Stealing Spree
Chapter 1985: Genuine Affection

As soon as the extremely pleasurable sensation passed, I pulled Marika back to my lap. With Ayu handing me a pack of tissues, I carefully wiped the stain that I made on my girl’s face and hair.

Thinking that it was just me taking good care of her, Marika beamed in delight as she closed her eyes, allowing me to clean her up without any mishaps.

Thankfully, none landed on her clothes. With how high it shot up, everything either dropped on her head or flew past behind her.

I should wipe the floor later.

Anyway, after making sure that nothing was stuck on her hair anymore, I caressed the girl’s head again, pampering her like I always do.

Marika opened her eyes and blinked a few times. Whatever she was thinking, it's probably close to how she's happy to be pampered by me. And given the satisfied expression written on her face, this girl probably didn’t think anything was wrong with what happened. She did all of that for me and she's pleased to find out how satisfied I was.

Tilting her head innocently, Marika grabbed my hand and put it around her waist. Understanding what she wanted me to do, I held her intimately.

“Ruki-kun. Having your scent all over me is rewarding more than anything else. Do not think you've done me wrong…”

Maybe finding me a little conflicted while wiping the stain off of her, the golden ringlet girl immediately reassured me.

“... Also, it tasted a little weird but I liked it. It's your taste, after all.”

Marika then added before her blush got highlighted again. She tried looking for a place to hide it but gave up in the end. With a bashful smile that firmly showcased all of her great qualities, Marika rubbed her cheeks on my chest, getting warm and cozy within my embrace.

A thought of flicking her forehead passed by my head but with the girl being this affectionate, it became like a leaf that fell on a stream, it immediately got washed away.

I tightened my embrace on her as I felt the warmth in my chest spreading.

Somehow, this girl’s daring and seemingly reckless approach was making me feel things.

“Oh… Ruki-kun, I can hear your heart thumping quickly. Did I make your heart race?”

Before long, another innocent yet seemingly playful smile bloomed from her lips as Marika looked up at me, her index finger poking my chest.

“Girl, do you really have to ask? Who else can make me feel that way?”

I started shaking my head at my foolish thoughts. There's no reason to overthink anymore. With this girl who could be the best actress being this genuine to me, I better just take everything she does at its face value. If she says she loves me then it's undoubtedly true.

That's how different she is compared to those who just know her as Ichihara Jun’s fiancee or young lady of the Kujou Family.

Besides, only numb idiots – like my past self – wouldn’t feel anything with Marika acting this way.

At this very moment, she's making me more aware of how much I love her and how deep I am falling.

I want to protect her smile and keep her happy like this for the rest of our time.

Will I be able to do that? Well, it shouldn't be a question. I will do it, no matter how difficult it will be.

For now, forget the complications, I have to be strong for her to wrest her away from the fate of being nothing but a bargaining chip in the grand scheme of their respective families.

“Fufu… I love it. I do love everything about you, Ruki-kun. It feels natural when doing lewd things with you. With Jun-kun, even the thought of holding his hand, sitting or walking next to him is repugnant…”

“Marika, if you want to make me blush, you’re doing that already…”

Yeah. I could already feel the heat occupying the entirety of my face. It's not just the heat from earlier but something that has more to do with hearing her sweet whispers.

“Hehe. Let me get my phone. I want to capture this.”

The golden ringlet girl looked up at me and cupped my cheeks. With her affection being continuously conveyed through her fingertips, I found my sense of reason slipping away.

Then, the girl scrambled for the bag she brought with her. But before she could pull her phone, two snapping sounds rang out.

The source? It's Ayu and Sena who also got tempted to capture my current expression.

Really, these girls… They can be jealous of each other at certain times but when it comes to this, they're totally unified.

Once Marika also got a snap of my face, she put the phone down and clung to me again.

This time, Ayu and Sena possibly reached the end of their patience. Rather than wait for me to finish with Marika, they're now going to join her.

Before they could overwhelm me with their fiery passion, I lowered my head again, alternately taking their lips and reinitiating our passionate exchange of kisses.

I don't know how much time has passed but Marika eventually left my lap to stand at my side, vacating the throne in the form of my lap to Sena and Ayu.

And from there while the coach and trainee duo focused on my reinvigorated cock, Marika allowed me to reciprocate what she did for me.

My hand slipped inside Marika’s shirt, caressing her smooth, flawless skin. The girl made no effort to stop me and reacted to it as if she’d been waiting for me to do it for so long.

My fingers smoothly crawled up to her bra and easily slipped from underneath it.

I cupped her breast and fondled it, pressing her hardened cherry in the middle of my palm.

Feeling that new sensation, Marika failed to hold back her voice.

I eventually lifted her shirt and used my mouth to deliver more of it. And I didn't stop at that. As soon as I deemed it the right moment, my hand also found its way inside her pants, giving her sacred place a visit.

“I'll take care of Marika, Ruki. I’ll leave Inaho-nee to you. You still have business with her, right?”

In an indeterminate time later, Sena who recovered the quickest helped the weakened Marika to stand and guided her out of the room to change, clean up, and maybe to refresh the girl in order to prevent her bodyguard from noticing what happened.

I should be the one doing that. However, my current circumstances prevented me from doing so…

Like Sena said, Ayu was currently in my care, or more specifically, she was still on my lap with my cock buried deep inside her.

She's also in the midst of catching her breath after the intense lovemaking we did.

We already finished but she's still squeezing me tightly down there.

And knowing my desire for this woman… we might just do it again even after shooting three times in this room.

Ah. Right. What Sena meant with our ‘business’ wasn't a Round 2, but our usual meeting right after the lesson where Ayu would help me point out things that I may have missed, or help me review or revise my next lesson.

“Ruki… We're all exhausted. How come you're still this energetic?”

“I don't know. Maybe I sucked the energy out of all of you?”

“Pfft. You might be right. Like a vampire, huh? You're feeding off of us even though you're the one that should be weakened.”

Uh. If Nina heard that, she'd jump in delight to find out that someone else figured out my identity as a vampire.

Anyway, we spent another ten minutes before we focused on that unfinished ‘business’.

When Sena and Marika returned, Ichihara-san, who was probably waiting for me at the entrance of the gym, was with them.

Chapter 1985: Genuine Affection
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