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Chapter 1289: A Collision of Three Elemental Mystical Armaments!


The Earth Elemental Mystical Armament, Southern Star, flew through the air!

The massive pyramidal stone clashed with Xia Fei's chaos-infused White Dragon's Screech. The Law of Primal Chaos had the property of reversal, whereas the Earth Element was the most stable of the Five Immemorial Elements and was the most difficult to reverse.

With a massive boom, Xia Fei and Fengyu broke apart, the two of them staring at each other across a distance of one kilometer. As for Immemorial Mystical Armament Peacock Blue, it began to shudder fiercely!

Mystical armaments had met! Peacock Blue's latent consciousness was being summoned!

Fengyu seemed to be hiding something in his sleeve. When White Dragon's Screech had clashed against Southern Star, Fengyu had squatted and pointed his left arm at Xia Fei sinisterly. Xia Fei, who had sensed something wrong at once, swiftly pulled away.

There was definitely something weird in Fengyu's hand!

"An Immemorial Mystical Armament!" Xia Fei's eyes brightened. "I didn't think that you'd have the Southern Star. It seems like we'll have to fight to the death today!"

Fengyu was very sinister. His soundwave protection had prevented Xia Fei from observing his immediate surroundings, so he had not realized that Fengyu had come with the Earth Elemental Mystical Armament!

If Southern Star had not suddenly attacked, Xia Fei's meticulously calculated attack might have struck the tree!

The Earth Elemental Mystical Armament was very sturdy, and Xia Fei would need all of his strength to destroy it. However, Fengyu had something else in his hand, which had disrupted Xia Fei's plan and forced him to retreat.

"You're quite cunning yourself. You acted like you were trying to block my ultra-low frequencies, but you were actually trying to ambush me! It's such a pity that someone with your tactics and reaction speed can't be part of the Devil Shadow Dragoons," Fengyu stood up and said.

Behind him was a sharp pyramid-sized boulder. Southern Star was so big; how exactly would Fengyu use it? There was also whatever he had in his hand.

Xia Fei would not be careless. The Devil Shadow Dragoons controlled the three great storehouses of the Fiend Clan, and countless rare treasures had been stored within it for the Devil Shadow Dragoon's use. This resource advantage was very difficult to deal with. When he was fighting Ling Boyu, that guy's endless stream of high-grade soul weapons had caused a lot of trouble for Xia Fei.

Fengyu was even worse. He was not just an Annihilator but also a Dragoon wielding powers originating from the Fiends and the Earth Elemental Mystical Armament!

Xia Fei said nothing as he lowered his body and prepared to charge. This was not just a battle against a Dragoon but also a grudge match between Immemorial Mystical Armaments! Only death would end it!

The Fiendwings unfurled!

Xia Fei pushed his fiendish energy to the limit. Furball and Little Goldie realized that this would not be an easy battle and began to ready themselves.

Only Xia Guanghai circled around the edge. He seemed to be doing this on purpose, creating some distance so that he could observe the battlefield from afar.


Xia Fei shot forward like a cannonball!

His speed was fast, but Southern Star transformed even faster! Xia Fei had just set off when that sharp boulder changed form, using its sharp edges to bar Xia Fei's path.


Xia Fei pushed off with his toes, rising into the air to attack from above, but Southern Star changed again! Its sharp edge shot upward like a sword!

Its body was enormous, yet it was extremely agile, like a hedgehog made from stone. As long as Xia Fei got close, Southern Star would use its sharp edges to force Xia Fei back.

Fengyu looked at Xia Fei smugly. These two times, he had not attacked at all, allowing the latter to fight against Southern Star.

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"Do you still not get it? The Earth Elemental Mystical Armament has the traits of containment and sturdiness. It's a perfect balance, for this allows it to attack and defend at the same time! With Southern Star around, I can't be defeated!" Fengyu said pompously.

The Five Elemental Mystical Armaments had their various specialties, and the Earth Element represented balance.

Xia Fei was in no rush. He did not waste time chatting with Fengyu, who should still be hiding a treasure, and had attacked merely as a way of probing the enemy.

Xia Fei speculated that Fengyu was holding another sonic soul weapon, probably meant to augment the latter's ultimate move.

By knowing one's enemy and knowing oneself, one could win every battle. Xia Fei would try and kill his enemy, but until he understood all of his opponent's strength, he would not reveal everything he had.

When empowered by fiend energy, Xia Fei moved very quickly. He was like a high-speed ghost, constantly making circles around Fengyu.

Fengyu's eyes exploded with killing intent as he shouted, "So this is all you have! Remember: Speed is formidable, but it's not invincible!"

Fengyu attacked, a sonic explosion pushing him forward and right into Xia Fei's trajectory. As a Dragoon, Fengyu possessed an accurate judgment and knew where Xia Fei would be in the next second.

Crafty Approach!

Suddenly, Xia Fei's rapidly moving form made an unreasonable turn, changing his trajectory and causing him to retreat.

"Hm? You've got some skill!"

Fengyu was startled and then pursued him. The massive Southern Star was somehow also able to fly, and it was just as fast as Fengyu.

Fengyu was in front, while Southern Star was behind, pressing forward like a giant mountain.


Just when Fengyu was about to reach Xia Fei, his throat pulsing to unleash another low-frequency sound attack, Xia Guanghai's shout could suddenly be heard.

In a flash, a soul array activated!

Immemorial Mystical Armament Southern Star seemed to be stopped by something, and Fengyu also stopped.

It turned out that Xia Guanghai had been laying down a soul array!

Following Xia Fei's instructions, Xia Guanghai threw around the soul weapons that Xia Fei had just made, creating a giant net!

The moment the soul array was completed, Xia Fei activated it, restraining Fengyu and his Immemorial Mystical Armament!

"I'm not going down that easily!" Fengyu howled.

Southern Star began to expand rapidly as it tried to use its changing size to destroy Xia Fei's newly constructed array. Meanwhile, Fengyu once more used his ultra-low frequency sonic attack!


Xia Fei retreated at full speed, going off to join up with Xia Guanghai in the distance.

"This is a chance to test and see if my soul array can pose any threat to Annihilators," Xia Fei said sternly.

Xia Guanghai swallowed. Sure enough, Xia Fei was unconventional as always, testing out a soul array in the middle of battle!

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It must be understood that Xia Guanghai had thrown out at least five thousand soul weapons!

Even if these were not real soul weapons and were simply temporary energy storage devices, their number was simply too shocking. Not even in his dreams could Fengyu have imagined a soul array with five thousand cores.


In the distance, there was a boom as Southern Star broke the soul array's restraints!

"Mm... It seems like it still needs some adjustment! The activation speed is too slow," Xia Fei said. "I'll hold him down while you follow my instructions."

Xia Fei put on the mental transmission halo and then quickly took it off again. A complete soul array diagram appeared in Xia Guanghai's mind.

Xia Guanghai memorized the composition of the soul array and shot off to make the adjustments to the array while Xia Fei charged at Fengyu.

Fengyu had Southern Star and his sonic techniques, but the mystical armament had its offensive limits and the soundwaves grew weaker the greater the distance they traveled. This was a natural weakness of sonic transmission. Xia Fei would often retreat several million kilometers and then instantly come back in order to neutralize Fengyu's attacks.

Speed types were truly difficult to deal with. It would be fine if Xia Fei was actually fighting with Fengyu, but if Xia Fei chose not to fight directly, not even sound could catch up to him.

Gradually, Fengyu started to panic.


"I have to thank you." After around an hour, Xia Fei folded his arms and said this coldly. "Thank you for helping me test my important array. If not for you, I wouldn't have realized that soul arrays have a flaw of slow activation speed when dealing with experts."

Fengyu gnashed his teeth in anger. Xia Fei was like a cunning snake, avoiding battle and drawing him time and again into the soul array, treating him as a test subject!

Alas, Xia Fei and Xia Guanghai were simply too fast, and Fengyu could not do anything about that.

"I admit that you run fast, but if you just keep running, you'll never be able to defeat me!" Fengyu said loudly.

Xia Fei shook his head. "Running is just a tactical necessity."


Xia Fei extended his right arm, and Peacock Blue, who had been destroyed one hour ago, flew out. By now, it had already half-recovered.

Fengyu laughed. He guessed that Xia Fei was using the same move from the beginning!

At the start of the battle, Xia Fei had used the grass debris from Peacock Blue to cover him as he rushed up to Fengyu to deal him a heavy blow.

It had been quite a frightening move, but using the same move on an expert wasn't wise. Fengyu was confident that he wouldn't lose this time!

Xia Fei had already begun to accelerate! Drawing a perfect curve, he rushed at Fengyu from the side!

Unlike last time, Fengyu did not use his sonic mystical armament, the Phoenix Nest Drum, instead flinging out his sleeve!

In his left hand was a palm-sized black toad!

Xia Fei was startled. He recognized this! It was a Blackstar Toad, a Divine Beast that used sound to kill!

A Blackstar Toad had nine white stars on its body, prominently standing out among its warty black skin. This meant that this Divine Beast had reached the apex! Level 9!

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"Tear him apart!" bellowed Fengyu viciously!

Xia Fei could finally see what Fengyu was doing. Man and toad unleashed their sounds in unison!

As Feng Yu's Adam's apple twitched, the Blackstar Toad's belly inflated with air, and then it opened its mouth!


A tsunami of sound even greater than the one from before swept through the world!

The sound tore apart everything in its path!

However, Fengyu discovered that Xia Fei was not using the same tactic, for Peacock Blue did not unfurl, nor did the Fiend Lock appear. As for Furball and Little Goldie, they did not even come with him!

Clashes between experts were done within split-seconds!

Just when it seemed like Xia Fei was about to collide with Fengyu's ultra-low frequency wave, something black began to creep across Xia Fei's body!

This was the other Immemorial Mystical Armament, Terror Genesis!

Fengyu was stunned. He had no idea that Xia Fei had not only one but two Immemorial Mystical Armaments, instead!

When he sensed Xia Fei, he only sensed the powerful energy of an Immemorial Mystical Armament on him, so he did not know that both Cloudsea and Terror Genesis belonged to the latter!


The Water Element, the all-permeating Terror Genesis, served as Xia Fei's third set of combat armor!

Fiend Scar, Terror Genesis, Flying Eagleplume!

The Fiend Clan's Annihilator-grade weightless armor, the Water Elemental Immemorial Mystical Armament, and the superarmor that belonged to the Broken Wing Sky Devil provided a legendary defense!

Fengyu did not have time to be shocked, for Xia Fei had already busted through the soundwave!

The softness of the Water Elemental Mystical Armament Terror Origin had absorbed all of the low-frequency sound waves!


Immemorial Mystical Armament Southern Star used its tough edges to stab at Xia Fei, but he merely flung his right arm at it!


Peacock Blue swung its grass-like blades, stabbing them into Southern Star's body!

In nature, the roots of trees could often break boulders. This was because of the overwhelming tenacity of trees!

Immemorial Mystical Armaments were filled with bloodlust when they met one another!

Today, Terror Genesis and Cloudsea used 200% of their combat power!

Moreover, the Five Elemental Mystical Armaments countered or complemented one another, and among them, plant countered earth!

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Super Gene Optimization Fluid Chapter 1289: A Collision of Three Elemental Mystical Armaments!
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