Stealing Spree
Chapter 1873: Strengthened Bond

After a passionate lovemaking session with Shio, I gently put her down on my side and let her rest for a while.

Even though I also felt a little bit exhausted, I pushed it to the back of my head to do an aftercare for both of them.

I’m their man. I should at least do this for them, no?

Since we didn’t prepare a towel or a box of tissues, I asked Eguchi-sensei for it and she pointed me to the luggage she brought for this trip.

She already had it organized inside a clothes cabinet.

Before getting to it, I picked up our pants strewn on the floor.

When they saw that, both Shio and Eguchi-sensei grabbed their pants and panties from me.

Uh. Despite the state of our relationship, they’re still embarrassed to see me cleaning up after them.

I guess there’s some kind of logic to it.

If I were in their shoes, I’d probably be embarrassed as well to see them pick up my dirty clothes. Just that… in this case, they’re mostly focusing on the fact that their panties were drenched by their love juices. It’s probably embarrassing for them to see me pick those up in front of their eyes.

In our house, Akane and Miwa-nee already took over the handling of our clothes from me. At least, the clothes we would be stripping whenever we get into it.

Furthermore, I would only realize that it was already gone after we changed into other clothes.

Maybe that’s their considerate way of not making me do everything for them. I don’t know. I've probably gotten used to it by now.

Anyway, I teased them a little about it before continuing what I was about to do.

Of course, I first cleaned up myself in the cabin’s bathroom. I didn’t need a change of pants yet but I’d probably change into a new one once I returned to our tent. I mean…. I’ve done it a lot already starting from Kanzaki on the bus. Washing that part of me wouldn’t be enough. My underwear would smell if I let it be.

Besides, it’s only noon. Only half a day has passed for this camping trip. We still have more than a day. And with my plans to continue visiting my girls, it’s almost a certainty this wouldn’t be the end of my intimate moments with any of my girls.

That reminds me. I should eat a lot during lunch and refill my energy. Even if I boast about my improved stamina, I’m not an inexhaustible machine. My balls would be dried up if this continued.

Won’t it be shameful at one point in this camp, I was alone with one of my girls and we were about to get down to business but I would discover that I couldn't get it up anymore because of fatigue.

My girl would surely try to comfort me there instead of laughing at me but I shouldn’t let myself get to that point.

As someone who’s about to take care of dozens of my lovers in the future, I should keep on improving my stamina for them. Even if it’s supposedly impossible.

Upon returning from the bathroom, instead of digging through Eguchi-sensei’s luggage, I glanced back at her to consult on which to pick for her pants and panties. Locating her towels was easy but it feels intruding to dig into her clothes, right? Especially her spare underwear that was neatly arranged in the corner.

Eguchi-sensei laughed at my silliness but she appreciated that gesture. Still, she somehow got possessed by her boldness this time and told me to pick one for her.

Yep. The difference is truly because of how drenched her earlier pair was.

I returned to their side and wiped her off like I intended to. Gently and carefully while occasionally dropping some kisses on her. We still find each other irresistible even though our passionate moment has already passed. Following that, I insisted on putting her new pair of pants and panties on her.

Watching from the side, Shio teased Eguchi-sensei, calling her reactions adorable.

Eguchi-sensei didn’t let that pass. She countered by doing the same before pointing out the fact that she didn’t have clothes to change into.

Due to that, it became Shio’s turn to get flustered. She ended up jumping into my arms, asking me to comfort her.

Seeing that seemingly childish act of Shio, Eguchi-sensei burst out laughing at her.

In the end, when she was satisfied with teasing Shio back, she offered Shio to pick from her clothes if she didn’t mind borrowing from her. Their hip size wasn't that far off from each other anyway. It’s the thigh size that’s a little different though. Eguchi-sensei has juicier thighs while Shio has slightly thinner thighs matching her slender figure.

Shio deliberated for a while but in the end, she couldn’t come to a decision.

Due to that, Eguchi-sensei offered another option.

She could go to Shio’s cabin and pick up a change for her. Additionally, she also said that she was going to scout our way out.

It’s still risky for me to be seen leaving her cabin, after all.

And with that, Shio accepted it. Although she first presented to do it herself, upon remembering that her pants had a wet patch on them, she deflated like a balloon and curled up in my arms in embarrassment.

Eguchi-sensei called her out for that, saying she was taking advantage of me – which she never denied.

Thanks to that, we spent another two to five minutes just teasing and laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

Our bond grew closer and for sure, Shio and Eguchi-sensei also came to terms that they were now riding the same boat.

Before Eguchi-sensei left the cabin, I got to hear how Shio revealed it to her.

Apparently, Shio somehow had a slip-of-the-tongue moment. She called me ‘Ruru’ while they were conversing about me. As fellow first-year teachers who took me in as their Student Assistant, Eguchi-sensei approached Shio during this camping trip. Rather than join the other teachers or professors, she thought she’d get along well with her since they’re both connected to me.

In the end, it ended up with her finding out that Shio was on the same boat as her. And that’s the reason why they’re together out there. They already decided to stick together and planned out how to bring with them if ever I showed up. Of course, they also correctly guessed that I’d be approaching them myself.

They could already read me like a book….

Around fifteen minutes later, the three of us left the cabin area and made our way back to where everyone was gathered.

When Eguchi-sensei returned from Shio’s cabin, she told us that the place was already almost deserted.

It was decided that everyone would be taking lunch along with the students – including the Dean. Hence, it opened up the opportunity for us to stroll out of this area without being caught.

Nonetheless, we spent ten more minutes inside Eguchi-sensei’s cabin. Partly because we wanted to ensure that no one was around anymore and partly because we still had time before our missing presence became a big deal.

Anyway, to ensure that we wouldn’t be making a commotion by showing up together, Shio went ahead first while I followed one step behind Eguchi-sensei. That way, it would look like I was still simply acting like her Student Assistant. Just like when Sara encountered us earlier.

While the two women quietly returned to the area where the teachers and professors were gathering, my popularity worked against me as I was immediately spotted by the girls that I helped set up their tents.

They tried to take me to their tables and it became quite a competition.

I naturally turned them down, saying I already had a table waiting for me, pointing to where my girls were gathered.

Really… if this was going to be a common occurrence, should I let my hair grow out again?

Ah. Forget it. I decided to take care of my appearance for my girls. I should just ignore my popularity and act the same as before.

Upon reaching my girls, Misaki pulled me down next to her and hugged my arm before saying, “We’re looking for you, Ruki. Where did you go?”

Looking at her clear, innocent eyes, I couldn’t help but put on a guilty expression before answering her honestly, “I’m with our Kinoshita and Eguchi-sensei. I spent time with them.”

“Oh! That’s why you’re not here… Did they scold you?”

“No. They took care of me. Look, I don’t look bad, right?”

“Yes. You’re handsome~”

Misaki sweetly giggled before snuggling closer to me. The girls and the other students watching these from where they were could probably cut me into pieces with their sharp gazes

In any case, I ignored the others and simply focused on my girls. Checking on their expressions, there’s a consensus to it. Most likely they’re all thinking how shameless I could be.

Then, on my other side, I heard Maaya blurt out while sighing, “Shameless guy, take good care of Misa’s innocence. Slow down on corrupting her.”

Chapter 1873: Strengthened Bond
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