Sign In Buddha’s Palm
Chapter 228: Wait.

Emperor Li Sheng asked his people to monitor the Kunlun Mountains day and night. So how could Su Qin just feel it?

Currently, Su Qin was already at the 8th Heavenly Layer. The [Eyes of Truth], as a Magic Power, can evolve along with Su Qin’s strength. Naturally, its ability to grasp qi also skyrocketed.

“Feel it?”

Emperor Li Sheng was shocked.

Kunlun Mountains were almost hundreds of thousands li away from Chang’an City. Even if Emperor Li Sheng used all of his means, such as a Grade 1 Great Grandmaster to send letters, he could only guarantee that he would know what happened in Kunlun Mountains within a day.

Plus, this was already based on the fact that the Tang Empire had already dominated the world. Otherwise, if the countries were not united like before, let alone a day, even if it was half a month, it would not be possible to obtain information about the Kunlun Mountains.

Yet, Su Qin who just arrived in Chang’an City, said that he had sensed the Kunlun Mountains. It was simply appalling.

Although in the records it said that a Legend is an extraordinary existence, it does not mean that one has become an Immortal.

Since Su Qin was able to sense everything outside a hundred thousand li away, if he was not an Immortal, then what is?

Even the Old Taoist, who thought he had already seen enough of Su Qin’s power, was equally stunned.

In the eyes of the Old Taoist, although Su Qin was powerful at Peak Legend and was able to condense the Mini Domain, it does not mean that he’s omnipotent.

Under Earth Immortal, the range of the Mini Domain was only about hundreds zhang.

Of course, the Divine Sense of a Peak Legend had a very wide range, exceeding a hundred miles.

But there was still an insurmountable gap between hundreds of miles and hundreds of thousands of li.

Only Li Wan was wearing a confused expression. She was not even in the Upper Realm, so she naturally does not know the meaning of Su Qin’s words.

“It’s different from what you’re thinking.”

Su Qin shook his head slightly and gave them a bit of info.

Either the [Eyes of Truth] or [Celestial Eyes], both can only sense internal qi. As for other things, it doesn’t involve much.

For example, hundreds of thousands of li away, Su Qin can only feel the Qi generated by the space fluctuations in Kunlun Mountains. As for what the Kunlun Mountains look like, like how many stones were there, he doesn’t know anything.

In short, Su Qin’s perspective was different from that of an ordinary person. Though from a certain perspective, Su Qin could be said to be standing at an unimaginable height above ordinary creatures, observing the world under his gaze.

“Not the same…?”

Emperor Li Sheng and the others couldn’t help, but swallow a mouthful of saliva. Although they don’t know exactly how it was different, Su Qin’s actions over the years have constantly refreshed their understanding of him. So if they thought in this context, Su Qin being able to feel what happened outside of hundreds of thousands of li was not actually not so hard to understand.

After Emperor Li Sheng chatted a bit more with Su Qin, he left.

Like today, the state affairs he needs to deal with every day could almost fill the entire Long Life Temple. If it weren’t for Emperor Li Sheng’s occasional time to rest in the East Palace, along with the Cultivation technique and pills, etc. left by Su Qin, he would’ve broken down already.

Even after Emperor Li Sheng and the others left, Su Qin stayed still in place.

Qingqiu Qianqian and the others also just respectfully stood beside him. Before Su Qin ordered so, how dare they have their own ideas?

Even Ruan Qing, who had been in Chang’an City for a while now, was standing there respectfully.

“Where should I put the Spirit Spring?”

Su Qin’s Divine Sense scanned the entire Chang’an City and thought to himself.

After being devoured by Su Qin, the Spirit Spring had withered. It may be useless in a short time, but if it recovers in the future, it will definitely shine with unprecedented brilliance.

“I guess I’ll just place it under Right Spring Square.”

Su Qin raised his head and looked at Right Spring Square not far away.

Right Spring Square was the former residence of Su Qin, and was the core of the numerous Arrays that now surround the entire East Palace.

Compared with other places in the East Palace, the vitality and spirit in the Right Spring Square were more abundant. So it was very suitable for nurturing the Spirit Spring, and letting it recover as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, Su Qin’s thoughts moved and the jade box held by the Old Taoist suddenly exploded.

Then a misty ball of light emerged.

The light ball exuded a weak aura of vitality and spirit. After Su Qin took out the Spirit Spring, he directly let it fall into the Right Spring Square.


Su Qin slightly nodded.

Now that the Spirit Spring had been placed, he only needed to wait for it to fully recover.

According to Su Qin’s estimation, with the current trend of recovery of vitality, the day when the Spirit Spring recovers will not be far in the future.


“Did something happen during my absence?”

Su Qin’s eyes had no waves. He looked at Ruan Qing and Yan Hai, then lightly said.

Whether it was Yan Hai or Ruan Qing, they were both at the 3rd Heavenly Layer. They are the most powerful in Chang’an City, other than Su Qin.

The reason why Su Qin was not in a rush during his stay in the Eastern Sea was because there were these two in Chang’an City.

With the recovery of vitality, Yan Hai and Ruan Qing should be able to solve the overwhelming majority problem within at least a 100 years. Su Qin does not need to worry about them.

“Reporting back to Master, nothing has happened in the past few months.”

Ruan Qing thought for a while and replied respectfully. Yan Hai next to him also said the same.

Although the vitality was beginning to recover, there were still hundreds of thousands of years before another prosperous era occurred. Even a Legend had not yet been born on the mainland. If it weren’t for the appearance of the War God Temple, Emperor Li Sheng would not have come to Su Qin to report some event.

“Well, you all can go.”

After Su Qin asked some more questions, he waved his hand. He asked Ruan Qing and the others to take the Old Taoist and Qingqiu Qianqian along to retreat, along with learning about some Palace rules.

As for Su Qin himself, he took a step and returned to the majestic Great Hall of Chang’an City.

“Based on the qi from the space fluctuations in the Kunlun Mountains, the space should break in a year or so.”

“By then, it should be the day when the War God Temple officially appears.”

Su Qin sat cross-legged as he faced the direction of Kunlun Mountains.

The War God Temple was related to Su Qin’s Sign In location, so he will definitely go there in person.

“However, according to the records, the duration of the appearance of the War God Temple will not be too long. It’s, at most, one month…”

Su Qin slightly frowned.

If the War God Temple’s Dao Accumulation dries up during that month, then there’s naturally no problem.

But if War God Temple was a repeatable Sign In location, it would be a big loss if Su Qin was only able to Sign In for only one month.

“It doesn’t matter…”

“Let’s just wait a year later, when the War God Temple actually appears.”

Su Qin calmed down. He thought: “During this period, I obtained a lot of Fire Element Divine Pills in Cathode City in the Cave World.”

“So I should start Cultivating the [Burning Sun Divine Art].”

Su Qin slowly closed his eyes. In his mind, a stone statue connecting to the Heavens and Earth appeared. On which was a big sun that was blazing, seemingly burning everything.

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Sign In Buddha’s Palm Chapter 228: Wait.
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