The Author's POV
The Author's POV

The Author's POV

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The Author's POV novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Romance, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Entrail_JI. 687 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The person whom the world revolves around.

The person who defeats all of his opponents, and ultimately gets the beautiful girl.

The sole existence all villains fear.

That is the protagonist.

What about me?

As a failed author who had only one success throughout his whole career, I had reincarnated into my late novel.

«This is it»

I thought, as I tightly clenched my fist.

Did I just get reincarnated in my own novel?

Is this where I reincarnate in a novel and become the protagonist?


Sadly it’s not that kind of novel, as I reincarnated as a mob.

The world doesn’t revolve around me.

The girls don’t come flocking towards me.

The cheat items don’t come to me.


I let out a sigh of relief.

«Thank god I’m not the protagonist»

I joyfully shouted as tears streamed down my cheeks.

Wait, are you curious as to why I don’t want to be the protagonist?

I did forget to mention the most important thing when I was describing a protagonist.

That is…

They are calamity magnets.

I just died. If I learned something from that, it’s that it really isn’t a pleasant experience.

If possible let me live a long stable life.

Thank you, whoever reincarnated me.

I would later come to regret these words…


Reader Disclaimer:

There are two MCs in this story.
1. The original MC of the novel
2. The author that transmigrates in the novel
In the beginning, the author plays the role of an extra with no ambition other than quietly waiting for the story to end. He is almost like a babysitter that watches over the plotline, however, this will only be in the first 40 chapters or so as he will soon be dragged into the plotline regardless of how much he doesn’t want to.

The MC may come off as someone that has no ambition in the beginning but as the story progresses it will change

Also, there may be a bit of info-dumping at the beginning of the novel (at least the first 30 chapters), but there shouldn’t be anymore in the following chapters. Well…being a new author I may end up doing it again. If I do so please do criticize me and scold me. If you don’t scold me how am I supposed to improve the story? What’s great about writing web novels is that I actually can hear your advice and opinions. You are just as much invested in this story as I am, so please help me out.

Well…I would appreciate it if you don’t leave a one star…not that I can stop you

Also, yes, the novel is inspired by TNE (The novel’s extra) you may see a lot of similarities in the beginning, but for future chapters the differences will start to become more apparent. I hope you manage to stick through it. Also, don’t come reading this expecting it to be another TNE. In fact don’t compare the two. If you do, the flaws of this book will become more apparent as you read ruining the whole experience

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  • BloodReaper95
    Reader KP:21

    Guys i got some information about the authors new work. Still dnt know if its legit though. The following is the synopsis Tower of Origin Saga, Book 1: A Summoner Awakens After the collapse of the known world, century-old Rowan Wilder wakes up to find himself sitting in the same classroom that marked the worst days of his life. Confused and excited, he accepts this gift, using his knowledge of the future to climb the Hundred Floor Tower and strengthen himself in preparation to survive the end of the world! In the next century, Rowan must use his Cards, the gifts of the Gods, to battle his way through hordes of demonic beasts and reach the top. With the Great Churches nipping at his heels and the world seemingly against him, it is essential that he finds the Origin of the Cards and flees the Tower before its collapse. The pressure is on, and Rowan must be ready before the clock strikes zero! Sounds pretty generic but ill trust the author : )

    Edited: 26 Nov, 05:51
    10 hours ago Reply
  • Kayk1
    Reader KP:0

    After 40 chapters the information is still absurd and seriously boring for experienced readers. If you're going to tell everything and then say the classic or what you know, why tell everything at the end? Or you can say classic and then tell, wtf. by the way, the story is going to be very slow, it's 170 episodes and it's still at the beginning

    19 hours ago Reply
  • CeNaToR
    Reader KP:65

    How frequent are the drops of chapters?

    yesterday Reply
  • Armin
    Reader KP:410

    Author has a new novel And I heard he and alzeki ( Author of white online and martial art system) are writing it together

    2 days ago Reply
      • Armin
        Reader KP:410

        Yes I saw it in reddit and I think there was 2-3 chapters ( I saw it last week so maybe there is more )

        yesterday Reply
      • Weaver_God
        Reader KP:73

        Something like Genius Summoner or something Summoner. I say it's pretty good, I'm stacking it right now cause quality is great.

        22 hours ago Reply
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  • NovelFreak
    Reader KP:501

    Chapter 604 Jezebeth scanned the room "What if-" The only thing in the room was smallsnakes corpse What if he corrupts it mana and uses it as a puppet

    4 days ago Reply
      • NovelFreak
        Reader KP:501

        I cant reply to my own comment so I have to tag you Exo, this is not directed at you... I don't mind people disliking my comment but if you're doing it to dislike just coz you don't like what I'm saying atleast type in the comment what other thoughts you have than going into denial coz what I said seems quite plausible to me

        22 hours ago Reply
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  • bendover01
    Reader KP:45

    has it been stated when the next chapters will be released ?

    4 days ago Reply
  • Cypher11
    Reader KP:1124

    wow i didn't look at it and i have stacked up chapters from 439, i know you are jealous but patience pays, though i am not able to do the same with shadow slave

    Edited: 22 Nov, 03:31
    5 days ago Reply
    • MrPoisonface
      Reader KP:36

      the secret recipe is to have so many series to read that you can't keep up. then they pile up by them self. and you start ignoring them, and only reading your favorits. then you forget old storylines so you need to re-read and acknowledge that the thing you read was sh*t and how did you even get through it. this is from a "poison connoisseur" xD

      3 days ago Reply
    • NamelessShadow
      Reader KP:614

      Me to however I only started stacking at 541, still good

      4 days ago Reply
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  • Lenaw0lf
    Reader KP:37

    Hmm, I’m up to chapter 612, and does anything happen to ren and Amanda (lovey moments) because not sure if I should keep reading or stack up till their a lovey moment-

    5 days ago Reply
  • Darksoldier
    Reader KP:781

    Ren and Other Ren sure are pitiful. Both of them were used at some point. One went through hell and tries to continue living only to find himself in deeper hell. Got no choice to deny his other self for the sake of himself and his family. And the other one is constantly in hell, every moment brings pain and despair. He became something else due to all the pain. He also has no choice to disregard his other self, labelling it as a immature and naive for not understanding the gravity of the hell he is always in. Accepting the other means to deny oneself

    Edited: 21 Nov, 12:04
    5 days ago Reply
  • HappySingh
    Reader KP:76

    Did something happened between Ren and Amanda after chapter 622??

    5 days ago Reply