Silver Overlord

Chapter 561 Underground Stone House

The big water leech was dead!

Yan Liqiang unfathomably progressed into a Martial Ancestor like a dream!

These consecutive 'accidents' made Yan Liqiang feel like he was dreaming. He looked at his powerful hands and pinched himself twice. After dazing for a long while, he let out a sigh and accepted this reality.

Although Yan Liqiang still didn't understand how all this happened, surviving this disaster was always good!

The pond was in front of the leech. Yan Liqiang guessed that the leech had come in through the pond and this pond was probably connected with the cave at the bottom of White Grass Lake. If he left from here, he could probably get back to the lake.

This cave didn't seem ordinary, but Yan Liqiang was no geologist so he wasn't interested in those stalagmites and crystals.

Yan Liqiang didn't know how long he had spent on the leech but the most important thing now was finding an exit from here.

After looking at the pond and studying his environment and making sure there wouldn't be a second leech, Yan Liqiang took a deep breath and jumped into the pond water. He was planning to become familiar with the environment and test the waters.

About half of the leech hanging in the water seemed very scary. Yan Liqiang went into the water and looked. He found that the bottom of the pond had a deep well that reached underground. He didn't know how deep it was, but he was strong, and that gave him the courage. The water was very clear and he could see everything in it so he could keep swimming.

After swimming for about two to three hundred meters, the tunnel down became straighter. He swam in that tunnel for another hundred meters, took a turn, and the water flow suddenly became volatile. A few hundred-meter wide terrifying underground river appeared before Yan Liqiang.

The tunnel he was in connected with that underground river. It was like a T-shaped intersection. The river was terrifying because the current was so fast. Instead of flowing up, the water flowed below into the dark abyss. Near there, the desperate current wanted to drag Yan Liqiang in forcefully. Yan Liqiang started to spin in the water. Eventually, Yan Liqiang stuck his hand into the rocks on the two sides to stabilize himself.

Feeling the power in the water, Yan Liqiang's face changed!

If he went into that underground river and was taken to some unknown place, would he survive? Who knew what was there and how he would come out? Judging by direction, White Grass Lake was above, not below!

Yan Liqiang held himself with one hand and then grabbed a rock from the wall and threw it into the river.

In the blink of an eye, the rock disappeared like a leaf in a tornado.

Sh*t. With this kind of current, he would never be able to swim upstream. Probably only that big water leech could go up. Humans would never be able to swim up in that sort of current!

Yan Liqiang stayed in that cave for a long while; he took a whole hour. After confirming that there was no other way out and the current didn't slow down with time, he returned to that cave.

In a splash, Yan Liqiang jumped out from the pond with eyebrows locked in a frown!

What should I do?

That was the most pressing question!

There must be a way. There must be a way!

Yan Liqiang comforted himself and studied the cave again. It was very deep and what he saw was only a small part of it. He hadn't been to the back of the cave, so perhaps he could go see it. The heavens always gave a slim chance of survival. Since the heavens didn't let the leech eat him, then it wouldn't let him die here either!

Thinking about this, Yan Liqiang cheered up. He looked at the leech and thought before bending down and dragging its body up with all his might.

This leech was definitely a rare beast, and these types of beasts had too many treasures in their bodies. Thus, Yan Liqiang didn't want to waste it. plus, Yan Liqiang's Black Scale Sword was probably still in its belly!

Yan Liqiang inserted his hand into the sucker of the leech. He used his power and with a slice, his palm dissected the leech's body like a sharp sword drawing open a few-meter long opening. After searching in the sticky organs of the leech, he finally found the Black Scale Sword and washed it in the pond.

Usually, these strange beasts would have a crystal core, but Yan Liqiang didn't know where it would be found. He dragged the leech up so now the crystal wouldn't run off on its own so he could take his time.

Yan Liqiang headed towards the back of the cave with the Black Scale Sword.

The cave was very deep and twisted. After leaving the pond for a few hundred meters, Yan Liqiang found some mushroom-like plants. After a few more hundred meters, Yan Liqiang opened his mouth wide and was very shocked!

"I'm not seeing things, am I?!" Yan Liqiang murmured and rubbed his eyes. He wasn't seeing things — there was a stone house next to the cave wall ahead.

A well with steam seeping out was next to the stone house, forming a natural small pond. In the middle of the pond was a two-meter tall strange plant. There was red fruit on it. Even with the tens of meters of distance in between, Yan Liqiang could smell its aroma.

In the small yard of the stone house, there were stone tables, stone stools, and chairs. On the other side of the stone house, there seemed to be a small garden with a lot of strange plants that Yan Liqiang had never heard of.

Someone used to live in such a place and built a house and a garden?

Yan Liqiang's mouth was wide open but then he became excited. Since someone lived here before and could turn it into this, it meant that there was a way out of here…

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