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Jetfusion 6
Chapter 1184 16 days ago

I've read almost a thousand chapters and for sure I can say that this would be one of my most favorite books of all time, it's a truly unique piece considering the fact that there are a lot of system based stories. I love this story alot.

DeepInTheAbyss 3
Chapter 1188 20 days ago

It has great story telling, op characters, great world building, unique power system. All in all a great novel. My favourite novel but had too many corrupted chapters now that it has solved the reading is much better

Bubu2602 7
Chapter n/a 21 days ago

I've read almost a thousand chapters and for sure I can say that this would be one of my most favorite books of all time, it's a truly unique piece considering the fact that there are a lot of system based stories

Devoid 2
Chapter 596 28 days ago

This novel is actually pretty good so far, everything’s been going pretty good as of chapter 500 and I just can’t wait for Gustav to become the highest rank of Cosmic Superiority

LucidxDv 6
Chapter 1113 one month ago

The early part of the story was good, but in the mid n later it is very bad. Now, it all about fate and coincidence. The Mc personality and world building was good. His love interest was given to op power(speed but also strength which is even stronger to strength user. Boring). Even if love interest die next chapter I wouldn't even feel anything or even am glad she die. I can just read the chapter title and still understand the plot, or can just read fast the chapter. The novel has so much potential but was wasted.

Nebukadnz 6
Chapter 137 one month ago

I like this novel a lot, and from what I've read I think that anyone who even considers reading this should give it a try and see whether they like it.

ReadingSystem 6
Chapter 148 one month ago

I like this novel, overall it's pretty decent. World building and characters feel like they're lacking a bit, and feel fairly bland but you're able to ignore it for the most part. Though the grammatical errors are kind of rough on me, plus the use of the word Tummy instead of Stomach?? y i k e s that is annoying but still ignorable. Overall like 3. 5 to 4

BlackPhantom20 0
Chapter n/a one year ago

One of the best light novel I've read in the past. I can recommend it to everyone who likes a strong male lead who still experiences challenges. Character development is kinda slow but that's just adds to the story

myth45 0
Chapter n/a one year ago

I am at chapter 63. I don't know if anyone has also seen it but there are many grammatical errors, so it kind of gets annoying but nonetheless the novel it's unique and something you don't see everywhere. I recommend it to those who are board from the usual plot

BoX 0
Chapter n/a one year ago

This is the most unique concept ive encountered on this website and in wns and lns in general. The world is truly not developed that well (haven't gotten to those arcs yet) but just the idea of the system and the plots that the author has put in motion are really great. The character is cold, ruthless but the love interest does manage to find her way into his heart in her own little way which is very charming to me. The actual power systems make sense, the main character does rely on the same abilities for much of the novel, but thats to be expected, it is very normal after all, the fights are satisfying albeit not too consistent with the distances proposed by the author. Finally the part that made me give this 5 stars, the FMC/FMC's, in my mind there are 2 FMCS, they are : Angy and Miss Aimee, I dont think matilda or elevora qualify for it. Both FMCS are powerful in their own rights, but neither are STUPID. They dont annoy you like typical FMCS do, instead they often, well all the time so far they have made the right choice, they can take care of themselves and don't rely on the mc. They actually feel like proper side characters and love interests, to the point that I don't think they will just end up being useless when the final battles start to be written. Once again highly recommend this, there are some grammatical errors here and there but that is to be expected. Cheers!

  • TheCosmoShip 3

    Hello, so seeing your comment has made me wonder if there actually is a harem in this novel even though there is a title saying no harem. Please do clarify for me.