Superstars of Tomorrow

Chapter 458 A Dog That Knows How To Bring Its Owner A Bone Is A Good Dog

Nanfeng and the other two didn't want to dig into their boss's secrets for fear of losing their jobs.

When the three of them brought supplies, Curly Hair wasn't training in the storehouse. Instead, he was lying on the sofa watching TV.

Having finished stocking up, Nanfeng turned around to look and chuckled. "Watching TV again, little Curly Hair?"

With their work all finished, Nanfeng stretched his back, then ran over to the sofa and watched television together with Curly Hair.

A program involving dogs was currently airing. A dog owner was currently showing his dog.

"Dog and land; I can tell with one look that the owner is from Muzhou," Nanfeng commented while sipping water.

"Oh, look, that shepherd dog is even bringing a present to his owner! Look how much the dog owner is smiling! Let me tell you this, little Curly Hair, a dog who knows how to bring his owner a bone is a good dog. When will you bring one to your owner? Your owner will definitely be delighted!"

Nanfeng said all this without much thought. He knew that Curly Hair's IQ was probably similar to a toddler. He probably could only understand some simple words and orders. He didn't expect Curly Hair to fully understand his offhand comments

However, Curly Hair's ears twitched. He glanced at Nanfeng, then returned to lying on the sofa. He watched the currently airing program a little more closely.

"Boss, the supplies have all been stocked. I've already sent you the electronic inventory. Please check it when you can," Zuo Yu said to Fang Zhao.

"Thanks for your hard work."

"Do you want us to bring a housekeeping robot next time? It can clean, cook and even chat with you," Yan Biao suggested.

"There's no need for the time being." Fang Zhao shook his head. He didn't want to rely on too many electric appliances until Curly Hair could control his interference ability.

After a while, Nanfeng and the other two left.

Curly Hair immediately got up and shouted, "I'm going out for a bit!"

"Going far?" Fang Zhao asked.

"Not far, just swimming near the island." Curly Hair looked around but didn't look straight at Fang Zhao.

Fang Zhao frowned and knew right away that this dog had something on his mind. Nevertheless, he still said, "Go on."

"Woof! I will be back shortly!" Curly Hair scampered off.

Fang Zhao wanted to go over and see what this dog was up to, but a call interrupted him.

It was Mo Lang.

After graduating from HuangArt's advanced course, Fang Zhao had kept in touch with Mo Lang. They frequently contacted each other.

Fang Zhao returned to the house to answer the call. The wind outside was a little strong and would cause too much noise.

Mo Lang first asked if Fang Zhao had encountered any difficulties and if he had been affected by the magnetic anomaly. He advised Fang Zhao to hire more people. The Yanzhou Navy had recently apprehended a few terrorists, and Mo Lang was worried about Fang Zhao's safety.

Of course, that wasn't the only reason Mo Lang had called. Besides worrying about Fang Zhao's safety, he also called to inform Fang Zhao of an important piece of news.

"There is a very important concert where only very renowned musicians are invited. The organizers think highly of you. Do you want to go?"

Fang Zhao recalled an evaluation committee member mentioning a very important concert. Unfortunately, it wasn't the kind that was public.

"Who are the organizers?" Fang Zhao asked.

"The military, but the concert venue is a little far."

"I'll go."

Mo Lang smiled. He was very satisfied with Fang Zhao's reply.

"This type of concert will benefit you in the future. Someone will contact you within a week. You can directly ask him any questions you might have. You still have about a month's time to arrange matters here on Earth."


A month should probably be enough.

Fang Zhao understood that Mo Lang meant the concert was held on a foreign planet. As for where, Fang Zhao currently had no idea. However, he was certain that he wouldn't just be leaving for a couple of days if he participated in this concert. He was somewhat concerned with leaving Curly Hair alone, but bringing him along to the concert venue had risks too.

If Curly Hair could control his electrical interference, then Fang Zhao would bring him along.

Of course, he had to inform the organizers beforehand that he intended to bring a dog.

Even if a dog couldn't be brought, Curly Hair wouldn't be easily exposed as long as he could control his ability.

With a gaming helmet and personal terminal as motivation, Curly Hair's progress over these few days was very obvious. He had already managed to limit his interference to within the boundaries of the storehouse. Electrical appliances beyond the storehouse were rarely affected, if at all.

Fang Zhao spoke with Mo Lang some more. After ending the call, Fang Zhao looked at the time. His call with Mo Lang had taken half an hour.

Curly Hair hadn't returned yet.

"Curly Hair?"

Fang Zhao walked out the house and shouted a few times.

He didn't hear any response.

He concentrated and listened even more closely.

He could faintly hear a trembling that sounded like someone digging a hole underwater nearby the island.

Fang Zhao didn't bother calling anymore. He sat down by the shore and opened up an e-book to read.

He was reading what Muzhou people proclaimed as a legendary work——"Su Mu Talks Dogs".

It was written by an old comrade he knew during the Period of Destruction.

As the leader of the Muzhou battlefront, Su Mu's influence had been considerable. His views and stories had been gathered by Muzhou people and compiled into books.

"Su Mu Talks Dogs". This book was Su Mu's views about how to raise dogs. Of course, only parts of it were quotes by Su Mu. The rest was just analysis by other people later on. The early Muzhou people were a large reason that Muzhou people today loved dogs so much.

Su Mu was the first known person to raise a dog on the battlefield during the Period of Destruction.

Fang Zhao felt that he should learn from his old comrade who had a wealth of experience raising dogs.

Curly Hair was still a dog. Even if he became a mechanical dog, his core wouldn't change.

As he was reading, Fang Zhao heard the activity of Curly Hair coming ashore.

Curly Hair sprung out from the ocean and didn't even bother to shake himself dry. He trotted over with a bone even bigger than his head.

Fang Zhao's eyes widened when he saw that bone.

Curly Hair held the bone as gently as possible in his mouth to avoid breaking it. He looked like a sea lion balancing a ball as he came over with the bone that was five or six times larger than him.

Curly Hair put the piece of broken bone down in front of Fang Zhao.

Both teeth marks and cracks covered the bone. For a dog that could bite through the hull of a submarine, this was a considerable feat of restraint already.

Curly Hair finally relaxed after putting the bone down and shook off all the sea water on him.

"This bone is so soft and almost crumbles on contact! It's not as hard as seafloor rocks even though it was stuck in one. I saw bones inside rocks the last time I went to play and dig around in the ocean, but they aren't very nice to eat. They don't satisfy my hunger either. However, these bones are really huge! Really huge!" Curly Hair wagged his tail and looked towards Fang Zhao, clearly pleased with himself.

The bone he brought back was much larger than the bones he'd seen those Muzhou dogs bring back on television!

"Really impressive!" Fang Zhao rubbed Curly Hair's head and picked up the broken bone.

This bone wasn't the full piece. It had been broken by Curly Hair, and some crystalized granules could be seen inside the chipped section.

There definitely was a part of the bone that was still attached to the rock. Curly Hair couldn't possibly be that meticulous in excavating the bone.

Some fine lines could be seen in the bone. They looked like blood vessels.


This bone was a fossil of some organism that had lived many hundreds, thousands or millions of years ago!

The calamities and the Hundred Year War during the Period of Destruction had destroyed too many things. Survival had been the only objective. Anything else could be tossed aside for its sake.

After the Period of Destruction had ended, culture of the New Era began to flourish. Some became obsessed with those huge prehistoric creatures. They also started trying to unearth remnants of the past. Most of the time, they would find some fragments. Complete skeletons were rare and often became treasures of museums. These excavators would boast about them for years to come.

Most huge skeletons were replicas created from surviving records of the Old Era. Those that were created using technological methods were not real fossil specimens!

And, according to fossil transactions of the past twenty years, a tooth of a carnivorous dinosaur from seventy million years ago was worth as much as a 100 square meter apartment in the heart of Yanzhou's Qi'an City!

"Curly Hair, you've funded all your dog food."

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