Spirit Realm

Chapter 1654: A Short Alliance

Chapter 1654: A Short Alliance

“Human race…”

Aaron frowned after the confirmation that Qin Hao was part of the human race. He obviously didn’t quite believe it.

He stubbornly thought that the strength of Spirit Realm races was less than the Bone and Winged Races, and even more inferior when compared to the God Race or the Spirit Race.

Naturally, the members of the human race who came from Spirit Realm could not win against a Great Lord of the Abyss like Azgalo.

Just now, his father Auston had said the human expert might be as powerful as the Spirit Race’s patriarch Assad.

Assad was one of the top existences in the universe.

Aaron did not believe Qin Hao had such great combat power.

“Monarch, those outsiders are all strong, it’s not just one or two of them,” Azgalo said.

Auston nodded gently and said, “This should be so. Otherwise… Tian Qi and the Spirit Race warriors would not have all attacked Nether City.”

He knew the invading Spirit Race had many powerful rank ten bloodline warriors and that they were stronger than the Abyss Devils of Nine Hells Purgatory.

In a situation like this, Tian Qi and those Spirit Race rank ten bloodline warriors needed to seal the airspace around Nether City. This proved the strength of those outsiders.

“Father…” Ling Yushi said urgently.

“I know.” Auston didn’t need her to finish.

In this moment, Qin Lie noticed Auston’s saw-like hands suddenly give off wild refined flesh and blood energy.

“Move aside,” Auston ordered.

As he shouted, his horn emitted an intimidating purple light.

“Boom! Boom boom!”

Rays of purple bloodline energy shot out of Auston’s mountainous body and stabbed toward the spatial barrier like a rainbow.


The resulting explosion was earth-shaking. The reverberating sound seemed to twist space itself.

However, the spatial barrier appeared again after Auston’s terrifying attack. It had not shattered.

Ling Yushi and Aaron were pushed back thousands of meters behind Auston by the shock wave.

The Abyss Devil Azgalo had been wounded previously, but he still stood steady in the air.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar also felt the powerful force, but he stabilized his body and was not involuntarily pushed back like Aaron and Ling Yushi.

Clearly, he was stronger than these two.


Azgalo looked in surprise at him. He smelled Qin Lie’s presence and suddenly said, “You, you and the one I met earlier…” He felt they were different.

“This is an avatar,” Qin Lie explained.

“Avatar?” Azgalo was shocked. “Why is your avatar stronger than your main body?”

Qin Lie’s main body, even with a rank nine bloodline, was weaker than this rank ten Dark Soul Beast with its rank ten soulline.

The disparity in soul power was especially evident.

Azgalo, as a rank ten Abyss Devil, perceived the difference and appeared puzzled.

Qin Lie smiled and was about to explain when he heard roaring in the distance.

He looked and found enormous Abyss Devils slowly coming in like floating mountains of flesh.

The group included Dawson, Russell, and the other Abyss Devils he had sent in from the Frost Desolation Abyss.

“Qin Lie!”

“Why are you here?”

“You know the Nine Hells Monarch?”

The newcomers were shocked when they saw him appear.

Dawson examined him curiously and then looked thoughtfully at the Nine Hells Monarch Auston and the Abyss Devil Dragon Azgalo.

“You… why are you here?” Qin Lie was curious.

“We heard Lord Auston’s summons,” Russell responded.

“I invited them here.” Auston, who had attempted to tear apart the spatial barrier with his terrifying bloodline power, said calmly. “Before they arrived, we were not confident we could win against the invading Spirit Race. You took a dozen of them through the Galaxy Mirror into Nine Hells. This is of great aid to me. With them, and the Abyss Devils native to Nine Hells, I believe we are enough to match the invading warriors of Spirit Race.”

“Right now, I know that the outsiders of Nether City are enemies with the Spirit Race.”

Auston grinned and laughed. “Us, plus Dawson and your father’s group of humans. We can eradicate Spirit Race in Nine Hells!”

“So that’s how it is,” Dawson said with a smile.

Qin Lie also reacted.

Before ascertaining the relationship between the Spirit Race and the humans in Nether City and without Dawson and the others, Auston wasn’t sure if they could achieve victory.

Auston was not in a hurry. He did not fight near the abyss passageway against the Spirit Race to death.

He waited patiently for the moment the abyss passageway opened.

He knew the abyss passageway could not be closed for a long time. As the strongest Devil Monarch, he believed the ancient laws of the Abyss would not allow such a thing to occur.

Once the abyss passageway opened, and other Abyss Devils flooded in, the Spirit Race clansmen would all die in Nine Hells.

Therefore, he was willing to delay and see what Tian Qi and the Spirit Race invaders wanted to do in Nine Hells.

Up until now, he did not know their true intentions.

“The spatial barrier sealing Nether City is very strong. I fear that Tian Qi did not form it with his bloodline power alone.” Auston snorted. Devil patterns appeared in his enormous eyes.

Those patterns flew out of his eyes and stuck to the spatial barrier as though they were alive.

“Zzt zzt! Zzt zzt zzt!”

A strange corrosive power was released from the patterns as though they were slowly corroding the boundary.

Dots of light sparked at the points of contact. Mysterious power that created the concealment barrier seemed to disappear first.


Qin Lie found to his shock that Nether City was slowly becoming clear.

This meant that the boundary around Nether City could not only stop beings from entering, but also block their sight.

Under the corrosion of the patterns from Auston’s eyes, the boundary’s concealment quickly disappeared.

Qin Lie and the nearby Great Lords of the Abyss immediately found the distant Nether City was growing clearer.

They could even hear the earth-shaking roars coming from Nether City.

That was the sound of experts in combat!

“They are already fighting!” Azgalo roared and said, “Very powerful power vibrations. Spirit Race’s warriors and those outsiders are fighting fiercely!”

At this time, Qin Lie saw bright lights flash in the sky above Nether City.

He could also see the blurry shapes of Soul Altars.

“Lord Auston! Please destroy the barrier quickly!” he said urgently.

“After corrosion, it is easy to tear.” Auston coolly explained. He said, “Now!”

His saw-like arms swung at the spatial barrier. Purple lightning sparked out.

Suddenly, the sounds coming from Nether City were magnified tenfold.

The sound was no longer blocked off. This meant the barrier created by Tian Qi and the Spirit Race experts had been torn apart by Auston.

Qin Lie turned into a ray of flowing light and charged at his fastest speed toward Nether City.

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