Sins Paradise: Domination System
Chapter 1: Bonus Stage

I stood on the hill created from tens of thousands of monster corpses I had slayed before. In front of me was the last boss of this dungeon, the Ghost Marionette.

My drenched blond hair ruffled in the air as I jumped at a fast speed toward the boss, which was standing atop a flying ring surrounded by burning lava. I clenched my sword tightly and roared.


The moment my sword hit the last boss' six arms, it created a loud clang and sent shockwaves everywhere. The lava got pushed out. The hill of monsters got blown away. Dust was flying as I locked my gaze with the Max Level Ghost Marionette.

Krak krak krak–

The doll joints of the puppet cracked under my strength. The ground shook as I pushed forward. This happened after I activated my ultimate skill, <Limit Break>.

The silver blade in my hand glowed a bright light. I activated my last skill that could be used after maximizing the charge of <Limit Break>. Sure kill technique, which cost me every bit of my MP. If this didn't work, then the boss was definitely unbeatable.

In the past, 30 rankers had tried to conquer this dungeon, but they were defeated as soon as they stepped into the ring.

But I managed to hold on against the last boss, chipping its health slowly. We had fought for 3 days already, and both of our health bars were already on edge.

Five years had passed since I had been trapped in the game. It was a long time, and I wanted to rest. In desperation, I attacked the last dungeon by myself.

At the edge of my vision, I looked at my health bar.

[Health: 9/100]

It was dangerously low.

With just one attack from the Ghost Marionette, then my health would be fully depleted. The armor I wore had already served its duty as it became a useless piece of metal on my body, devoid of any enhancement it once had.

However, I was grinning.

Because I wasn't the only one with dangerously low health.

[Health: 20/20000]

Ghost Marionette's health bar was also low. So I made a bet with this attack.

"Die, you bastard!"

<Dimensional Breaker!>

The light emanating from the sword blinded the surrounding area. The laser-like blade cut through the Ghost Marionette's arms like butter, drawing a bright golden streak in the air.

My last desperate attack worked as the last boss was split into two.

I celebrated my success as I noticed the series of notifications in front of my vision as a flat female voice reached my ears.

[The keeper 'Ghost Marionette' has been defeated! Congratulations on your feat!]

[You have obtained the gifts 'Limit Breaker', 'One Man Army', and 'King of the World']

[You have acquired the skills 'Ill Status Immunity', 'Mind Control Immunity', and 'Perfect Body']

[You have obtained the items 'Real Marionette', and 'Shapeshift Orb']

[Congratulations on finishing the game! The bonus stage is unlocked!]

"What?" I let out a dumbfounded voice.

Bonus stage. The announcement clearly said that thing.

[You are going to be transported to the bonus stage in 30 seconds.]

"What the hell?!"

My shout reverberated in the cave that began to crumble down. The boss had been defeated, so the dungeon began to collapse.

However, I stood still in the middle of the ring. My brows furrowed as I listened to the announcement.

[Bonus stage is the peaceful version of this world. One wish will be granted.]

"I want to go home." I replied immediately.


'This game is surely trying to fuck me up.' I thought.

Rejected? I was angry and raised my sword. However, the next announcement literally froze me.

[You will be transferred home after you die in the bonus stage.]

[Bonus stage is designed to reward all your effort.]

[Please choose a game base for your Bonus stage. All your status, skills, and items will be transferred to the new game.]

[Warning. It is a brand-new world. The bonus stage is not a game.]

That… was something.

I had always thought this game was strange. It was too realistic.

'If this world is really another world, then everything makes sense. Whoever created this world is surely… terrifying.'

I let out a sigh. Well, the announcement system said I could choose a game as a base for my bonus stage, right? And I would return to my home after I died in the next world.

The gloomy mood disappeared, and I became happy at this new chance. There was no risk in taking this offer.

"In that case…"

This was my reward for my hard work. The last 5 years were hard. I fought with no rest and had no time to have a girlfriend. The reason why I created a handsome character was to get a girl in the first place!


'I will enjoy the bonus stage to the fullest.'

My mind had already decided what game would be the base for the bonus stage. And I knew I would definitely enjoy it. The game I used as the base was something I played a long time ago before I entered this death game.

With my max Level, I also didn't need to be afraid of anything. Even more so after I got even stronger from the rewards I gained from defeating Ghost Marionette. If I was tired of the bonus round, I could just take my life and return home, no?

"I want to use Sins Paradise as the base game for my bonus stage." I grinned as I thought about the game named Sins Paradise.

Just as its name suggested, it was an Ero Game. If this was possible, why not?

The game was a rather unusual Ero Game, as it contained some RPG elements. The game was revolving using Sins to make various heroines fall and hunting monsters to get money.

The game's protagonist was a normal villager born in a village located on the edge of the Sin Kingdom. Both kingdoms were at war, but the protagonist could enter the Virtue Kingdom with the help of a certain someone when he got lost while hunting.

But that protagonist wasn't important. I didn't know whether I would replace the protagonist or just get transported there. I might even be transported to a different time from when the protagonist lived.

The most important thing was the heroines in the game weren't limited to five or six.

Every girl in the Virtue Kingdom and Sin Kingdom could become the heroine as long as the player had enough Sins to make them fall, though a few main heroines were famous among the player base.

To obtain Sins, the protagonist needed to do some evil deeds. He had the ability to double the Sins he got. But it would still take a long time to get enough Sins to make a girl fall as he still needed to complete the requirement which was different for each girl.

If the protagonist existed and got in my way, then I would just deal with him accordingly.

[Game confirmed. Please tell me your wish.]

As I said before, I needed Sins to make a girl fall for me so I could dominate them. So that was where my wish came to work.

"I want to have unlimited Sins and simplify the requirement to make the heroines fall for me."

[Are you sure? You surely know the side effect of having a lot of Sins in Sins Paradise.]

"Yes. The people in the Virtue Kingdom will treat me like a monster, a Demon Lord, right? But the people in the Sin Kingdom will ultimately worship me."

Although having Sins was convenient for making a girl fall, the side effect was too much for normal people.

That was why people in that world rather kept themselves and didn't accumulate a lot of Sins and chose to act kind to accumulate Virtues to protect themselves from falling to other people's Sins. The ones in the Sin Kingdom also often kept their Sins 0 to keep themselves sane.

So even though the protagonist could accumulate Sins faster than other people, at best, he could only make 2 girls fall because we could only gain Sins from the same action once, and there was a time limit back in the game.

"But with my current status, no one in Sins Paradise will be strong enough to beat me anyway. Also, thanks to my new title, 'King of The World, ' and my new skill, 'Ill Status Immunity,' I believe the side effect of having many Sins will be nullified too."

[Affirmative. Your wish is granted. Please enjoy your new life.]

"I will."

A golden light covered the surrounding area. It came out of my body as I felt light and fluffy. I floated from the ground as the ring collapsed.

[See you at the end of your life.]

"See you again."

With that, I, the strongest player, departed from Horizon Online and was transported to Sins Paradise.

Chapter 1: Bonus Stage
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