Supreme Magus (Web Novel)
Supreme Magus (Web Novel)

Supreme Magus (Web Novel)

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Supreme Magus (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Legion20. 2709 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Missing chapters have been added. Missing sentences in some sections were identified and edited. Repeated chapters are cleared.
Please share your suggestions and complaints with us.
Thanks to all readers.


Derek McCoy was a man that since his youth had to face many adversities. Often forced to settle with surviving rather than living, had finally found his place in the world, until everything was taken from him one last time. After losing his life to avenge his brother, he reincarnates until he finds a world worth living for, a world filled with magic and monsters. Follow him along his journey, from grieving brother to alien soldier. From infant to Supreme Magus.

Tags: Transmigration, Male MC, Western Fantasy
Schedule: 1 chapter per day
Chapter Lenght: 1700 - 2000 words but usually are even longer
Warning: The MC is not an hero nor an anti-hero. He is a broken, cynic and misanthropic person looking only for his own gain. If you are looking for a forgiving, nice, MC that goes around saving people in distress, this is not your cup of tea.
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: 1 comment on Chapter 191: Seething Rage
: 1 comment on Chapter 420: Date Part 2
: 3 comments on Chapter 1: A New Beginning
: 1 comment on Chapter 28: Hunter and Prey
: 2 comments on Chapter 27: Merits and Trus
  • Troxking 3

    I heard someone recently died on one of this privileged chapters, anyone know if that’s true, and if so who it was?

  • JeremiahChisanga 2


  • JoJ0 3

    It was the war arc that did it for me it showed that lith getting stronger doesn't really mean sh*t & at first it was like okay he getting beat up now but he should come back & f*ck them up right? Nope he was literally there as a human shield. plot armor on top of plot armor & i read that orpal is still alive so honestly what the f*ck was the point

    Edited: 16h
    • Keydsonaleff 2

      Orphal is the protagonist.

  • JoJ0 3

    Wait they killed Phloria? Why

    Edited: 21h
    Admin Edit: 23 Sep, 09:23

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  • gdsgefadsf 2

    8.5/10 Good story with plenty of character development and alot of interesting plotlines. Rip my Boi yurial you will be missed still somehow my favourite character with morok right on his *ss.

    • lnwUser71470 9

      This is not where you write a review bro, go on "users reviews" 😉 this is next to "novels chapters"

  • M_Swedgy 2

    Despite what everyone here is saying, the story didn't "fall down" it didn't "become trash" nor any of that after Kamilia was introduced (They are just salty that he's healing and isn't an edgelord anymore and that he picked her instead of the other girls). I read the newest chapters the moment they come out (and some that aren't on this site yet) and I can tell that the story is still very good. What everyone doesn't like about the story are the chapters where just wholesome family stuff happens or a few of the characters' lives that the author puts in after every big event to cool off before going to the next major event (most likely a fight to the death). I love these cooling-down chapters and I wish there were more of them, but what most people want is just fighting non-stop instead of the characters actually developing and becoming humans. However, what I hate in this story is how the villains bullsh*tly get strong and have everything their way and live on by sheer plot armor.

    Edited: 5d
  • CringeLord 24

    Is his daughter born yet?

    Edited: 3d
    Admin Edit: 20 Sep, 06:28

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    • Louco 7

      No. When she's born, people will only talk about it, just like what happened when Lith became the Supreme Magus.

  • wizzy21 10

    Most hated lightnovel characters,Kamilla has to be top 3 fr😭😭

  • VOID123 1

    As you have already deducted from reading multiple comments, this novel used to be a gem but legion went ahead and destroyed it. I have been following it since it was around in 50-100 chs but I guess but it's time to stop. Everything started going downhill after the introduction of Kamila, Lith has became submissive. Guardians acting like bunch of teenagers, death of Manohar, death of Phoria, Solus falling apart from Lith, Orpal is still alive somehow. This is just a slice of life novel now, rip Derek McCoy.

    Edited: 4d
    • Yaheeko00 1

      Yeah, I still can't understand why all the guardian's acting like some *d**t. Lith getting married, having child is ok. But why this idiocy all the guardian's, they don't care when their own child become slave but alway stay by liths side. It feels like a joke

  • READER611 2

    You know the chapters lately... Well more specifically after the fringe fight they are so boring today they uploaded 4 chapters but I've only read 1/5 of the last one and I'm sure What I didn't miss anything

    • Retrodevil 1

      Chapters were more like menstruation guidebook for the last 1000 chapters to be honest. It's a few good ones and then 20+ chapters where they just talk about feelings and cry the whole time how life is so unfair. Ernas brats got annoying as f*ck and the whole verhern family is just so cringe, and don't get me started about the guardians. the author ruined the book a good while back, even though it was so well written in the beginning.