Taking the Mafia to the Magic World
Taking the Mafia to the Magic World

Taking the Mafia to the Magic World

343 Chapters 519K Views 2.76K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Taking the Mafia to the Magic World novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author RVN_1998. 343 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Vicente, a renowned criminal in his time on Earth, dies during an escape when betrayed by one of his trusted associates.

However, this is not the end of Vicente's journey. Just when he thought he would die, he suddenly finds himself in a strange place, in a body different from his own.

Without understanding why or how, Vicente finds that, strangely, he has been reborn!

In his second chance, this time in a magical world full of possibilities impossible on Earth, he will follow a fantastic journey in search of the answers to his questions.

Meanwhile, he will use his own means to survive this new reality where, once again, he will suffer heavy losses!

Join Vicente on this new journey in his unique family with the old mafia ways!


Notice: This is a fantasy story and, as such, is not related to any fact of reality.

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  • TecShonin 3

    Can anyone point out in which chapter does the story pick up?

  • lnwUser59323 2

    I am really sorry to write this but the novel is not good, it started extremely interesting and good. But, I am not sure if the author decided this since the beginning or not but, the 1st 100-200 chapters were not that obvious. This is a Chinese cultivation novel simple as that, I am not sh*tt*ng on the genre but if you have read one novel of that type, then you have read them all. I hate when the story revolves around plots forcing the characters to act instead of the characters moving the plot forward. The characters are so bland to the point that the majority of the family don't have names or the same type of enemies over and over again, The plot is the same, MC gets stronger then some forces them to do something, MC gets even stronger and kills that group, repeat the same for 1000+ chapters until the end. The 1st 200 chapters were really entertaining and showed potential for a good world and crime building and magic novel, sadly this will not come to be.

  • Yaheeko00 1

    I wish i had a friend like Rory. I'd spend every day in his home πŸ™ƒ

    • RandomizedNonsense 6

      And not for the sake of hanging out with Rory.

  • Nikina 5

    I thought hes taking all his mafia member into another world, i was hoping a novel like Overlord where MC and the entire NPC goes isekaied. Are there a novel similar to Overlord?

    • LuminousFadingCoast 7

      I would recommend 'The Evil God Beyond the Smartphone' which is somewhat similar to Overlord

  • WiseTurtleAnsem 2

    I give my turtle seal of approval. I look forward for more chapter. It interesting how the mc navigates his way thru trials towards his goal while getting into otger situation.

  • Undying_Commoner 4

    So I'ma comment what I've read for the past 200 chapters or so.. one thing I observe is that Author always driving mc to the most unfortunate things, he really must hate his mc. He created problems for mc left and right and makes it proliferate. Leading one problems to another without changing pace(ngl kinda mentally exhausting) The pace is so slow with repetitive plots that it's kinda suffocating and hard to bear. So yeah I dropped it around 200 chapter cuz of the repetitive plots

  • Xuaqei 3

    Trust me bro, this novel is good. 😌

    • Rider00 7

      I'll take your word on that, good sir.

      • Blah_Otaku 1

        So how it is so far!?! I'm thinking about giving it a try πŸ˜…

      • Rider00 7

        slow pace is all I can say. like most others comment. but it is a good read. I don't want to spoil anything. but for me, the story starts getting good around chp17-ish. before that, you can treat it as soft infodump/knowing several characters more before you can kinda feel the story start to move more progressively.

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  • Cultured_Ancestor 32

    Just so all you fellow readers know. This novel is very slow paced and author takes his time with it and the chapters are also considerably small so if you are thinking to pick this up then keep it in mind. It's a good story no doubt but really slow

  • Iamkira 9

    Just commenting because I just went through this tragedy part of this novel and no sh*t ..this ain't for weak hearted it's like a sudden hit of high speeding bus...sh*t just goes down hill and it's pretty sad and makes us anxious...thers no rape or stuff but definitely sudden tragedy.. So if you don't like stories going sudden downhill out of no where when everything is positive..just skip this The story till now is not bad but beware of that tragedy tag...author is not kidding when he kept this tragedy tag here... he did a mess there

    Edited: 8d
  • Diablobasara 2

    Man... MC be like... (My name is Tommy ... Vinecent Shelby) Every time I read..I always hear peaky blinders theme song ...