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Chapter 315.1: Do You Dare Accept My Apology? Part 1

Chapter 315: Do You Dare Accept My Apology? [Part 1]

When Sha Rou looked at the embarrassed-looking robot, she had a feeling that it was different from all the robots she had seen before. Those robots had prettier exterior, but this robot almost felt like a human soul with a different exterior. If he didn’t have a metallic shell, she could’ve mistaken him for a shy child who was wary about visiting a stranger’s home.


But just like Cillin, her expression crumbled the second she saw the “gift” he brought her. Unless her eyes were playing tricks on her, the so-called “gift” was the items the aliens were showing off on the train earlier!

Sha Rou had no doubt that those aliens were bad people. Practically everyone who was born in this terrible place but was good enough to work under those slavers in the city were pretty skilled. The fact that had dared to attack the blatant show-offs even though they were clearly envious of their fortune also proved that the gem owner and his friends were no small fry. It should have taken a lot of planning and very tight execution to rob that many powerful people successfully, but this robot had done it in a couple of hours at most. How did it do it?

Shi Tang was oblivious to this. He hadn’t recovered from the shock of revelation yet, so he only knew to shake his head and waved his hands like he was having a stroke, his mind not really registering the fact that he was facing an extraordinary robot and an extraordinary gift, “It’s fine, it’s fine, this is way too precious, you don’t need to bring us a gift…”

Moon simply shoved his loot—gems, bracelets, rings etc—into Shi Tang’s hands and saluted him. It was an ancient greeting salute from at least a millennium ago, so it was slightly different from the modern equivalent—not that anyone who wasn’t an expert in this area would notice the difference.

Shi Tang had no idea how to react. His palms were sweaty, and he was so anxious that his nosebleed and his coughs restarted once more. His physical condition had been deteriorating steadily over time, so it took very little excitement for his symptoms to hit him like a chain-reaction car accident. In fact, coughing and nosebleeding were the milder symptoms. He could blacked out for several days straights if things got really bad.

Sha Rou quickly passed him a liquid medicine. It took him two sips to alleviate his reactions.

“Eat this.” Cillin tossed him a small bottle of medicine, which was of course way better than the one Shi Tang’s was using right now. At first, he was planning to give him the meds after he took them away from this planet and gave him the treatment he promised—after all, he didn’t think that Shi Tang or Sha Rou would trust him enough to use anything he gave them immediately—however, that consideration turned out to be unnecessary after it became clear that Shi Tang was enamored with him and Wheeze.

Shi Tang tossed the “gifts” onto the nearby table and barely caught the medicine bottle Cillin tossed at his direction. He then accepted a glass of water from Sha Rou and gulped down the pills without any hesitation. Forget the medicine, if Cillin told him to pack his belongings and leave right this moment, he would obey the request without hesitation.

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Cillin himself didn’t realize that his name had gradually become the faith that supported many people such as Shi Tang. Cillin might not be the best or the most respected academician in the empire, but his influence was definitely among the top. There were more people who knew his name than not, and it wouldn’t be long before the poor and the young would rise as the new stars of the future.

Already, an empire historian had stated on a fairly influential magazine that Cillin was destined to be remembered as a person who played a huge role and caused a turning point in the history of academia.

Right now though, the amazing man was facepalming and trying to find the words to chide a certain robot who was introducing himself “shyly” to Sha Rou and Shi Tang. He should’ve known that Moon and the word “worry-free” didn’t exist in the same dictionary.

After the introductions were done, Moon cocked his head and asked them, “Will you two be leaving with us?”

Shi Tang shot Cillin a cautious glance and noticed that his idol was staring at their direction. Despite sucking in a deep breath to calm himself, he couldn’t stop the excited shaking in his voice, “W-w-w-w-w-we’ll do whatever you say, sir.”

“Just call me Cillin.”

Suddenly, Cillin looked to the side and said, “Moon, I see that you’ve brought back some trouble with you.”

Moon scanned their surroundings for a bit before bowing his head and playing with his fingers, “I’m so sorry.”

Cillin curled his lips. Like hell you are! You’re going to run out of acts one day!

Wheeze had just finished arguing with the old professors and logged off Return. It was about to greet Moon when it suddenly perked up its ears and grinned very, very widely. Leaping onto Cillin’s shoulder, it asked, “Are we going to fight them this time?”

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Sha Rou was a bit confused by their reactions at first, but it wasn’t long before her eyes suddenly condensed into needles. “Go into your room, bro!”

“What’s wrong?” Shi Tang asked in puzzlement. But when he saw the display on his simple scanner, he went into his room and took out a couple of modified guns. “It’s fine. I’ll come with you.”

Shi Tang saw a lot of light dots encircling the entire house. Since every light dot represented a person, it meant that they were surrounded.

The biggest difference between the commoner area Old Chang and his children lived in and this one was the violence. Here, every inch of the place was covered in violence and bloodthirst because the aliens didn’t hesitate to flaunt their unusual physique and carry out the law of the jungle faithfully. There are no weaklings in this place; not even Shi Tang, a man just a couple of steps away from death’s door. He was no prey waiting to be slaughtered, and the several lives’ worth of blood on his hands was the proof of that. In this regard, the only difference between him and his sister was that her body count was way higher.

After passing a gun to Sha Rou, Shi Tang looked at Cillin and said, “Go deeper into the house. There’s an energy shield there that you can activate and hide inside.”

Shi Tang only had one energy stone, and he didn’t want to use unless it was an emergency. Right now though, he was beyond caring such things.

Sha Rou wanted to tell her older brother than Cillin was way stronger than the two of them combined, but she ultimately decided against it.

It was common sense that an academician wasn’t good at combat, and even if they were they couldn’t possibly be too good. Generally, the great academicians were usually escorted by large numbers of bodyguards, so why would anyone think that the person protected at the center was any good? If Guan Feng was an exception in the academic circle, then Cillin was the exception of the exceptions. To borrow Tousen’s words, Cillin was a monster.

Cillin stopped Shi Tang from exiting the house. “We’re the ones who drew them here, so it’s only right that we settle this ourselves. Plus, the two of you just made the important decision to come with us. We’ll deal with this while you prepare yourselves.”

Moon was still playing with his fingers when he looked at him. “Moon, go clean up your mess.”

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Head bowed, Moon followed Cillin out of the door. Wheeze was already stretching its claws in excitement.

A group of armed, tough-looking aliens were surrounding the whole building. Some were holding machetes, and some had guns in their hands. Even the aliens Moon had knocked out earlier were among them. These aliens were being mugged earlier, so Moon joined in on the fun and knocked out both the muggers and the mugged. After the aliens’ friends found them, they gathered their men and tracked down Moon to take revenge.

“That’s the one! I saw that robot running away with your stuff!” One of the aliens pointed at Moon.

The blue strip on Moon’s faceplate narrowed into the straight line. Hmm? I don’t remember seeing you at the scene.

A bit of hesitation flashed across the alien’s eyes when he saw Moon looking his way. The info I got is correct, right?

Cillin had asked Moon to tell him about the whole incident while they were walking out of the door. After Moon was done, Cillin simply turned his gaze back at the surrounding aliens without saying anything.

Both Shi Tang and Sha Rou stepped out of their house with their weapons at the ready. Because Shi Tang was ill for a very long time, he looked way thinner and weaker than the attackers.

“Yo, shouldn’t the invalid stay inside the house?” Someone snorted disdainfully.

Sha Rou’s eyes cooled in an instant as the Silver Snake Blade slid to her palm. If violence turned out to be inevitable, this fucker would be the first person she kills!

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“What do you think you’re doing?!” Shi Tang stood in front of Cillin protectively.

Sha Rou stayed close to Shi Tang and shot Cillin a glance. When she noticed that the young man was completely unperturbed by the situation, she felt her worry lessening a little. He was way stronger than she could possibly imagine.

“What are we doing, you ask? Hehe, why don’t you ask the robot behind you? Did you really think we’re going to let it escape alive after it robbed us? Oh, excuse me, I forgot that it’s just a robot. It wasn’t even alive in the first place,” hooted an alien while pointing his machete at Cillin menacingly.

Shi Tang was going to ask him what had been stolen when Sha Rou poked him with her elbow to silence him.

Cillin took two steps forward and gave Shi Tang quite the fright. If Cillin got hurt because of him, he felt like he would become a sinner in the eyes of every academician.

A row of people was already pointing their weapons at Cillin. They would shoot the second he did something odd.

Cillin gently pushed Shi Tang to the side before bending toward the ground. There was a nailed metallic plate with its edges sticking out a little beneath the ground. Shi Tang and Sha Rou had tried pulling it out together when they were clearing out the area and building their house, but it had turned out to be an impossible endeavor. So, they tried to flatten it and hide it beneath the soil as much as possible so it wouldn’t trip someone instead.

Cillin effortlessly his fingers through the soil and grabbed the metallic plate. Then, he pulled the object completely out of the ground!

Shi Tang’s turned blank. The metallic plate was about eight centimeters thick, one meter wide and over seven meters long. The metal wasn’t worth much because of its excessive thickness and density, so it could be seen everywhere in the commoner area. In fact, more than half of them were buried in the ground and used as the foundation of a house. It was why everyone here knew just how difficult it was to pull out a metallic plate like this out of the ground. However, the young man had done it with such ease—and with one hand no less!—that it almost looked like he was pulling a carrot!

But that was just the beginning. After giving the metallic plate a look-over, he grabbed it with both hands and folded it into the shape of a simple stool like it was paper. This series of actions caused everyone’s eyelids to twitch violently, and Sha Rou and Shi Tang’s weapon hand to shake a little. It was as if their strength was drained right out of their body.

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Finally, Cillin patted away the dust on his makeshift stool and took a seat, crossing his legs calmly. Interlocking his fingers and them on top of his knee, he said, “Moon, what are you waiting for? Apologize to them already.”

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