Stealing The Heavens
Stealing The Heavens

Stealing The Heavens

Thâu Thiên

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987 Chapters 129K Views 613 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Stealing The Heavens novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Blood Red. 987 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


An unexpected discovery in Machu Picchu has transported a young professional thief from Earth to a world filled with mystical powers and evil plots. With his beloved teacher and best friend killed during the calamity, his only goal is to become stronger, so that he can take revenge for them.This is a novel filled with politics, the struggle for power, evil beauties, and of course, Divine Immortals.

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  • Kyoma 3

    After reading the comments about this I will wait for some reader to report their experience, if you could leave a note in the comment about the novel, I would appreciate it if I was notified.

    • No_bsplayz 2

      Should I try it??

  • Yodaniel 1

    This novel played with my feelings at the beginning. . 😭😭😭

  • Gonemouche 3

    Hax this got juicy scenes:)

  • IngrainedIntel 5

    Nick-picks inbound: The author makes extremely unlikely things happen just for sole sake of plot progression. If I had to give a example, it would be like a man trying to get water from a well but he gets smacked by a shovel out of nowhere and when he finally is about to pull the bucket out of the well, A nuclear bomb gets launched at him. (ch 262 is a perfect example of this.) And he got r*ped by some random married woman for like no reason given. Then there is a ton of stuff I don’t even want to remember, I honestly rather suffer memory lost than remembering those other events. Ch-240: Also, No, The only actual reason why harems exist even remotely is due to power of emperors and the other families wanting a political connection and etc, If you read any of those cultivation novels you will see one of the most reoccurring theme, “Illegitimate child, die” which is actually extremely accurate. Overall rating: One of those h*rny eagle dives out of 10

  • Zyl 3

    is this any good?