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Spirit Cultivation (Web Novel)




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The Spirit Cultivation (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Eastern Fantasy, Fantasy, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Piokilek. 545 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Liu Xuefeng was a normal boy who had it all planned: get to the same university as his best friend Tianshi and win her love, spending the rest of his life with her.

Too bad, even though she liked him too, her rich parents opposed their relationship.

The school trip to the mountains was supposed to deepen their relationship, but...

An accident broke them apart.

He saved her from falling down the cliff but ended up falling to his death himself and ended up reincarnating into a Cultivation World, full of dangers and mysteries.

He didn't know though that Tianshi died as well and followed after him, entering the same world.

Will the two meet again and share their love without any restrictions?

Or will he succumb to the world's temptations, thinking he will never meet her again?

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  • UserHaziq Nov 14, 2020

    You shouldn't get fooled by the low number of chapters. The current 182 chapters are like 400 chapters from ordinary chinese novels, because of the lack of fillers and tedious lengthy descriptions. There is literally nothing I can complain about this novel. I really like the cultivation system, I like the characters, I like the world building, I like the writting style, I like the romance and I like the story :D I read countless chinese novels, but there are always multiple things I didn't like or utterly hated. This is the first time I found a flawless gem. It doesn't mean this is the best novel out there (maybe it could be in the future), but up until now it gave me always a good feeling, while reading it.

  • Fraiim22 Nov 12, 2020

    Very naive MC, I left in chapter 40

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Heres my review after reading though the latest chapter...

Overall this story is still in its eariler stages, but shows great potential. The MC as of now dosent quite have a clear goal, but given what ive read the author will given him sufficent motivation that any reader can accept and look forward to read for many chapters to come