The Amber Sword

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The story been really frustrating ride so far. The protagonist said over and over again the importance of him strengthening himself but up until 200+ chapter, his strength is mediocre at best. But also he's quite smart, and the most important thing is the character's development is steady enough.

I'll improve the rating later if there's improvement, because i still believe this novel has good potential


Novel pretty good so far. Story is nice MC smart BUT

Spoiler Alert
The two fucking girls are so annoying like bunch of flies. One is like a b*tch always thinking something annoying about MC and keeps asking dumb questions even though MC saved her life multiple times basically. She is annoying as hell I hope her character will go through development or she dies...


The "monologue" chapter is full of faulty translation. Starting with the first "regular" chapter everything is OK. Don't get discouraged by that.
The novel has a good storyline, provides explanations to the reader (character stats, item stats, act.) but not in a way where it feels as if it was "too much". Don't get fooled by the amount of chapters. The chapters in this novel are at least by 1/3 up to 1/2 longer then in other novels.
As a whole I have a positive opinion about this novel and can recommend it to whoever likes this kind of read.

4 out of 5*


I honestly believe this book is a bit underrated. With the elements of matured characters, intricate plots, quasi-omniscient MC who continues to surprise everyone—including the readers, combined with a little comedic undertone, without the cringy emotional whims fond of shounen characters and of course; the presence of wonderful fight scenes that leave everyone satisfied at the end of the day, and lets not forget superb translations that all come together to make this wonderful work of art of a book. Very unique.