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Chapter 1295: Lasting Draconid Essence!

"Ten thousand units!" Yang Ji was flabbergasted. "You're crazy! Absolutely mad! Don't you understand what the spirit energy you use is? That's the purest form of energy in the universe! Putting ten thousand units of spirit energy into Fiend Tears is essentially instantly adding the combat power of ten thousand units of spirit energy to Fiend Lock!"

Xia Fei nodded. The Fiend Lock had been so absurdly powerful that even he was shocked by it.

People had always believed that sabers and swords were the sharpest weapons, but it was actually energy that had the ability to cleave through the heavens!

Simply put, lasers were energy, and they could easily destroy warships or planets.

After some thought, Xia Fei asked, "Then what will happen if I attach Fiend Tears to a suit of armor?"

Yang Ji replied, "It would boost your defense. That's why Fiend Tears is so powerful. Although it has no combat power on its own, it can boost any weapon or suit of armor. When attached to a weapon, it'll increase your attack. When attached to armor, it'll boost your defense. The level of the boost will depend on how much energy you put in."

Xia Fei asked in surprise, "So what if I put in one hundred million units of spirit energy?"

Yang Ji laughed, "Then you can start slaughtering dragons!"

However, the moment Yang Ji said this, he found the words to be inappropriate and quickly shut his mouth.

A warship rumbled over. Fiend Lock had created quite a stir when it destroyed Yang Ji's dimension, so Xia Guanghai had come by tracing the energy reaction.

Jumping off the warship, Xia Guanghai asked sternly, "Xia Fei, are you okay?"

Xia Fei replied, "I just made a new friend. Yang Ji, this is one of my big brothers, Xia Guanghai."

Yang Ji and Xia Guanghai, who was still in shock from this severed dimension, greeted each other.

"Who did this?" Xia Guanghai asked.

Xia Fei scratched his head awkwardly. He had studied the Law of Space, so he knew that Yang Ji had probably needed quite some time to make that perfect dimension of whiteness. He could not help but feel apologetic over destroying it.

Xia Guanghai knew at once what had happened from Xia Fei's expression.

"You did this?! You weren't even gone for an hour! Did you skip levels ?!" Xia Guanghai asked in shock.

Xia Guanghai estimated that advancing one level was not enough for Xia Fei to deal so much damage. Based on how neatly this dimension had been cut, Xia Fei had clearly done this at one go! With one move, he had destroyed the entire dimension!

Xia Fei chuckled. "Of course not, though I did get my hands on a lethal weapon that's even better than skipping levels!"

"Something even better than skipping levels?" Xia Fei was the newest member of the Skywings, but by now, he had left even Grand Ancestor Xia Gucheng in the dust!

The existence of the Skywings was in itself a miracle, and Xia Fei was a miracle among miracles!

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Xia Guanghai instantly felt defeated; he found an excuse to go back to the warship and wait for Xia Fei.

Shrugging, Yang Ji said, "It seems like I'll have to find somewhere else to live. After all, we have a promise that you'll be coming to my father's birthday party next month."

Xia Fei replied, "But I may not have time next month yet."

Yang Ji very unhappily said, "That won't do; that won't do. We already agreed on it. In any case, I'll come and pick you up when the time comes. I've already remembered your scent, so even if you hide at the ends of the universe, I'll still find you."


Xia Fei was baffled. Yang Ji found people through their scent? Was he born in the Year of the Dog?

Offering Xia Fei several white fruits, Yang Ji said, "I'm very happy to have run into an old friend of my clan here. Take this as a greeting gift."

Xia Fei looked and saw that these were none other than the white fruit from the tree. Yang JI had given them to Xia Fei before, but Xia Fei had cautiously chosen not to eat them.

"What use do these fruits have?" Xia Fei asked. Yang Ji seemed to consider these fruits extremely valuable, but even though Xia Fei had studied the Serpent-swallowing Whale, he still could not tell what benefits these fruits provided.

Yang Ji smiled. "They're very useful! I guarantee that once you eat one, you won't forget it."

Suddenly, Yang Ji raised his head, looking to the distance and muttering, "It seems like someone over there has just captured a high rank Divine Beast. You want to devour the soul of one, right? This is your chance."

Xia Fei was startled. Looking at the time, it was almost the return of the grand ancestor's group. Had they caught a Divine Beast?

Quickly contacting Radix, he found out that that really was the case. Xia Gucheng's group had run into a Divine Beast on their way back, and it was very strong, so the Skywing wolves were planning to kill it.

Xia Fei quickly told Radix to leave it alive. High ranking Divine Beasts could provide abundant energy to Xia Fei. If he could finish this absorption, he would be more confident in dealing with the Dark Spiritualists, so he could not miss out on this chance.

"I'm going now. Let's meet again in the coming days," Xia Fei said with a smile.

"The coming day? Tomorrow is no good. I'll go and find you next month," Yang Ji replied seriously.

Xia Fei was rendered speechless once more. Yang Ji seemed to have a very different understanding of time compared to Xia Fei. 'Coming days' clearly did not indicate any particular day, but Yang Ji interpreted it as being tomorrow.

"Take good care of your Yggdragons. The Dark Spiritualists used a Yggdragon's corpse as the primer to open up the Six Cycles. Your Baby will be in trouble if they get their hands on him," Xia Fei said.

Before leaving, Xia Fei decided to test Yang Ji and see if that Shadow Fox Baby was a Yggdragon or not.

To his surprise, Yang Ji went pale in shock!

"I see! So they used the bones of a Yggdragons as the primer! No wonder things are like this!" Yang Ji muttered, lost in thought.

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Xia Fei did not understand what he was saying, but Xia Gucheng and the others were still waiting for him, so he left together with Xia Guanghai.

After Xia Fei was gone, Yang Ji remained in a daze for quite a while before finally muttering, "No, I have to tell Father! Using the bones of a Yggdragon as a primer is just too evil! No wonder they were able to open a passage."

Yang Ji turned to leave, but at this moment, Baby crawled up to his ear and whispered something.

"Oh? So Xia Guanghai was also one of our clan's friends?!" Yang Ji turned in the direction of the long-gone warship and murmured.


All of the Skywings were stunned by the sight of Xia Fei using the Serpent-swallowing Whale Codex to absorb the soul of a Divine Beast.

"Isn't this too amazing? A Divine Beast can be eaten!" Xia Geng remarked.

Everyone turned to Furball in unison, who shivered and quickly hid behind Xia Fei.

Everyone laughed. They were all used to teasing Furball. Furball bared his teeth and growled, demonstrating his might to the crowd.

After having experienced the process once, Xia Fei had a much easier time absorbing the Divine Beast's soul this time.

The key was not to be rushed but rather to digest it bit by bit. Once the opponent became weak, they would be just like a lamb waiting for Xia Fei to be slaughtered.

Xia Fei stood up and swung his arms around. His body felt very light, as if he had just had a gourmet meal.

"How much energy did you absorb this time?" Xia Guanghai placed a hand on Xia Fei's shoulder and asked.

"Around one hundred thousand," Xia Fei replied.

Xia Guanghai did not think much of this number, for absorbing the Blackstar Toad had given Xia Fei around two hundred thousand units, but the Skywing wolves were very excited. After all, even Annihilator warriors would find one hundred thousand to be an incredible number.

Everyone surrounded Xia Fei and started asking him questions, mostly about how he was able to absorb the soul of an exotic beast and if they could do it, too.

Once they realized that they needed to be Spiritualists with the Serpent-swallowing Whale Codex, the Skywings sighed in disappointment.

Xia Gucheng said loudly, "We don't have much time left. Let's talk while on the way back. Set off!"

The warship lifted off, and the Skywing embarked on the journey home.

Oro was still defending the Cosmic Gate, and he was a trustworthy man, but without the elite Skywings, the defenses of the Law Realm were clearly fragile. Thus, the Skywings needed to get back as quickly as possible so that they could lay down the defensive soul array.

Even if they used the spatial arrays, it would take some time to get back to the Law Realm from the Red Pine Nebula. After all, the distance was far too great, spanning more than half the universe.

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Xia Fei locked himself in his room and inspected the white fruit Yang Ji had given him.

There were five in total, colorless and odorless and with a pleasant crystalline luster.

"Even you don't recognize these fruits?" Radix asked.

Xia Fei shook his head. "I don't recognize these. Yang Ji gave them to me so solemnly, so there must be something special about these fruits. He even considered inviting someone else to eat these fruits a great honor. He also got very angry when I didn't eat one back in his dimension."

Radix replied, "What a mysterious fellow! What sort of person is he? Right, you have the Serpent-swallowing Whale. Isn't that codex said to be the most comprehensive catalog of food? It even taught you how to eat Divine Beasts."

Xia Fei replied, "That's exactly what's so weird about it. Could these white fruits not belong to this universe?"

"Does the Serpent-swallowing Whale have any related records?" Radix asked casually.


Xia Fei realized that this was a pretty good idea. If he could find something similar to these five fruits, he would be able to conjecture the fruit's origins and use. They might be some mutated form of another food!

Xia Fei took out the Serpent-swallowing Whale Codex and swiftly flipped through it.

"Hm? This one is a little similar," Xia Fei said.

In the last few pages of the codex, Xia Fei found a similar-looking fruit, but this fruit was green.

"It really is! Practically identical in everything except color, and this fruit is also odorless," Radix said.

Xia Fei read out the words on the page: "'Lasting Draconid Essence. Dragons or Yggdragons must go through nine moltings in their lifetime. After each molting, one can extract nine seeds from the area near the spine. Each seed can be planted and grown into a tree, which will bear nine fruit.

"'The color of the tree and fruit will change depending on the number of moltings. The color will be light at first and darken with each successive molting...'"

Xia Fei and Radix were stunned!

After a draconid molted, if one cut open the tough backskin, one would find seeds in the flesh!

Planting these seeds would get nine fruits!

How bizarre was this?!

Were these white fruit Lasting Draconid Essences?! Fruits derived from a draconid!

Was it these seeds being from a juvenile dragon that made the fruit white?!

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Xia Fei was just about to read what a Lasting Draconid Essence could be used for when the warship fiercely shuddered, tossing Xia Fei through his room!

"What's going on?!" Xia Fei quickly looked out the deck window.

Outside was a pitch-black space, and for some reason, the warship had been thrown out of the spatial array they were in!

Super Gene Optimization Fluid Chapter 1295: Lasting Draconid Essence!
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