering Holy Land, are all ‘filtered’ by the Array, and the stable World’s Essence Qi can then be absorbed by Su Qin.

But the World’s Essence Qi that the Nine Yao Bow brought was completely violent.

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In the Kings’ army.

“Reporting, the Imperial Army has begun to retreat, it is expected that they will not make a move.”

A soldier walked in quickly and kneeled on one knee. He said respectfully.


“Is it possible that Emperor Sheng is scared?”

The Anyang King sneered.

The more Emperor Li Sheng was like this, the more it proved that the other party was uncertain.

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“Emperor Li Sheng probably wanted to gather his strength and confront us outside Chang’an City.”

The Shufang King thought for a moment and said, admiration evident in his tone.

Even if they were standing on opposite sides, the Shufang King still felt that there was nothing wrong with Emperor Li Sheng’s choice.

Abandoning a small part of the territory, in exchange for the concentration of strength, hence increasing the chances of winning. It can be said that Emperor Li Sheng has done everything he can do.

“It’s a pity…”

The Shufang King sighed softly and looked at the indifferent man not far away, with a slightly respectful expression: “With a Peak Grade 1, Emperor Li Sheng is destined to fall…”

Smiles appeared on the other Kings’ faces.

The indifferent man also slightly laughed.

Just when the Kings were thinking about how to divide the Empire’s treasury after taking Chang’an City, another soldier hurried in.

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“Outside…outside…something happened outside…”

The soldier was in a hurry, he was in fear.

“Something happened?”

The Jiannan King frowned.

What could happen to them when they were in the army?

The Shufang King also expressed puzzlement. In his opinion, they were protected by a million troops, the indifferent man and his fellow several Masters. They should be in the safest location and time. How could something happen?

Only the indifferent man’s complexion changed, he got up and left the barracks.

When the Kings saw this, they looked at each other and also followed out.

When the Kings walked out of the barracks, they noticed a faint ray of light in the sky.

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Under the shocked gazes of the Kings, the light continued to approach, getting bigger and bigger, which finally faintly formed a huge arrow that crossed several thousands li in mere seconds.

“Not good!”

The Shufang King’s scalp tingled.

Not only him, but the indifferent man next to him was also coldly sweating.

The next moment, the huge arrow arrived and completely covered the barracks where the Kings were located.


Within the military, several roars faintly sounded, and auras of the highest grade suddenly erupted.

However, these auras only lasted for a moment, and they didn’t even last long before they were completely wiped out in the light.

Everything where the arrow passed was annihilated under its violent power. The Kings couldn’t even react before they were obliterated into nothingness.

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