SSS-Class Suicide Hunter
SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS급 자살헌터



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Last Update 15 hours ago

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Shin Noah. 145 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I want an S-Rank skill too! I want it so badly, I could die for it!

[You have awakened an S-Rank skill.] [But it only works when you die.]


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  • Malw02

    I don’t care I say this almost every upload but what the fuck this goes beyond webnovel quality over and over and over again

    12 hours ago 1 Likes
  • lnwUser62320

    I am really confused. Some chapter ago and in the manhwa the count was a women but now they are saying she is a man

    18 hours ago 0 Likes
    • NovelManiac

      Count is a women.. go check the manhwa if u have any doubts abt the gender

      16 hours ago 0 Likes
    • Malw02

      Current arc minor spoilers for last three chapters. Spoiler Alert Are you referring to the trauma penalty? The actual count hasn’t been seen in a while.

      12 hours ago 0 Likes
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  • Malw02

    Author san has done it again. The intricacy of the plot along with it’s twists/developments are genuinely phenomenal.

    7 days ago 7 Likes
  • Leviestia

    Thank God Raviel is a bitch I'm sick of damsel in distress girls or girls who don't know how to protect themselves I LOVE YOU RAVIEL!! IM SIMPING SHIT

    9 days ago 6 Likes
  • AkoSiRe

    I love this so much

    13 days ago 4 Likes
  • Lithis

    Holy shit those few last chapters were very interesting

    17 days ago 12 Likes
  • konza

    Last update 10 days ago... kinda sad ngl

    25 days ago 0 Likes
    • konza

      This is the 3rd time that I say something like "Can't wait for the update" and it gets updated an hour or two or less after that

      24 days ago 0 Likes
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  • nicoooo

    Does this novel has some kind of late romance/romance?

    29 days ago 0 Likes
    • TheGuyWhoHatesRomance

      My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

      10 days ago 2 Likes
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  • ColdDemonSlayer

    Raviel best husband ngl

    a month ago 14 Likes
  • Debbie1239

    I.... am so confused. What. Whattttt. No seriously . What. Spoiler AlertFlame Emperor??? Dude. You gotta be the shittiest older bro??? What's happening?? Whaaaat. Omg.Give me the next chapter because I feel like my head will blow up.

    1 months ago 5 Likes

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Its one of the best i've read. I thought it would be a generic power fantasy but its not. Although romance was a bit unexpected, it actually helped push the plot forward so i get it. Overall good story and strongly written characters.


This novel is so good. I read it because I saw it on the top 10 which means it is good but reading it firsthand is amazing. The flow of the plot is so well-written and the characters are definitely likable. I felt that this novel is unique but familiar at the same time because of some similarities with other novels that I've read before but the author did a really great job in creating their own story. It was a very enjoyable read, can't help but binge all current chapters in like 2-3 days.


Amazing just amazing...
It is really interesting the plot is pretty good and it has the perfect amount of everything (every genre).
And so i highly recommend this one.


It's very interesting now that I see a new type of trauma I mean when you think about it traumas we're very brutal from the start and that was when he was a low class makes me wonder how much more hellish will it become later on


I really love the way our hero develop to become a good hero. I know that he needs to face all hurdle to become strong and I won't imagine myself to be like him who can face pain to get stronger.
Spoiler Alert He need to see all the dark past of every enemy he face in the tower and it is not easy for him to face it.


I just like the world building so much. Have some issues with character development but its pretty early in the story to be a strict judge.

Spoiler Alert
Heavenly Demon why did you left us? Raviel is just a goddess. All around female character and great fit in the story.


Interesting story, decently written, but spoiled by the incessant need of the juvenile translator to inject his stupid comments every two paragraphs.


One of my favorite stories. It's not perfect, and I would give it a 4.5 but since that isn't an option, here is a 5 star. The writing in this is phenomenal, and both the author and the translator made this story very easy to read. The words used are beautiful and descriptive, and makes the whole story feel alive. The plot is quite good, spanning multiple genres, and never fails to surprise me. The only reason it would not be a complete 5 star is because the characters could use some improvement, but they are very good as they are now, and the only reason they are not perfect is because the story hasn't had that much time to flesh them out yet.


I don't have any complaints about this novel other than it hasn't finished yet, so I can't binge it. The way the author writes is so beautiful. The pacing is wonderful, the characters are lively, the world-building is one of the best I've ever seen, and each arc is well thought out. You won't find the romance as awkward, though it comes quick. You don't find the relationship between our Mc and his master awkward despite them only knowing each other for a few weeks. I can't put into words how good this novel is. It's my favorite, and the manhwa is just as good. I highly recommend this for people who like balanced but somewhat crazy MC's, 3-d characters, amazing arcs, and insanely good character development.


I can’t be arsed to write a review but it’s phenomenal. Excellent world building, easily understandable power system, switches genre seamlessly and is very moving.