Tempest of the Stellar War
Tempest of the Stellar War

Tempest of the Stellar War

Stellar War Storm

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Tempest of the Stellar War novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Skeleton Wizard. 1443 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


In a distant future, the empires of mankind span the galaxy, and glorious Earth has devolved into a peripheral backwater.

In Shanjing city in the Asian region, Wang Zheng’s dreams of becoming a mech pilot are crushed when his college entrance exam genetic score turns out a pathetic twenty eight, barely above an animal.

To make things worse, people get the impression he attempted suicide after being rejected by the campus beauty.

Then the closest thing to a family he has, the old man in the book store across the road, goes missing, leaving him only a mysterious birthday present.

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  • Dinischuld

    If you like cliché "writing" this is for you. Otherwise stay away from it got anger isuess just from reading 15 chapters.

    2 months ago 1 Likes
  • Black_Flame777 (Banned)

    [ I Recommend ] --- I Became the First Prince: Legend of Sword's Song

    2 months ago 0 Likes
  • Mangafan_LV

    FYI this is the 3rd in the Tempest series. 1. Tempest of the Steel Mecha (have not found a Translation). 2. Tempest of the Battlefield. 3. Tempest of the Stellar War. There's a loose connection between them and the author will make references to characters and events in the other novels but you don't have to read them all to understand. Still the progression is interesting.

    2 months ago 3 Likes
  • lnwUser54666

    How Lear get son?

    3 months ago 1 Likes
  • Pathless

    Oh boy do I hate lear

    5 months ago 0 Likes
  • lidexter

    I just finished this today, and I can say it is so good, though the ending felt too rushed, overall it was a great read.

    6 months ago 2 Likes
  • GreatNemo

    Just started reading this novel and I already love including the song Not Afraid. .

    7 months ago 1 Likes
  • Memo

    Damn satisfying

    10 months ago 0 Likes
  • MarlboroRed

    The MC is nice. Too nice that he cant say no to a girl putting him in an uncomfortable spot. I hope he could be more straightforward and say no if he doesnt want it to avoid misunderstandings

    10 months ago 3 Likes
  • consigliere12

    is the mc ruthless? is he a type of person who would eliminate everyone that threathens him without consideration for their gender or background? and is there a brotherhood in this where he is with people, fighting with them and loyal.

    1 years ago 1 Likes