Chapter 532: Daddy, I Have Brought Him OverSoul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

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Chapter 532 – Daddy, I Have Brought Him Over

Wang Tianyu curled his lips. “You’re already so old, yet you’re still calling her a girl. Old Tang, you’re good at everything else, but when it comes to matters between a man and a woman, you’re truly a jerk!”

“Cough cough. Old Wang, you can’t accuse me wrongly. I only have that one person in my family. If your words reach her ears, I’ll be in trouble.”

“Hahahaha.” Wang Tianyu laughed out loud. He finally found an opportunity to let out his good mood today.

Yang Hui looked at these two people and curled his lips. Two shameless old men, hmph!

The Spirit Soul Contract ceremony was not complicated. During the ceremony, a human soul master and a soul beast would acknowledge each other and form a contract. The soul beast’s Spiritual Brand would begin to transform and fuse its essence into the soul master’s body. It was equivalent to living using another form.

In the future, not only would they be able to bestow soul rings upon soul masters when their cultivation reached a certain level, but they would also be able to assist soul masters in battle. A Spirit Soul formed from a real soul beast would have a relatively strong fighting power, and it wouldn’t be much weaker than before it transformed into a Spirit Soul. And the greatest benefit of becoming a Spirit Soul was to be able to survive and have the possibility of evolving once again. Along with the growth of mankind, once a soul master had the chance to break through and become a god, it was equivalent to gaining a long life.

Although there were very few human soul masters that could truly cultivate to godhood, having a chance was better than not having it. It was better than dying directly.

It was also because of this that when a soul beast knew that it didn’t have long to live, there was a high chance of it choosing to become a Spirit Soul.


While the students were performing the ceremony, Lan Xuanyu was already riding on the clouds deep into the Soul Beast Forest under the guidance of Lan Hudie.

“Big brother, do you know? Ever since we came here, the elven race has shared a piece of land to be our home. We directly named it the Soul Beast Forest. Both parties are independent from each other. After so many years of development, Daddy has said that he wanted to transform this place into another Great Star Dou Forest. New life is born every day, it’s very interesting.”

“Daddy said that the density of life energy here surpasses that of the original Mother Planet, it’s just that the level of life here isn’t high enough. The fruit you gave me that day was from the Mother Planet, right? The life energy inside is quite abundant, but more importantly, its level of life here is very high. Daddy is very happy that I gave it to him.”

Level of life ? Life strength?

Lan Xuanyu was slightly surprised when he heard Lan Hudie’s words. He understood something from her words. No wonder she insisted on exchanging for his Endless Life Fruits that day. The Emperor Fruit was indeed very precious, but according to what she said, she didn’t seem to have suffered too much of a loss !

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“As long as you like it,” Lan Xuanyu said cautiously.

He still hadn’t eaten the Emperor Fruit, and he couldn’t help but feel a little regretful. He should have given the Emperor Fruits to his teammates and not brought them with him. Otherwise, what would happen after Lan Hudie’s father? From what the Thorn Dragon had said, the Emperor Fruit was indeed a very precious treasure!

“I like it a lot. I like it as long as Daddy likes it. Big brother, do you know? Little Die has been very worried recently. Worried about Daddy.”

“En? What happened to your father? Is he sick?” Lan Xuanyu asked curiously.

Lan Hudie said, “He’s not sick. Daddy said that he might leave me forever. I really don’t want Daddy to leave! But Daddy said that he doesn’t have the right to choose.”

‘What do you mean? Could it be a terminal illness?’

Lan Xuanyu didn’t ask further. After all, this was someone else’s sad past. If he asked too much, wouldn’t it make Lan Hudie even sadder?

It was extremely comfortable to sit on her back. Her soft fur felt smooth and warm to the touch. Sitting in the long fur was slightly elastic and filtered out all the bumps. It was much more comfortable than a soul flying car.

Lan Hudie did not have wings, but she was indeed flying in the sky. Occasionally, they would encounter flying soul beasts and avoid them.

Lan Xuanyu was also calculating in his heart. From the appearance of the Lan Hudie next to the Emerald Swan, he knew that this person’s status among the soul beasts was quite high. Furthermore, there were so many soul beasts bowing to her. Then, there was no doubt that her father was a powerful Great Beast. But among the Great Beasts, was there a tiger type ?

He wasn’t very familiar with the world of soul beasts and had only heard of some ancient Great Beasts. But among those Great Beasts, there wasn’t a single tiger!

Just as he was deep in thought, a strange aura in the distance caused Lan Xuanyu to look over subconsciously.

He realized that there was a faint layer of gray halo above the forest in the distance. That gray halo had a hint of dead silence, but it was also as deep as a bottomless abyss, affecting everything around it. Even the forest below seemed to be grayish-black.

“We’re almost there.” Lan Hudie’s voice resounded. Following that, her body suddenly sped up and flew towards the grayish-black direction.

The light around them suddenly dimmed, as though Lan Hudie was emitting a layer of black light. The blue hair on her body gradually turned darker.

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What Lan Xuanyu couldn’t see was that Lan Hudie’s beautiful blue eyes had turned dark purple.

They floated down and silently landed in the forest. The surrounding vegetation was black, but it seemed to emit an extremely dense life aura.

Lan Xuanyu didn’t feel it when he was in the distance, but now that he was close, he realized that the plants here weren’t dead silent. Instead, they were filled with life energy and seemed to hide all the life energy in their body without releasing it.

This was the first time he saw a plant like this. Even the Eternal Tree was constantly releasing its life energy, but this place was the opposite.


Lan Xuanyu followed Lan Hudie and looked around curiously.

She flew in a certain direction and sprinted on the ground.

After passing through the huge trees, the path ahead suddenly opened up and a jade green color came into view, staining the surrounding black with a jade green halo.

This was a small lake. The lake water was clear, but there was a jade green halo circulating inside. Lan Xuanyu was surprised to discover that the lake water here was the same as those plants; all of their life energy was contained within. But he was absolutely sure that the life energy contained in this lake water was extremely strong and was not inferior to the Sea God Lake!

However, this lake was clearly much smaller than the Sea God Lake. It was only about a kilometer in diameter, but even so, it was still quite a vast lake in this forest.

A faint smile appeared on Lan Xuanyu’s face. He liked this place that was filled with life energy. Life energy could often bring about a feeling of revitalization, especially when cultivating one’s bloodline power required an extremely large amount of life energy.

His body shook as he was thrown off by Lan Hudie and landed on the ground.

Lan Hudie walked to the side of the lake and lowered her head. She stuck out her big tongue and licked the water before saying gently, “Daddy, Daddy, I brought him here.”

Lan Xuanyu’s heart tightened and he subconsciously focused on the lake in front of him.

Although he knew that soul beasts wouldn’t hurt him, he was still somewhat nervous when he thought about the existence of a Great Beast.

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The surrounding light suddenly turned dim and a figure slowly appeared in the lake.

He appeared in the middle of the lake. When he appeared, all the light around him seemed to have been absorbed by his body, but his eyes were exceptionally bright.

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