Tempest of the Stellar War

Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1385: There Was No Need to Endure the Shame!

Wang Zheng and Rara Durai were leading the Saruman Snake Army into the dense forest at the moment. They were going to lie in wait, waiting for the enemy’s land troops. They didn’t expect the enemy to be so cunning, a bombing followed by an attack by the super warriors. Their land troops remained undetectable.

Haddis’ second phase of attack wasn’t just to destroy the will of the Titans, he also wanted to lure Wang Zheng and the potential super warriors of Titan out. Didn’t a Heaven-rank appear all those years back? These Titans weren’t short on money. They might even be able to hire a few with money to get rid of Wang Zheng and the others. The army of Titan would then collapse. Intel told him that the army was very backwards and relied on a person’s personal charm to govern the army. How could they still be doing something so primitive in this time and age?

This was the easiest target. A good hunter needed great patience. Haddis wouldn’t let a single moment ruin his chances. He knew that Wang Zheng would definitely not be able to wait it out. If he could, his influence on Tita would crumble.

His super warriors’ attacks rolled out a broadcast of public announcement. “Wang Zheng, you bast*rd, come out for a fight!”

This was broadcasted in the native Tita language and the common language of the Milky Way Alliance. Haddis didn’t believe that it wouldn’t destroy the fighting spirit of the Tita people.

What bravery star? This was an absolute native thought.

The attack was over for the first day. The result was, Wang Zheng chickened out. The Titans didn’t show up as either, only normal civilians who were incapacitated with minimal effort. A few fearless giants, however, did kill their way in.

All biological creatures knew fear. Even insects, what more the Titans.

The command of the war was handed over completely to Wang Zheng. Mu Sen and the rest supported through logistics. The wise ones knew how to adapt, but the giants… It was the Titans’ greatest advantage and their greatest weakness. Fearlessness sometimes meant sacrifices in vain.

Mu Sen didn’t expect the people from Sirius to use such a despicable and shameless trick. Wang Zheng… Please do not be fooled.

The people of Sirius must have made full preparations to infuriate Wang Zheng. They had created this plan of “waiting” before they even started the battle.

Regardless of their method of attack, they had to bear with it. Sacrifices were unavoidable. It would only be a tragedy if they couldn’t bear with the losses. Tita only had one chance, and that was to destroy the land forces of the Sirius Star. Therefore, they might be infuriated, but the damage wouldn’t be fatal. The Sirius Star’s ground forces would need to control the cities and mining areas.

It was paramount for them to wait until the ground troops landed before they could confront them.

And Wang Zheng was the top priority. He had a bearing on the morale of the army. Mu Sen absolutely believed that the Saruman Snake Army led by Wang Zheng would possess the strongest combat power. It was also the only hope for this war.

Please, please bear with it!

Mu Sen prayed hard.

The other seven large legions became main targets because the giants’ suits of armor were too visible. Their losses were relatively large and they were forced to disperse. The Saruman Snake Army, however, hid well with their new Crystal Mecha. Ye Zisu had this concept previously. Old Merchant and Old Butch had solved the problems. The rest was just assembly. The giants using the Crystal Mecha were trained in physical techniques since they required giants with sufficient agility to use them.

Hiding in the dense forest was a piece of cake for the giants since they were hunters themselves. Wang Zheng could receive the most comprehensive information since he was in the headquarters.

The enemy’s purpose was very clear, that was to make him appear. The enemy wouldn’t continue with their tactics as long as he didn’t move according to their wishes.

However, it maddened him to see the Titan warriors shouting his name and rushing out to meet the enemies only to die under the swords of the enemy’s super warriors. His hair stood on end.

Rara Durai and Shan Meng only managed to stop Wang Zheng from rushing out by desperately hanging on to his leg. That was the order given to them by Mu Sen, to stop Wang Zheng at all costs. The enemy would be at their wit’s end as long as they could bear with these few critical days.

No one doubted Wang Zheng’s strength, but no one thought that a big country like the Sirius Star would have no way around him.

There were always more solutions than problems!

The same intel was gathered in space. Their attacks were much better than expected. Haddis wanted to see how long a young chap who was just crowned the Greatest King could withstand. He would view him in a different light if Wang Zheng could really withstand the effects.

Yang Fan and Woolf were old teammates in the forces. All the soldiers were in their best conditions. However, there would really be nothing left for them to do if this were to continue. The Titans would be totally destroyed before they could do anything. It didn’t feel very good for super warriors like them.

“How many days can Wang Zheng endure under such threat?” Woolf started.

Yang Fan sighed. “War isn’t a competition. Strategies aren’t without blind spots. Wang Zheng would hide if he was smart. It wouldn’t be very possible to catch him if he were to leave, but there would really be no hope if he were to appear.”

He might not have many feelings for Wang Zheng, but he didn’t have any animosity toward him. This was war, everything functioned on self-interest and had nothing to do with personal preferences. It would be a pity if Wang Zheng were to perish just like that. He was a miracle of this era after all.

Frankly speaking, Tita had no chance at all when faced with the Sirius Star without any foreign aid. They were completely unequal in strength. Wang Zheng would save his own life if he were smart.

The attack came once again on the next day with bombings and super warriors. The warriors of Sirius were even more cruel this time. They dropped the fire bombs directly into the cities, turning them into seas of fire. Many brave Titans and humans rushed to the streets to extinguish the fires.

Each city had super warriors more than 10 meters tall. This was the foundation of a strong country, which was not something a backward country could compare with easily. There were at least two mature Earth-rank captains leading each team, flattening everything in their way.

Mu Sen and the rest could only watch silently in the Lan Kao City underground base. The city’s defenses were shaken yesterday, the defenses forces completely disintegrated. The key here was that the combat power wasn’t comparable in the least.

Luoya’s Sirius Super Warrior was specially equipped with a fire-breather, which was quite fun. Yes, for the slaughter of a city that had no value, a little toy could make the enemy more fearful. They had to let these native fools know what represented the world.

The members of the squadron scattered to those who fight fires and kill. Buildings were destroyed by the super warriors. Cynical laughter was broadcasted —”Wang Zheng, you bast*rd, coward, do you dare to come out and fight?”

The Greatest King, eh? That pipped Luoya’s interest. Anyone who wasn’t Heaven-rank and above had to die even if Wang Zheng was just an Earth-rank. The key was their mech. What kind of mech could this rubbish place have compared to the mecha they had?

The alloy blade could cut through the armor of a giant far too easily. The blade was lodged in the body of a giant. He was just about to pull the blade out when he found a giant’s hand holding it in death grip.

“Ada, not a coward!”

Luoya stared at the bloodied giant with one breath left in his body. Was this barbarian a fool? Just for this sentence?

He pulled the blade out and severed the giant’s hand. Another giant came crashing into the mech.

Luoya was delighted. This was something. It was only fun if there was resistance. The mech ignited and burst forth.


The giant flew away, his organs probably punctured. He seemed to be shouting something.

More giants appeared on the streets. Some of the short wise ones appeared as well. The super warriors were shocked. Were they fu*king crazy?

They wanted to give the Titans a taste of fear through outright slaughter. The effect was great yesterday. What had happened to these guys today?

The giants rushed up one by one, mumbling something under their breath. Only, the giants were either pierced through or sent flying by the mecha.

A giant who was cut at the waist was still hugging the feet of the super mech, still reciting something under his breath.

The warriors had finally understood what they were saying — Ada wasn’t a coward.

The super warriors were dumbfounded. More Titans were constantly pouring into the streets, most of them old, fragile, and sick. They had never been met with such a situation.

Haddis could see and hear it all very clearly in space. Only Haddis had seen so much death that he had no compassion left in him. He would kill until Wang Zheng appeared.

No one could stop him, not even Wang Zheng.

Orders were given. The super warriors had to be robots when they battled. They had to kill even if their hands were tired. The order was simple: kill all who resisted.

Luoya loved killing. He would battle in the underground arenas when there was no war. He loved the feeling of the knife rubbing his bones.


Blood filled the screen and Wang Zheng stood up. Rara Durai and the rest of the giants’ hearts were filled with hatred and anger, but they remained calm nonetheless. The Titans weren’t afraid of death. To them, these people were glorious since they were willing to exchange their lives to defend Ada’s honor. That was what every Titan should do. They would’ve also been willing to do it if they didn’t have a mission on hand.

“Ada, please don’t be sad. This is the personification of courage to all who were sacrificed. They will return to the arms of the Titan God,” Shan Meng said.

Wang Zheng raised his head and looked on silently at Rara Durai and Shan Meng. “Rara Durai and all the leaders of Saruman Snake, heed my order!”

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