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Missing_File 1
Chapter 417 2 days ago

One of the best novels I’ve ever read, the characters powers and everything else work so well together. I’ve been following this book for a few years now and it’s amazing 5/5 amazing writing

hsyreads 1
Chapter 113 2 days ago

the manhwa made me so hyped so i decided to read this novel. idk why i got bored midway :/ or maybe i'm not just into reading that time that's why i dropped this. even though this has a great plot, i don't have the will or urge to continue reading it. still 4 stars for the great story.

LuciferDono 2
Chapter 324 3 days ago

"The Beginning After The End" is a novel that follows the story of a powerful king who is reincarnated as a weak baby and must work to reclaim his throne and power. The novel is filled with action, political intrigue, and character development. The story is well-written and engaging, with a strong protagonist that readers will root for. The novel also explores themes of power, redemption, and second chances. Overall, it is an enjoyable read for fans of fantasy and epic adventure stories.

Wanaweeb 2
Chapter 416 5 days ago

Tbate was my very first novel on this app after this I started reading more but to this day I've not found a single novel that could compare with tbate's writing. The story telling here is smth else, the author's way of delivering every single detail in a such a precise manner never failed to amuse me like- you'll rarely find any flaw in the writing or grammar here, that's a given. Don't get me started on the story itself- the foreshadowing was done almost too right, the characters all done justice as in they all have their own reasons nd motives (even the very side ones) and the build up for certain moments that'll have u on ur toe is what makes tbate, tbate honestly.

Raufmoha 1
Chapter 418 6 days ago

This is the novel that introduced me to world of novels. i read tbate manhwa when it came out and out of curiosity i looked for its novel coz of fans hyping but i found out that it deserved more than that hype. Becoz of tbate i read 50+ novels and upto today, i cant still find a novel better than tbate.

Tyarel 1
Chapter 411 6 days ago

Very good novel, kind of generic at first but done right. I was getting kind of bored during the war arc because it was really repetitive, but then it surpassed all my expectations for what I thought was a mushoku tensei clone.

  • NamelessGod 2

    If you're talking about moshuku tensei anime then NO, tbate webcomic started before jobless reincarnation anime... you can even say the anime copied tbate webcomic for their anime painting or whatever you'd call it and background... I'd love to know what other reason makes you call it a clone. don't mention magic cause that would be d.u.m.b, do you know how many novel used magic even jobless reincarnation, in fact tbate magic system was closest to supreme magus when it first started... if it's the hair... then are you saying rudrat is the first mc with a red hair... do you even know how many of them have black hairs... what was even the inspiration behind that comment? it makes no sense, it's not a wise comment... You know what, forget about everything I said, I'm sure you'd know why you think it's a clone? you have a good reason right?

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Yang_Yan 2
Chapter 212 6 days ago

I am reading the webtoon of the novel. I think the story is going well. The construction of the universe is generally well done. I'm waiting for it to finish to read the novel. I hope they don't make a terrible ending.

PueriTenebris 2
Chapter 418 6 days ago

I remember when i finished Solo Leveling and i had nothing to read, one of my buddys told me that i should give it a shot and read TBATE so i did i started with the Webtoon first till i got caught up with it and he told me that i was missing alot the novel is way far and is amazing the problem was that i wasnt a novel guy but i gave it a shot, it was my first novel that i read and it became the step stone of reading others, the way that the emotion/pov was writen and described was beyond what i expected truly a 5 star ive read alot of novels right now but this will always stay top 3

ben92350 1
Chapter 250 6 days ago

Great story, characters, power system. At first I thought it was generic but I immediately got hooked. I wouldn't give it 5 stars though, It's honestly one of the best light novels I've ever read but it's not perfect.


    Can you recommend me some perfect novel in your opinion?

Theancientmage 1
Chapter 418 7 days ago

I very recommend this novel to the starters and non starters is very good novel And the author way of telling is special because most novels are in 3rd person view or 2nd but this the only novel (i think) with 1st person view