So Pure, So Flirtatious

So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1444: On the Way/ Parking Conflict

Chapter 1663: On the Way

“Hehe, I haven’t beaten him up in a long time. Somehow I miss that kind of feeling …” Yang Ming’s face showed an evil smile. Reminiscing the past, he felt a little fascinated and missed it.

“Beat him up?” Chen Mengyan froze slightly, and suddenly remembered that Yang Ming had indeed beaten up Chen Xiaolong for no reason every now and then at that time. She didn’t feel anything previously, and she gradually forgot about it. But hearing Yang Ming mentioning it now, she seemed to realize something, “I remembered that you would find faults with him every day at that time. Could it be because of…?”

Chen Mengyan originally wanted to say “because of me”, but her parents were sitting behind her. Although Chen Mengyan knew that her soft voice might not be heard by her parents, she still felt shy. With a flushed face, the words stopped at her mouth. She believed that Yang Ming could understand what she meant even if she did not say it completely.

Sure enough, Yang Ming smiled sheepishly and said, “Naturally it’s because of you. That guy made a rumor and hurt my dream lover, so of course I won’t let him get away with it!”

“You can’t beat people up so casually!” Chen Mengyan rolled her eyes at Yang Ming, but she was not angry. Although she did not like Yang Ming using violence arbitrarily, Chen Xiaolong’s approach at the time was really disgusting. So when Yang Ming beat up Chen Xiaolong, Chen Mengyan felt like she had been avenged in her heart.

“He still persisted even after I beat him up. If I didn’t beat him up, he would go overboard!” Yang Ming grinned, “However, I guess he still did not know why I hit him even when he transferred school.”

Chen Mengyan couldn’t hold back a smile after listening to Yang Ming’s words, “I didn’t even know why you hit him, so how could he know? But why didn’t you confess anything at first?”

“At that time, the gap between you and I was too big. I would probably not end up much better than Chen Xiaolong if I confessed. Even Wang Zhitao was rejected. I naturally did not dare to confess.” said Yang Ming firmly.

“…” Chen Mengyan didn’t expect Yang Ming to say it so bluntly. Her face was a little hot, “Then the gap is not big now?”

“Now…” Yang Ming laughed. In fact, Yang Ming’s wonderful life had come entirely from the magical lenses that had x-ray vision. Although the lenses could only convenience him and provide him with life’s cheat codes in some aspects, Yang Ming’s self-confidence had boosted to an unprecedented level. This was why Yang Ming was determined to pursue Chen Mengyan at that time.

Otherwise, if he didn’t get the pair of lenses, Yang Ming might be on a different path now. He would be nothing exceptional and would go to a third-class private university, vocational school, or work outside.

Everything would have been different. His parents would have been laid off and he would have failed his college entrance exams. Where would Lin Zhiyun be? Where would Zhou Jiajia be? Would Zhao Ying still teach in Song Jiang No. 4 High School? Would Chen Mengyan accept Wang Zhitao’s pursuit after college? Would Wang Xifan still get into trouble and go to jail?

If he did not date Chen Mengyan, would he still get to know Lan Ling during their quarrel? Would he meet Xiao Qing while he was dating?

Would he still go to that party with his cousin Yang Li if he was not admitted to college? Would he meet Sun Jie?

Without his special ability, would Yang Ming give up, stop bothering and lose confidence in life during his days in the detention center? Would he be accepted as the last disciple of Fang Tian? Would his path still intersect with Wang Xiaoyan?

Everything that happened was a variable that would make much difference if it was changed. Perhaps with just one step difference, he would be destined to miss these people in this life and would never see them again.

The most important thing was that if he was not accepted by Fang Tian as his successor, he would not have the trial by combat on the Alice and would not meet the celebrity, Shu Ya. Would the fate between himself and Su Ya break then?

A few years later, would the ruthless years change the youth’s infatuation? Enduring the struggles of ordinary life, Yang Ming would meet an ordinary woman, get married and have children.

His infatuation towards Su Ya, his captivation toward Chen Mengyan, and his youthful fascination towards Zhao Ying would fade away and become an ancient album in his memories.

Perhaps only on a certain year, month, and night, he would miss and recall that youthful time h in his dreams. The innocent Su Ya, the cheerful Chen Mengyan, and the kind Zhao Ying…

Thinking of all this, Yang Ming had a feeling as if it were a lifetime ago.

The mysterious old man had given him a gift that changed his life. Not only had it changed himself but also the people around him.

Although danger coexisted with happiness, Yang Ming liked this feeling of standing at the top. Such a life was not lonely and bland.

“What now? Why don’t you talk?” Chen Mengyan saw that Yang Ming had become silent. She looked at him, baffled.

“Nothing, I thought of some past events,” Yang Ming sighed softly, and then his expression restored the previous teasing look. He said with an indescribable expression, “However, if Chen Xiaolong comes today and sees the two of us together, I guess he will be clear of certain things. ”

“You don’t say?” Chen Mengyan glared at Yang Ming, “If I knew it at the beginning, I would have stopped you.”

“Then if you knew that I liked you at that time, would you accept me?” Yang Ming asked back.

“In the beginning…” Chen Mengyan slightly hesitated but shook her head. “I don’t know… Sometimes, it feels like this thing is really out of control. Although I told myself very firmly that I would definitely not date in high school, there was some ambiguous attraction between us before the college entrance examination. ”

Chen Mengyan was a very principled person. But ever since the two of them watched the movie at that time, there had been an unclear relationship between them. Yang Ming understood and Chen Mengyan was also clear about it, but no one said it out loud.

“It seems that I’m quite lucky that you didn’t insist on your principle. Otherwise, it would be tragic for me,” Yang Ming shrugged, and said feeling some serendipity.

“Hmph!” Chen Mengyan snorted and didn’t answer. It was indeed hard to reply to Yang Ming’s remark. “By the way, what happened when Li Dagang suddenly appeared at that time?”

“Li Dagang?” Yang Ming was momentarily, then he realized that Chen Mengyan was referring to Li Dagang’s incident, “What happened to Li Dagang?”

Yang Ming blushed a bit as they talked about Li Dagang. Was I a little too weak at first? Obviously, there was a chance for me to be the hero that saved the damsel in distress, but I didn’t dare to do it. Therefore, Yang Ming was unwilling to let Chen Mengyan know the shameful truth.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t know. Li Dagang and I don’t know each other, and he has no resentment against Chen Xiaolong. Why did he run over and beat Chen Xiaolong when I was bullied? Plus, he just turned around and left after hitting him.”

“Ugh … Did you realize this too?” Seeing that Chen Mengyan had roughly guessed what had happened, he could no longer conceal anything, “That… was my order.”

“That is indeed what happened!” Chen Mengyan nodded thoughtfully, thinking that Li Dagang was Yang Ming’s follower at that time. It made sense if it was directed by Yang Ming. Otherwise, there was only one possibility. That was Li Dagang had a sudden whim and he beat up Chen Xiaolong for no reason at all.

Yang Ming was already a little guilty at first, but when he saw Chen Mengyan’s thoughtful expression, he thought that Chen Mengyan had guessed the underlying reason. He could only force himself to explain, “I was afraid to show that I liked you. If you felt resistance in your heart, it would not be easy to approach you anymore. That is why I asked Li Dagang to do it. ”

“Ah?” Chen Mengyan heard Yang Ming’s explanation and was dumbfounded for a while. Then she looked at Yang Ming, baffled. “I didn’t ask you this. Yet, you took the initiative to spill it?”

Chapter 1664: Parking Conflict

“Ah?” Yang Ming was also stunned, “Didn’t you already figure it out previously?”

Chen Mengyan couldn’t hold back her smile, “What have I figured out? I’m not as complicated as you think. But you have confessed!”

Yang Ming could only smile bitterly. It seemed that he really had said unnecessary things.

The car slowly entered the Song Jiang International Hotel”s parking lot. The refurbished Song Jiang International Hotel was almost full every day. During every mealtime, the parking lot was so full of cars that it was not sufficient.

Last month, Bao Sanli had applied for approval for the construction of an underground parking lot, and construction would begin at the end of the month. The popularity here was beyond Yang Ming’s expectations. When Wang Xifan owned the business, although the grade was not low, it wasn’t as prosperous as it was now.

Yang Ming’s car was too eye-catching. All the security in the parking lot of the international hotel recognized it. When he saw Yang Ming’s car, the security captain, Little Wang, ran over and saw Yang Ming driving. He said with a beaming smile on his face, “Mr. Yang, the parking lot is full. Could you park in the internal parking lot?”

Yang Ming looked at the congested parking lot in front, and glanced at Chen Mengyan, Chen Fei and the others. “Let’s get off here and let Little Wang park the car.”

Chen Fei and Chen Fangyu also saw the congestion in front of them. Even if they went to the internal parking lot, they would have to pass through the external parking lot to enter. It would not be possible to enter for a while, so they nodded and agreed with Yang Ming. They got out of the car and Yang Ming let Little Wang into the car.

Little Wang was exhilarated. When Yang Ming came here last time, he had asked for his surname and remembered it. Little Wang was so excited that Yang Ming could still call out his last name. He got in the car with pleasure and said, “Mr. Yang, where shall I send the car keys later?”

“Just keep it with you and give it to me when I finish eating,” Yang Ming said after thinking about it. There would be a lot of people coming to have dinner for a while. It would not be easy for Little Wang to find him, and Yang Ming was also assured to give the key to Little Wang.

“Okay. Mr. Yang, rest assured. If I’m not at the door later, you can find any security personnel and let them call me on the intercom.” Little Wang was very overjoyed with Yang Ming’s trust.

Yang Ming and the others got off and walked across the parking lot towards the hotel. After walking a couple of steps, they saw a rich middle-aged man who had lost his temper with the parking lot’s security personnel.

Yang Ming didn’t care, but Chen Mengyan’s eyes were sharp. After looking at the middle-aged man, she said to Chen Fei with some doubt, “Dad, do you think that person is Uncle Zhifu?”

Although there were lights in the parking lot, you couldn’t see people on the opposite side clearly unless you paid careful attention. Chen Fei hadn’t paid attention previously. When he heard Chen Mengyan’s reminder, he looked intently at the man. The man indeed turned out to be Chen Zhifu!

“Where is your captain? Go find your captain! We are here to spend money. Why are you telling me to park my car by the roadside?” Chen Zhifu pointed at the little security guy, and scolded with saliva splashing all around, “My car is a Mercedes-Benz. What if it is scratched on the side of the road? Will you pay for it? ”

“This … Sir, you also saw the parking lot. There really is no parking space, and we can’t help it either!” The security guard looked pale after he was scolded. He said carefully and apologetically, “Our boss has applied for an underground parking lot. It should probably be put into use in the second half of the year… ”

“The second half of the year? Do you mean to say that I, your superior, will have to wait until the second half of the year to eat?” Chen Zhifu glared at the security guard and roared at him.

“No, sir…” The security guard was taken aback and hurriedly explained, “The parking lot is limited in size. There are parking spaces for those who come first. Those who come later can only park at the roadside…”

“Screw that. Do you know who I am?” Chen Zhifu patted his car door and said, “Do you know who reserved the entire sixth floor of your hotel tonight?”

The security guard smiled bitterly and didn’t know what to say. It was not good to say yes or no.

“My brother is returning from the south today, and I have reserved your entire sixth floor. You can’t even provide a parking space? In a while, there will be more people coming from our village. Now, go to your captain. I am giving you a minute to make him give me a parking space. Look at that cheap car over there. You even let him park here? And that worn-out jeep. Even driving schools don’t use that car anymore. You still let him park here? It’s okay for their cars to be scratched. You ask them to park their cars by the roadside! “Chen Zhifu commanded the security guard as he pointed at the few surrounding vehicles that were seemingly old.

“This… sir. Aren’t you putting me in a difficult situation? Everyone who comes here is our guest. They came first and we have no reason to let them leave, right?” The security guard said helplessly.

Chen Fei frowned and couldn’t stand it anymore. This Chen Zhifu is putting a little security guard in a difficult position. What’s so great about it? He walked quickly towards them, “Zhifu!”

Chen Zhifu was furious and he was not done venting his anger. Suddenly he heard someone shouting his name and was slightly stunned. He turned his head slightly and saw Chen Fei. He immediately suppressed his immense anger and put on a smiling face, “Chen Fei, your family arrived first? Wait for me, I will take you up!”

Chen Zhifu knew in his heart that although Chen Zhiye was well-developed, that was just his brother, and not himself. He didn’t dare to be too arrogant in front of Chen Fei.

“What’s going on?” Chen Fei nodded, glanced at the little security guard, and asked Chen Zhifu.

“It’s all because of this little security guard. He made me so mad. Since you happen to be here, Brother Chen Fei, call their boss directly and make them give me a parking space!” Chen Zhifu looked at Chen Fei as if he saw his savior, “Forget it, it’s just a small security guard at a hotel. Just fire him. I think the owner of this hotel needs to learn a lesson. Brother Chen Fei, if this is not resolved, you can find an excuse to teach them a lesson. I don’t believe that there is any hotel that doesn’t have hidden wrongdoings!”

Chen Fei listened to Chen Zhifu’s words and was slightly stunned. He knew what Chen Zhifu was talking about. It was nothing more than a raid to check whether there were any prostitution activities in the hotel. But there was indeed no such thing in this hotel!

Chen Fei looked at Yang Ming, baffled. The owner of this hotel was Yang Ming. Chen Zhifu has asked Chen Fei to teach Yang Ming a lesson?

Yang Ming shrugged innocently and looked at Chen Fei with a smile.

“Zhifu, this hotel is a business that is linked to a security enterprise under our bureau. I’m not in a good position to say anything. Park the car by the roadside, and the security guard will take care of it for you. There will be no problems,” Chen Fei coughed and explained.

“Ah?” Chen Zhifu was suddenly stupefied when he heard Chen Fei’s explanation. He didn’t expect that the hotel had such a background. He originally thought that it was just an ordinary private hotel.

Chen Zhifu was not stupid. Since Chen Fei had said so, he would be insulting Chen Fei if he continued to make a fuss. He is here to attend my brother’s banquet. It is just a little thing. Better not make it unpleasant to the point of making him turn around and leave. Now that Chen Fei had spoken, Chen Zhifu no longer insisted on anything. He threw the car keys to the little security guard, and laughed while saying, “Look, we are all family. Surging waters flooded the Dragon King’s temple [1]. I was a little mad just now. Little brother, don’t take it to heart. After the car is parked, give me the key at the sixth floor! ”

The little security guard was relieved after listening to Chen Zhifu’s words. How could he take it to heart? This kind of thing was quite common. He gave Chen Fei a grateful look, took the key, and said to Chen Zhifu, “Yes, sir. Please don’t worry, there is no problem parking by the roadside. I will ensure that the people over there will take care of it carefully. ”

“Good to hear…” Chen Zhifu waved his hand. He could be a poser in front of a little security guard. If he continued to be a poser when Chen Fei had come, he would be degrading himself. So he pretended to be generous and ignored the little security guard. He turned to Chen Fangyu and said enthusiastically, “Sister Xiaoyu, I haven’t seen you for a few years. You are still so young!”

“Hehe, what young. My daughter is twenty already, and I am an old lady.” Chen Fangyu smiled. Although she knew that Chen Zhifu was speaking out of courtesy, she was still very happy.

“Yeah, Mengyan has grown up in the blink of an eye,” Chen Zhifu turned to look at Chen Mengyan, took out a prepared red envelope prepared from his pocket, and handed it to her. “Mengyan, Uncle Zhifu is giving you meal ticket money!”

“This …” Chen Mengyan glanced at her parents with a little embarrassment. Her impression of Chen Xiaolong was not good, and her impression of Chen Zhifu as well as Chen Zhiye was not so good. Especially when she saw the scene just now, it made her think that this Chen Zhifu was a vulgar nouveau riche [2]. So, she was even more unwilling to accept his stuff.



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