Spirit Realm

Chapter 1696 Deep Seated Fear

Chapter 1696: Deep Seated Fear


Every Bone Race clansman including their patriarch, Lartigau, frowned when they heard the laugh.

Even Qin Lie looked slightly worried as Castor slowly walked out of the spatial passage.

Castor looked both handsome and noble in his high rank Abyss Devil form. He was wearing a luxurious purple suit, and his eyes were devilishly magnetic.

Anyone who didn’t know Castor would think that he was a pampered high rank Abyss Devil of a powerful Great Lord of the Abyss.

They would never be able to connect him and the former Abyss Master.

However, both Lartigau and Bredo knew him very well. They all knew just how ruthless and heartless he was.

They’d also witnessed his cruel and bloodthirsty methods first hand.

That was why Lartigau looked afraid after Castor had returned once more.

“Didn’t you say that you would give us time to think? Why have you gone back on your own words?” Lartigau tried to put on a brave front.

Castor smiled elegantly before replying, “It’s because I saw your decision in your eyes already. Maybe it’s because too much time had passed, but you seem to have forgotten my methods… I’ll help you remember all of them right now.”

Before Lartigau could say anything in reply, Castor looked at Qin Lie and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Why not? You’re here, aren’t you?” Qin Lie countered.

The Castor standing in front of him was probably his avatar at Nine Hells Purgatory. He wasn’t as terrifying as the one at Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Castor hadn’t displayed an extraordinary amount of combat strength back at Nine Hells Purgatory. He had also left in a hurry after Tian Qi had decided to retreat.

That was why Qin Lie wasn’t too afraid of him. This Nine Hells Purgatory avatar wasn’t too big of a threat.

He didn’t believe that this Nine Hells Purgatory avatar could turn the tides of the Bone World single-handedly.

“I can dominate the battlefield. You… cannot help Lartigau at all,” Castor said before laughing.

His eyes suddenly flashed while he was laughing. It was the power of the dead souls.

An indescribable magnetic field suddenly appeared between him and Qin Lie. It was something that drove a person’s soul out of control and made them bloodthirsty and mad.

“Pu pu!”

The eyes of ten low rank Bone Race clansmen suddenly erupted like fireworks.

Then, gray soul wisps started flying out of their eye sockets.


The soul wisps instantly took on the shape of demons and kept Qin Lie busy.

At the same time, a powerful soul attraction force wrapped around the soul Qin Lie kept inside Rigel’s body and pulled it out by force.


Despite being several kilometers away, Castor was able to remotely control Rigel’s body from a distance.

An instant later, Rigel’s body had been pulled right next to Bick of the Eisenberg Family.

“Take your corpse bell,” Castor said indifferently.

“Thank you!” Overjoyed, Bick pulled the corpse bell out of Rigel’s hands.

“Ding ding ding!”

He shook the corpse bell once, and the giant titan corpse immediately knelt on the ground.

Bick flew onto the giant titan corpse’s shoulder while looking overjoyed. Then, he stared at Qin Lie while clutching the corpse bell, saying, “I don’t care who or what you are, I’m burying you here with Rigel.”

Shocked by Castor’s demonstration of skill, Qin Lie immediately summoned the Blood Soul Beast.


The Blood Soul Beast’s giant body immediately moved closer, allowing Qin Lie’s bodiless soul to reenter it.

Surprisingly, Castor did nothing to stop him. He simply watched him become one in body and soul once more.

It was as if this Soul Race subsoul wasn’t a threat to him in the slightest.

He didn’t even bother with Qin Lie after taking back the corpse bell.

“Lartigau… what is your decision now?” Castor said indifferently.


“It really is Castor!”

“He’s back!”

Meanwhile, a lot of Bone Race clansmen had reached the bone-burying grounds. They were here to support their race.

When they saw Castor standing beneath the spatial passage, they immediately let out exclamations of surprise.

Most of these Bone Race clansmen were Lartigau and Bredo’s men. Most of them were quite strong as well.

Some of them had seen Castor before. They knew full well just how scary the former Abyss Master was.

They were afraid of him from the bottom of their heart.

Qin Lie suddenly felt his heart sink when he looked at the new arrivals, Lartigau, Bredo, and Sarto.

He could see that these Bone Race clansmen were paralyzed with a deep seated fear towards Castor.

They seemed to believe from the bottom of their hearts that Castor was unbeatable.

Suddenly, Qin Lie realized that these people might still choose to submit to Castor unless he showed them decisive proof that the latter wasn’t invincible. He needed to shatter the fear inside their hearts.

The Castor in front of him was just a weakened avatar. If he could defeat him before all these Bone Race clansmen, he would be able to convince them to rebel against him.

A wonderful opportunity had presented itself to him.

“If I can beat him, I can change everything!”

Qin Lie started contacting his main body and his Dark Soul Beast avatar.

At God Realm.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar hadn’t returned to Spirit Realm after leaving Nine Hells Purgatory. Instead, he had come to God Realm through a hidden black hole inside the abyss passageway. Austin was the one who pointed it out to him.

The Dark Soul Beast avatar had just arrived at the Temple of Gods with Cang Ye and Gan Xing.

Qin Lie was having a chat with Han Che of the Profound Ice Family and Lieyan Zhao of the Blaze Family. They wanted to know what happened in the purgatory after their departure, and Qin Lie told them everything without hurry.

Suddenly, Qin Lie frowned a little before saying, “One of Castor’s avatar had gone to the Bone World. He’s wreaking havoc over there.”

“The Bone World?” Han Che quickly figured out the reason before replying, “He’s probably trying to make them serve him just like before.”

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar nodded slowly. “That is correct.”

“Is your other self at the Bone World right now?” Lieyan Zhao asked curiously.

“Yes,” Qin Lie replied before falling into silence. Then, he said, “The Bone Race patriarch and his people seem deathly afraid of Castor. They canbarely muster any thoughts of resistance.”

“It’s because the old Castor was ridiculously powerful. His methods were tyrannical and extreme, and even we had to be wary of Castor during the short period he was in control of the Abyss, let alone the Bone Race,” Han Che said darkly. “The reason the Bone Race is afraid of him is because he nearly killed all of their experts single-handedly. In fact, Lartigau is the current patriarch of the Bone Race only because Castor had murdered his predecessor, right before his eyes.”

“Castor was the one who killed the last Bone Race patriarch?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

Han Che nodded heavily before saying, “He was basically invincible before the Imperial Soul Monarch made a move.”

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