The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 962: Before The Gathering

They were haughty and always regarded the others with disdain. The foreigner on the plane was a perfect example.

The wheels of the plane rolled along the runway, causing the plane to shake. When the plane was finally stabilized, Helian Wei Wei's gaze turned colder. She was displeased when the foreigner picked up a call with a rude tone of voice once the craft landed.

Helian Wei Wei knew that there were many reasons that caused some foreigners to despise the Chinese. Some sc*ms even joked about how easy Chinese women were, saying that they could lay their hands on any girl they wanted the moment they flaunted their Caucasian faces. According to them, they did not have to put in any effort to attract Chinese women. Instead, the women would take the initiative to approach them.

They reckoned that, regardless of their appearance, even if the man was a bald and ugly man, he would still be able to get a young and pretty Chinese lady as their partner.

There were certainly similar situations. However, that did not apply to all Chinese girls.

Some of the ladies were kind, upright and independent. They applied their professional knowledge and worked diligently to strive for success in their careers. They relied merely on their own hard work and capability.

Girls like this could be found in every corner of China. Some of them might be the cashiers in the supermarkets, while some were cute girls in school. There were also managers in their suits who were currently working overtime.

They were working scrupulously and bearing pressures given by different parties, only wanted to avoid being looked down upon at their homeland.

As Helian Wei Wei overheard the conversation, her finger twitched. Then, she passed her luggage to His Highness, who was right beside her.

The two little ones had a strong urge to ask their Imperial Mother if she needed a helping hand during the fight, thinking that they could be very useful!

Before they managed to approach their mother, their father had dragged them back to their original spots.

His Highness' move was still as elegant as ever. With one hand, he grabbed the two little ones by their collars, while he held his phone with the other hand. Despite the smile that was painted across the corner of his lips, he appeared domineering as though he was the king of the world.

Helian Wei Wei walked at an extremely fast pace. The foreigner could feel a gust of wind as she walked past him.

When the foreigner saw her, he immediately snickered and looked down his nose at her.

Helian Wei Wei was not upset at all. She raised her eyebrows and stared at him, apparently trying to challenge him.

The foreigner had never received a gesture like this. As a reply, he arrogantly flipped Helian Wei Wei off.

Helian Wei Wei squinted before she violently grabbed him by his wrist and pulled his arm toward her.

Realizing what was happening, the foreigner thought that Helian Wei Wei was going to attack him. He cursed under his breath as he continued to wear the ferocious expression on his face.

Helian Wei Wei took advantage of the situation and turned her head to the side. A faint red mark appeared on her cheek.

At that moment, Baili Shangxie could feel the deadly aura that was surrounding his father.

He believed that the foreigner definitely would not live to see the day.

Although his Imperial Mother set up a trap for herself to be beaten, no one would ever be able to run away from a payback once they laid a finger on his Imperial Mother.

The commotion naturally attracted the attention of the security officers of the airport.

The foreigner continued to wave his arms in the air maliciously. Before long, he realised that his reaction was probably a great mistake.

However, he was confident that the Chinese would not notice his mistake.

Scornful of the Chinese, he intended to leave the scene.

He did not expect Helian Wei Wei to block him at the speed of light. Wearing an absurdly wicked grin, she poked his chin. "You're trying to run away right after you hit me? Didn't you say that you are very familiar with the public international law? Coincidentally, I learnt about it before too."

As Helian Wei Wei spoke, she pressed the button on her earphone. "The police are here already? Good, let them in and bring the foreigner to the court. Yes, I want to sue him. What am I suing him for? Assault and battery. How bad is my injury? My face is disfigured."

The foreigner was stunned upon hearing Helian Wei Wei's words.

You're obviously the one who grabbed my hand and pulled it toward your face. You hit my hand with your cheek! Besides, how is this a facial disfigurement? This is only a mild bruise!

Which part of your face is disfigured?

Unfortunately, his opponent was Helian Wei Wei and her eloquence was more than sufficient to convince the police to capture him.

According to her, she was not only injured physically, but also traumatized mentally. As a result, she would be too afraid to go to the street in the future. Besides, she also claimed that this was not an ordinary attack. This foreigned had shown a propensity for violence and must be restrained.

The foreigner had always thought that the Chinese were fools. Under normal circumstances, they would subconsciously feel inferior to the foreigners the moment they unveiled their Caucasian faces.

However, this woman was capable of making a lie seem true.

He desperately tried to defend himself in English.

At that instant, Helian Wei Wei interrupted him in Chinese, "Are you going to deny your act? Everyone here can be my witness."

"Fine. I admit that I hit you, but that was because..."

"Since you have admitted guilt, our discussion should end here." Helian Wei Wei turned and said to the police, "You can take him away now."

Both the arms of the foreigner were clutched by the police officers. He glowered furiously, upset about being defeated.

At this moment, the woman looked at him with a grin on her face before she began to mumble in English.

Her words were not understandable by a layman. She had included too many professional terms in her statement.

As a foreigner, he grasped Helian Wei Wei's message. She told him, "You thought that you can be heedless in China without abiding by China's rules. Since that's what you assume, I will send you to the International Court of Justice. Anyway, we're not wasting my time. Time must be really precious for someone like you."

The proverb, "time is money", applied to all foreigners. He, a senior official who was stationed in China, had many duties in the office to fulfill. In fact, he had been facing some problems at work for the past few days. If he was involved in a lawsuit, he might be made redundant by his company due to his compromised efficiency.

Even if he would be required to compensate his opponent, the foreigner did not want to be sent back to his country simply because of such a trivial matter.

At this moment, he realized that he was doomed. Yet, it was too late to regret his act now. As he was being dragged away, the woman, who stood before him, grinned broadly. Not only that, she intentionally poked her cheek, mocking him.

Little did the foreigner know that this was merely the beginning of his misfortune.

Baili Shangxie overheard his Imperial Father's conversation over the phone. He spoke with a rather emotionless tone that somehow sent a chill down everyone's spines. "You've found it? He needs to learn what a slap in the face feels like. Stop all collaborations with their company. Explain to them that their manager…"

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