The Bloodline System (Web Novel)
Chapter 1303: Where Is Gustav?

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter

His arms transformed, becoming extremely muscular and lengthy as dark scales appeared all over them.

("If you do this... you could appear anywhere on planet Ozious,") The system seemed to understand what Gustav had in mind.

"It doesn't matter so long as I get out,"

A burst of immense energy radiated from his figure as Gustav gathered all the strength he could muster at this moment.

[×2 Power Boost Has Been Activated]

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]

[Slash Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated a bunch of skills at the same time, boosting his strength by several levels.

If anyone was to witness the chaotic energy swirling across the place, they would be shook to the core.

Gustav swung the Jiko Hakai katana forward in the next moment, causing a powerful bolt of energy to slash across the dark dimension.


The space time continum within the dark dimension rippled vigrously as the powerful slash tore a hole through space.

A rift had appeared up ahead...

The small space between the rift displayed a golden platted planet with a massive arena in the distance.

Gustav quickly sped forward while keeping the Katana away and tried stabbing his hands through the rift.

It was only small at first, making it difficult for him to jump through but when Gustav arrived before it, he ripped it open widen with his bare hands.


He jumped through in the next instant...


'To think not only are the Indulus Prime Members clones of their captain but they also are not the real Indulus Prime Species...' Gustav fslt that everything he had discovered in the span of a night had pieced the puzzle ongoing in his mind for over a month.

Now that Gustav had uncovered their intentions and what they were hiding, why didn't he say anything or try to get them disqualified the moment he got out of the dark dimension?

Simple, Gustav had no time to gather evidence that could be visibly viewed by everyone. If he tried to do that, he would only be forfeiting the current challenge and Indulus Prime would still be able to partake regardless since the challenge wouldn't be put on hold just cos of his words.

This was the reason he had passed the information to Miss Aimee immediately which included a bunch of memories from the moment he began investigating them.

This way he could participate in the Medalion challenge while Miss Aimee did the needful to get rid of Indulus Prime while it was ongoing.

"That's our objective..." E.E voiced.

"Ohhh I see..." Gustav voiced in response after E.E explained everything that the challenge entailed to him.

"This gave me an idea," Gustav voiced.

"Ouu sweet... one that would help us win right?" E.E asked.

A sinister grin appeared on Gustav's face in the next moment as he stared in a particular direction.

" that would help us win right?" E.E smile stiffened as he spotted where Gustav was staring at.

Gustav proceeded to charge forward faster than a lot of the other planets participants under the red group.

Every of the colors were all heading towards the massive medallion from four different directions.

"Everyone let's clear the perimeter around the Medalion first before trying to capture it!" Captain Ostril voiced loudly from the front.

"Eh!? You're not the boss of me!" One of Planet Xillion participants yelled from the side.

"We're gonna need to work together if we want this," A participant from Planet Ruhz voiced with an amicable tone.

"Captain Crimson, you agree with me right?" Captain Ostril questioned.

"Yeah... It would be best we assign roles to each other. Let some of us handle defense to prevent any other colors from getting close once we start capturing the medallion, let some be stand ins just in case any color manages to break through and touch the medallion, they would quickly take the position of those that have gotten repelled... let some take the role of contact and it would be better if they had a lot of vest energy to keep going after getting repelled... some also need to take care of defense on an aerial level..." Gustav listed out formations they could take once they managed to clear the perimeter.

He didn't care that Planet Draconet had previous scuffle with Earth. Right now they were on the same team and they needed to come up with ways to succeed together.

The planets under red quickly categorised themselves in formations, deciding the land/aerial defenders, aggressors, touchers and stand ins based on Gustav's suggestions.

However, this formation would not be met yet as the four colors clashed the moment they arrived before the medallion.

Bang! Bang! Boom! Boom!

All sorts of attacks were thrown out as the colors engaged each other. The arena quickly turned to a battlefield as explosions and heavily collisions rang out repeatedly.

Destruction rippled across the place as craters were left on the grounds of the arena.

Powerful planets existed in other colors as well so Red was finding it difficult to follow the plans they agreed to.

[Blue Is Capturing The Medallion]

A loud automated voice reverberated across the entire arena the moment a participant in blue vest made contact with the Medalion.


A small explosion rang out as another colored participant touched the medallion in the next moment, causing the blue vested participant to get sent flying thousands of feet away.

[Green Is Capturing The Medallion]


[Red Is Capturing The Medallion]


[Yellow Is Capturing The Medallion]

Explosions rang out multiple times along with different announcements as participants repeatedly got repelled after trying to capture the medallion.

The medallion was very massive so it would be difficult to prevent anyone else from touching it. At the moment, so many participants engaged each other around the Medalion which made things even more difficult.

Sweeeeiii~ Bang!

One of the Klaxosapes swung his massive club forward, clearing a bunch of participants around the golden glowing surface of the medallion.

He immediately went on to touch the Medallion.

[Yellow Is Capturing The Medallion]

An Oxis participant in green moved to touch the medallion as well but...



A Klaxosape sent a kick at his face, causing him to spiral across the air heavily.

Other Klaxosapes had also come from the side and attacked anyone that tried to get close to the medallion while it was being captured.

Unfortunately, this didn't last long as a figure descended from the air.


One of the Klaxosapes leapt up to meet the descending female figure in Red vest but he didn't manage to cross more than a twenty feet height before.


A bright purplish beam shot out from the forehead of this figure, slamming into the Klaxosape and sending him crashing into the ground below.

Elevora made contact with a part of the medallion from above and all the Klaxosapes touching it, instantly got repelled.

[Red Is Capturing The Medallion]

She heaved a sigh of relief but it didn't last more than a second as another participant made contact with the Medalion from below.


A heavy force slammed into Elevora sending her flying in the next instant.

[Green Is Capturing The Medallion]

"We need to regroup and stick to that formation now!" Captain Ostril yelled with a slightly frustrated look as she sent an opponent in blue vest flying with a fist.

"There are still many surrounding the Medalion!" Fildhor yelled with his body turning completely metallic black.

"Where is Gustav!?" E.E yelled as he couldn't spot Gustav around.

A few moments later a figure descended from above powerfully on the east side of the Medallion where no red vest was situated.


A burst of red energy blasted forth from his figure, sweeping across the vicinity heavily.


Loud and painful shrieks rang out as hundreds of participants got sent flying from this red shockwave.

Gustav turned around at this point while his skin turned green and bloated.

"Ria now!" He yelled while stomping onto the ground.


At the same instant, Ria pushed his hand towards the ground as well.

Krrruuuvvvv~ Rruuuchhkklll~

Icicle like walls instantly rose around them and the medallion, covered in liquid lava like flames and milky glow coating their tips.

The walls rose to a height of more than nine thousand feet in a couple of seconds, causing the battlefield to quake greatly.

It surrounded the medallion and the red vested participants boxing them in but they weren't the only ones within this barricade. Other participants in different colored vests were also within.

"Endric!" Gustav yelled.

Endric nodded and snapped his finger.


An invisible barrier instantly appeared above the barricade, protecting the upper opened space like a rooftop.


Participants who had flight abilities and wanted to dive downwards hit the invisible barrier and were left stupefied.

"E.E, it's your turn now," Gustav said to E.E who immediately understood.

E.E pushed his fingers forward and began to conjure vortexes across the space within the barricade.

The participants in other colored vests found themselves sucked into the vortexes before they could even put up a fight.

Chapter 1303: Where Is Gustav?
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