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Chapter 1486 6 days ago

From beginning to end, this story is just incredible. It never stops to amaze you. . and constantly has you engaged and wondering. Such a beautiful story.

Chapter 1 6 days ago

good novel trust this old daoist and read this right now. also help rating this novel , so it can get a higher ranking. thank you fellow reader

Chapter 1486 19 days ago

a very nice novel that i enjoyed very much. took me about 2. 5 months to read but was very good regardless. around chapter 1200 the chapters get wayyy longer which is awesome. highly recommend giving it a chance, i started this novel at least 3 times but decided to give it a chance and i’m super glad that i did.

Chapter 1486 2 months ago

It's a good read. Though around chapter400-600, there is a boring stretch and some decisions made by the MC is bad, but overall it is a decent WN to read. The ending leaves enough scope for a new season.

Chapter 1486 4 months ago

So I read up to 1195ch and I gotta say this is pretty good. It has fights, MC is intelligent, has a little of romance that I am super into and envolves space battles, other civilizations. Sometimes MC loses but, in the end, the way he wins is pretty interesting. Is a 8. 5/10.

Chapter 1486 7 months ago

Even tho it ended with a cliffhanger the rest of novel good and the journey he take to get there is exciting I also like that he didn't do the harem route and focus on his only wife xu xin not the best novel read but still i enjoy the read.

  • Chaos_of_the_endless

    There's sequel

Chapter 1486 8 months ago

The story has many climaxes, like mini stories that patch up together for a bigger picture. Also lots of explanation on every new item that appear in the story. But a numbers of them were pretty boring that i had to skip. Some even feeling sleepy while reading. I only rate it 3 stars because of the lengthy and naggy explanation which some I still don't understand. Sometimes I feel like it takes forever for the MC to do something. The earlier part of the story were still captivating but the longer it goes, the draggy the story start to be. At some point, the plot turn out to be so messy that I thought I have read another novel.

Chapter 1486 9 months ago

this is one of the best novels I read in a long time. so far no boring arcs, you don't feel like the author is just throwing arcs just so he can write more chapter which I see a lot in Wuxia novels. I'm not gonna spoil anything but once you've read enough you will see a new concept of powering up, which I don't think any novels I read before have done this. there's no bullshit ending to a fight just because he's the mc, which also I see a lot in Wuxia novels. In conclusion it's way better than anything nowadays.

Chapter 1486 one year ago

This is one of the best novels I've read. A complete wuxia novel. What I feel while reading is excitement, a desire to explore and a sense of freedom. this novel should
continue and i think luo feng's journey is not over yet

Chapter 1486 one year ago

Well I really enjoyed reading swallowed star... It is much better than a lot of novels having better ratings than it. There is a bit of consistency issue which is a letdown at times. But two things seriously bothered me about swallowed star. First of all as everyone would probably agree the ending is a complete letdown. Secondly there are billions of years passing in blink of an eye, yes literally billions(in the latter parts of the story, considering 1/10000x speed of time). I don’t like that, i simply don’t, I feel there was no need to make everything so big. Another thing to say is all attribute martial arts another LN which seems to be heavily inspired from swallowed star if you read the machine translations for it. But this is the reason i can make a comparison between two mcs. Here in swallowed star a hard working mc goes through many trials and setbacks. Again in All attribute martial arts an overpowered mc who doesn’t work hard, doesn’t face any setbacks, just collects attribute and becomes strong. I like all attribute martial arts as well but it just made me like swallowed star more