So Pure, So Flirtatious

So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1528: There is No One Stupider Than This/ Being Fooled With

Chapter 1831: There Is No One Stupider Than This

In a nutshell, Fan Jinzhe rushed aggressively to the first master. He shouted at the entrance, “Where is he? Come out! Shoot, you dared to deceive me. I don’t think you want to continue your business anymore.”

Fan Jinzhe was furious. His bank card was bottomed out from just a few trips back and forth. More than a hundred thousand yuan was spent. This was his company’s profit for several months! It was just spent like this. How could he not feel heartbroken?

Furthermore, it was impossible to drive on this rugged mountain road. Fan Jinzhe walked back and forth entirely by perseverance. He would not have been able to bear it if it wasn’t for the exorcism.

Even though he was persistent, Fan Jinzhe was still tired and panting, especially since he had kidney deficiency. His face was pale, and he was about to vomit blood.

“Who is making a fuss here?” The first master knew that Fan Jinzhe had returned, but still pretended not to know. He stepped out from inside and exclaimed once he saw Fan Jinzhe, “Ah! You-”

Seeing the first master’s expression, Fan Jinzhe became even more suspicious. He felt that the first master saw that he had come to expose him and sneered, “What? Are you surprised to see me?”

Yeah … very surprised!” The first master assessed Fan Jinzhe a few times and nodded solemnly.

Hmph, be surprised. I’m here for you! You big liar, give me my money back!” Fan Jinzhe gathered his confidence once he saw that the first master admitted to it.

“What? What are you talking about?” The first master froze and looked at Fan Jinzhe, baffled, “What liar? What money?”

Ah?” Fan Jinzhe listened to the first master, and said, “Weren’t you surprised I came previously?”

“Yeah!” The first master frowned, solemnly saying, “You … why is the vengeful spirit back on your body again?”

“Are you still … what? What are you talking about?” Fan Jinzhe froze suddenly, “What do you mean the vengeful spirit is back?”

“As soon as you came in, I saw that the vengeful spirit on your body is back. So I was surprised. What else did you think?” The first master sighed, “Such is fate. This is how it is fated to be!”

“What are you talking about? What about fate?” Fan Jinzhe scoffed, saying, “I’ll tell you, you old liar. Don’t use these words to fool me. I don’t believe it. Hurry up and return the money you scammed from me!”

Sigh! It’s okay to give you back the money. After all, the vengeful spirit on you has not been completely driven away, so it is also considered my failure!” The first master said, “However, don’t you talk first. I’ll calculate how the vengeful spirit returned to you.”

En?” Fan Jinzhe was stunned, and saw the first master pinching his fingers together and calculating.

After a long while, the first master raised his eyebrows and said, “That’s it … that’s really how it is! Did you go to the previous master?”

Ah? How did you know?” Fan Jinzhe asked this time without being angry.

“Of course I calculated it!” said the first master. “It’s all because I didn’t tell you in advance. You were deceived by him again. His power does not work, and the vengeful spirit that I drove away was summoned back by him!”

“You … don’t lie to me!” Fan Jinzhe was startled. But thinking that the previous master said the same before, he calmed himself and said, “Impossible!”

“If you say it’s impossible, then it’s impossible! I’ll return the donations back to you. Your life and death has nothing to do with me. Once you return and die by the vengeful spirit, you can’t damage my reputation.” The first master continued, “I’ll go and get you the money.”

“This …” Hearing what the first master said, Fan Jinzhe also hesitated! This is not right. Now it seems that this first master is not a liar. Otherwise, why would he return the money so easily?

Unless … what he said is true? The vengeful spirit on my body has really returned? The first master is unwilling to take responsibility, so he gave me the money back so easily? It must be so!

Thinking of this, Fan Jinzhe could no longer remain calm, and shouted, “Master, wait! Wait a minute!”

The first master walked a long way and said in his heart. I was just waiting for this. But on the surface he was still very confused and turned his head, “Is there anything else?”

“Master, please save me … help me to drive away the vengeful spirit …” Fan Jinzhe quickly said, “I don’t want the money …”

“I better return the money to you. Today, I have made an exception to help you banish the spirit twice at the risk of losing power, but you went to get the vengeful spirit back again. I can’t help it. You should go to someone else!” The first master waved his hand and said decisively.

“Master, master, don’t leave. Please save me, please!” Hearing the first Master say this, Fan Jinzhe no longer doubted him, begging, “I was wrong. It was my bad…”

“It’s not that I don’t want to save you. It’s that I did it twice in one day. It is something extremely detrimental to my power.” The first master shook his head and said, “I can’t perform another ritual in you! I’m not the kind person who pervades sentient beings. I’m just an exorcist who uses his arts to make a living, so I’m sorry. I can’t help you anymore!”

The first master turned and walked towards the room as he spoke, ready to get Fan Jinzhe his money.

“Wait! Master, please!” How could Fan Jinzhe let the first master go away? So he quickly walked up and knelt on the ground holding onto the hem of the first master’s clothes, “Master, I am willing to pay. I am willing to pay a lot of money. Please, save me. Only you can save me now …”

“Sigh,” the first master looked at Fan Jinzhe. Shaking his head, he finally sighed, “Man will do anything in his means to become rich. If you can bring out one hundred thousand yuan. I will do my best and do the ritual for you again!”

“One hundred thousand …” Fan Jinzhe hesitated. Although this sum was huge, he still gritted his teeth. “One hundred thousand, I have it! I’ll prepare it for you. Can I do a credit card transfer? I don’t have so much cash on me now.”

The first master nodded his head and said, “Of course you can swipe your card.”

Fan Jinzhe didn’t say anything and swiped his card. He followed the steps the first master explained and successfully accepted his ritual. After the ritual, the first master was tired and broke into a sweat. After Fan Jinzhe left, the temple closed its doors.

Fan Jinzhe came out from the first master’s temple feeling relieved immediately. I was almost done for. Thank goodness I was able to persuade the first master to do the ritual again!

However, Fan Jinzhe had spent so much extra money, which made him very upset. He didn’t want to go to the second master to look for justice. But after walking halfway, he couldn’t help but return to the second master. He wanted to get some justice from the second master. At least, he wanted the second master to admit to it. He couldn’t just let it go without understanding anything.

Until now, Fan Jinzhe still didn’t understand that the first and second master were in the same gang. Back when they were brothers, they were known as the two Jianghu scammers as they had scammed in the north and south of Jiangnan. They achieved their goals with underhanded means, and fooled a lot of people. However, most people would be alert enough not to get fooled again after the first time!

Someone like Fan Jinzhe who got fooled repeatedly was rare in the world now. It was almost like a rare animal.

When the second master saw Fan Jinzhe actually approach again, he was stunned. Did I see right? Why is this kid back again? Hasn’t he gotten cheated enough already?

There is no one stupider than this!

However, no matter why he had come back, the second master was overjoyed. It was another business opportunity that had come to the door. His senior brother had just called him and said that the boy had thrown out a hundred thousand yuan at once. He was a rich man!! This time, the second master was prepared to slaughter him.

Thinking of this, the second master teacher devised a plan in the blink of an eye.

Chapter 1832: Being Fooled With

When Fan Jinzhe left from the second master’s place, the issue was already very complicated. The second master had extorted fifty thousand yuan from Fan Jinzhe. Fan Jinzhe’s card had no more savings in it. It was squeezed dry!

After the second master sent Fan Jinzhe away, he refused more visitors because he knew that Fan Jinzhe had nothing left. It was useless to wait for him to return, so why not close the doors to sleep instead.

Fan Jinzhe was also very tired. He wanted to find the first master to get justice. But when he arrived at the first master’s place, he found that it was closed. Fan Jinzhe had to descend the mountain and return home first.

After he returned home, Fan Jinzhe thought carefully about what had happened today. The more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. He suddenly yelled! It was a scam that could be seen through easily. Fan Jinzhe was in the situation and couldn’t see the bigger picture. He actually got scammed by those two masters in circles!

Fan Jinzhe searched the Internet again and found that it was not just a few people who were deceived in these two masters. But many people who were scammed once sobered up immediately. Fan Jinzhe, on the other hand, was scammed back and forth several times …

After reading the online post, Fan Jinzhe was so furious that his face went pale. He was one hundred percent sure that he had been scammed. Moreover, he had been scammed badly. Even his savings in his bank was completely emptied!

Fan Jinzhe cursed himself for being so stupid. He trusted the two guys’ stupid words. He was quite certain that the two men couldn’t see the vengeful spirit on him, and that their words were just nonsense.Read the next chapter on our

Thinking of this, Fan Jinzhe suddenly started sweating again. The vengeful spirit on my body must still be there. I worked for nothing today! At this moment, Fan Jinzhe didn’t care about money, but the vengeful spirit on him!

He decided that he must find a real powerful master to assess him this time. He could no longer go to find it by himself.

Fan Jinzhe had learned this time’s lesson and started searching the Internet. After careful screening, Fan Jinzhe decided on a person called Master Sanjie.

Some people on the Internet were possessed by evil things, which were then driven out by Master Sanjie. This person had a good reputation.

So Fan Jinzhe entrusted a more superstitious business partner of his company to inquire about the Master Sanjie. This business partner had actually made a request from Master Sanjie in the past and knew his contact information.

Fan Jinzhe was overwhelmed with joy and quickly asked his business partner to invite Master Sanjie. This was how the previous scene started.

Someone of high morale would not ask for money before performing rituals. The two masters before this talked about money on and off. If you had no money, they wouldn’t meet you. The gap was obvious.

“First tell me, what troubles have you encountered?” Master Sanjie glanced at Fan Jinzhe and asked calmly.

“Yes, Master!” Fan Jinzhe nodded again and again, and carefully told Master Sanjie about the vengeful spirit that Yang Ming had told him about.

“Vengeful spirit?” Master Sanjie frowned after listening to Fan Jinzhe’s words, “What vengeful spirit? Are you sure it is a vengeful spirit?”

“I’m sure that’s what Yang Ming said at the time,” said Fan Jinzhe.

“According to my current observation, you are not possessed by any vengeful spirit at all, and you do not have anything peculiar on your body,” said Master Sanjie after assessing Fan Jinzhe with a few glances. “That person must have lied to you about this so-called vengeful spirit!”

“Lied to me?” Fan Jinzhe was stunned. He did not expect Master Sanjie to say so! He was ready for the worst, but it seemed that Master Sanjie had easily simplified this problem.

“Yes, according to what you said, you must have offended this person. This person must have just played you,” said Master Sanjie. “I think this is the case. Of course, you might be doubting that my cultivation is too low, so I can’t detect the abnormality on you. But to be honest, I really didn’t feel anything wrong with you.”

“This … I certainly wouldn’t doubt it!” Fan Jinzhe had already known Master Sanjie’s reputation, so he believed him, “But why did Yang Ming tell me exactly what I was thinking?”

Hehe, there are a lot of possibilities. I know that some strange people in society can guess other people’s thoughts from their expressions. These types of people have similar arts to us. They are called fortune tellers. They know what a person is thinking just by looking at them,” said Master Sanjie. “Many people in the underworld are so accurate, not because they can calculate, but because they can see the thoughts on one’s face and lie!”

Ah? Master, do you mean that Yang Ming can do fortune telling?” Fan Jinzhe felt that what Master Sanjie said really made sense.

“I’m not sure about this. Maybe he knows how to, or maybe he just knows a little of the basics. Maybe he learned some tricks from somewhere to deceive people. Of course, this possibility is the most plausible,” said Master Sanjie. “Because I can only use this reasoning to explain it to you.”

“Master, then I am not possessed by the vengeful spirit?” Fan Jinzhe naturally believed in the master. When he heard the master say so, he was relieved.

“I don’t think so.” Master Sanjie nodded surely.

“That’s great! Thank you, Master!” Fan Jinzhe said to himself. This is a real master. He only says what is true and doesn’t make assumptions or fabricate stuff. If he says there’s nothing, then there is nothing. He also didn’t take the opportunity to ask for money!

If Master Sanjie told him that he was possessed by the vengeful spirit, then did a bunch of rituals and asked for money, he would still believe it. But he didn’t do so. Fan Jinzhe was thankful to him that he didn’t ask for any money since he didn’t do any ritual.

“No need to thank me. It was something I could do for you.” Master Sanjie waved his hand, “I have a good relationship with your friend, so you don’t need to be polite.”

“Yes, yes!” Fan Jinzhe nodded repeatedly, “Master, look, how much donation do you need?”

“Donation?” Master Sanjie was stunned, and then laughed, “I did not do any ritual. What kind of donations would I want?”

Ah? You don’t want it?” Fan Jinzhe was really shocked this time. Master Sanjie was really a moral individual. He doesn’t even want money?

“Hehe, why? You would give it even if I refuse?” Master Sanjie asked.

Fan Jinzhe heard Master Sanjie’s words, and said to himself. Don’t you still want it! Since you said this, I would feel really embarrassed to not give it to you! It seems like even masters are no exceptions!

However, before Fan Jinzhe spoke, Master Sanjie continued, “I’m here this time mainly to see your friends. I have a good personal relationship with him. If you really want to give me money, just reimburse my plane ticket for this trip. As for the hotel money, your friend has settled it, so you don’t need to.”

“Ah?” Fan Jinzhe’s eyes widened and he felt ashamed for a while. It seemed that he had really misunderstood Master Sanjie. He simply didn’t mean to ask for money!

Fan Jinzhe naturally couldn’t just give Master Sanjie the tickets money. He withdrew one hundred thousand yuan from his savings and gave it to Master Sanjie. Master Sanjie refused, but it was hard to refuse Fan Jinzhe. So Master Sanjie still accepted it in the end.

After Fan Jinzhe sent Master Sanjie away, he was furious deep down! This Yang Ming had almost made him tire himself to death! Fan Jinzhe didn’t dare to step out of his house for several days, and he even got scammed by two heartless masters. This grudge couldn’t be let go of just like that!

Knowing that he was not possessed by a vengeful spirit, Fan Jinzhe went to school again and re-launched his plan to pursue Zhao Ying. Fan Jinzhe still pretended to be very friendly to deceive Sun Jie as if there was nothing special. But in his heart, he had resolved to trouble Yang Ming and let him understand the consequences of toying with him.

“Zhao Ying!” After Sun Jie left, Fan Jinzhe quickly walked over to Zhao Ying who was packing up, “There will be a class on world economics in class 303 later. Shall we go together?”

Fan Jinzhe was not originally an Economics Major student, but he found a way to switch over to the economy major so he could be Zhao Ying’s classmate. So now, wherever Zhao Ying went, he would follow. He looked like he wouldn’t give up until he managed to successfully pursue Zhao Ying.

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