Tempest of the Stellar War

Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1303: Tailor Made

Many familiar people left just like that. A new wave of people was ushered in.

The Greatest King Competition had become the core tournament of Elite Academy X. It attracted the geniuses of the younger generation. It was impossible to wait for the next SIG competition to air their grievances and regrets. The Greatest King Competition was just the platform for them.

Wang Zheng finally relaxed a bit as things eased into the way he wanted. He experimented and test drove the Rune Mech and went to the Genesis Coffee Club to learn more about the Abyss.

It wasn’t a secret to Wang Zheng that Lin Feng had gone to the Abyss. Wang Zheng’s next step in his plan might also be the Abyss. He had already entered the Heaven-rank door, but that didn’t mean he would be able to step in smoothly. On the contrary, the difficulty of the 256 Point Blade Technique was exponential, and it would only get harder. Opportunities would be necessary if one wanted to break through. It was something that even the strongest king could not be sure of.

He also wanted to complete Li Yizhuo’s dream. He would conquer the Abyss since it couldn’t be closed!

“Wang Zheng, come out and battle me if you have guts!”

That was the recent trend ever since the first Aslan person challenged Wang Zheng. There was a constant stream of challengers after that. Some challenged him for Aina, some for themselves. It came without warning. Wang Zheng even had to be careful of people jumping down in front of him from trees nowadays.

Wang Zheng wasn’t afraid of sneaky attacks or getting injured. He was worried that the ones who sustained injuries were his juniors, both guys and girls… Why did the girls join in as well, really?

However, these were usually resolved by Mu Zhen. The school had the biggest headache.

This continued until people from Mu Sen’s side came to fetch him. He was going to Tita.

Mu Zhen and him had to return to Titatitan Star.

The branding of Titatitan Star belonging to Wang Zheng was getting more obvious.

Ada from Tita and Rara Durai were spiritual leaders of the same level. Their cooperation with the Lan family through the KO Group was also becoming a solid interest in this increasing entangled state.

The fact that Wang Zheng was the one pushing the collaboration behind the scene with Ye Bingwen from the Milky Way Alliance was no longer a secret after the SIG. Ye Bingwen was going after the position of the Union Leader of the Solar System Federation. It was tough but not impossible!

In terms of economy, the new route to the ultra-rare mine was a lifeline. It was also linked up by Wang Zheng. He was now the pivot of everything.

And now, Wang Zheng had led Saruman Snake to SIG’s championship!

Moreover, the opponent was Aslan! The team which had the full support of Kashawen!

It could be said that they had defeated Aslan, who had given their all.

The deeper meaning behind it wasn’t as calm as things were on the surface.

A silent and invisible tornado seemed to have torn through the entire galaxy. Aslan’s mighty image started to crack. Was there anything else the Aslan could not do if they were to employ their full force?


Not even when they faced Arbiter. Aslan always had the advantage.

Tita needed such a tonic to heighten their influence!

The strength of Tita was good for Wang Zheng. He would have to wait until they were on equal footing before he could have a fair dialog with the Aslan royal family.

Mu Sen didn’t abduct Wang Zheng directly. He came to Elite Academy X personally after learning that the college was now hot on him. He had also enrolled a new bunch of Tita giants into the college. Many of whom were mixed bloods like Mu Zhen.

Elite Academy X gave the Governor of Titatitan Star the highest reception and gave him and the new enrollees a rundown of the college.

Mu Sen highly praised the advanced teaching methods of Elite Academy X before making a smooth request for Wang Zheng and Mu Zhen to return to Titatitan Star together.

Elite Academy X wasn’t going to stop him, since they were given enough face. They didn’t have any restrictions on Wang Zheng originally anyway. The propaganda was done really well and shouldn’t have much of a lingering effect.

Wang Zheng and Mu Zhen met Mu Sen in the reception only after they were informed by the college.

“We’ve booked the tickets and can set off any time,” Wang Zheng said.

“There’s no need for tickets.” Mu Sen didn’t explain.

A bright, silver spacecraft was docked in the exclusive spaceport. This space craft stood out even in the spaceport of Roland Garros. Even Wang Zheng knew that this was the latest luxury private spacecraft developed by Aslan this year. They’d only accepted orders from VVIPs amongst the super rich. Mu Sen was usually very thrifty, and the relationship between Tita and Aslan would probably not be able to afford him this spacecraft. What was going on?

The maintenance personnel were carrying out routine maintenance, disinfection, and replenishment… Every step seemed too luxurious.

That compared to the routine done on nearby space shuttles… It seemed as though the space shuttle belonged to their enemies.

However, who could blame them? The maintenance personnel were doing the same job every single day. What was a 10-year-old Alpha space shuttle compared to the top luxurious spacecraft that was just launched?

Even the rich and powerful had to wait in line for it. It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen rich people in Roland Garros. Nonetheless, this spacecraft was simply too awesome. It was also the first time they had seen it. There was less than 10 of them around, and half of them were in use by the Aslan royal family.

Spacecraft were the one thing that set the rich and the super rich apart in such an age!

Zhang Shan suddenly jumped up. “What? Wasn’t this spacecraft on the net recently? It’s cooler in real life. Woah, who is the b*stard who owns this? This is something that can’t be bought even if you have money! This is too slick! I heard its performance and interior are even more exaggerated. It also seems to include an emergency button to the Milky Way Alliance. Hey, hey, isn’t that a bit too much even if one was rich?”

Wang Zheng smiled. He was young, like Zhang Shan. How could he not be excited by new and good spacecrafts? The best thing about SIG was to be able to use any kind of mech they liked. However, what about when they were to leave Aslan?

That would simply be a dream.

“Eh? The Saruman Snake? Who the fu*k dared use the name of our team!? Have they paid royalties for it?!” Zhang Shan exclaimed, suddenly noticing the name on the spacecraft.

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