The Bored Immortal
Chapter 439: Round 2?

What followed after Mevron's roar was the sound of flesh being punctured as Mevron's icy fist shot right through Azu's chest before taking it out with a rageful look.

Viktor's body shook before his eyes slowly lost their light while the rest of his body became deathly cold without any signs of life.

"Tsk, you tricked me into killing you too easy," Mevron grumbled as he rubbed his bloodied hand against his robes before walking away, still feeling regretful that he died too quick, especially after what he did.

If only he had controlled his wrath, he would have made sure to string him up in the middle of the Coldstorm of Hell, which was the coldest and hellish place in the realm.

A place the Winter Dragons used to punish the ones who offended them the most or even their own who betrayed their own race.

Mevron remembered how the Winter Dragon King had told him to meditate in that region to strengthen himself. But he could barely last an hour in that area while the Winter Dragon King could even sleep over there if she wanted to.

This was the sheer difference in their abilities and something he dreamed of closing the gap so that he could be closer to her.

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However, he wished he could have watched Azu suffer there while seeing his body and soul slowly crippled and slowly eaten away by the raging cold. At least keep him alive till he suffers like this for a hundred years or more.

But his face lit up, thinking that now the Fairy Queen was all alone for him to deal with. With the Fairy Queen by his side, it would be no different than having a goddess of luck and beauty by his side. Only good things can happen to him, and he can finally be an unstoppable force and become the Champion of the entire universe.

Seraphina felt Viktor's Odic force completely being snuffed out till no life remained in his body. This made her feel like her heart dropped despite knowing about his specialty.

This wasn't the first time she was seeing somebody die, but she didn't expect it to feel so painful for her. She wasn't feeling sympathy or pity but something more intense that she couldn't comprehend.

And feeling Mevron's sordid intentions towards her and seeing Viktor's blood covering his fist made her feel like blood was rushing to her ears while her chest felt tight. She had never felt like this before in her life.

But even then, instead of worrying about what she was going to do, she was worried about Viktor not knowing if he would really come back from the dead.

However, the next moment tears welled up behind her eyes as she sensed a surge of pure odic force rushing into Viktor's body from the surroundings.

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The surge was so powerful yet subtle and quick that even Orgaz, who was standing afar, wondered if something strange had just happened or if it was just his imagination.

However, Mevron, who had barely walked a few meters away from Azu's corpse, suddenly frowned as the smile on his face faded.

It was quick, but he did sense a strong flow of pure odic force beyond his wildest imagination passing behind him.

Just a few moments ago, Viktor's lifeless eyes were still open when suddenly, a flash of golden light sparked in his eyes as life rippled across his eyes.

The icy layer that was covering his body was instantly dispersed as the flesh on his chest began to rapidly close together, even faster than his usual healing speed as a vampire.

His body was no longer cold but brimming with life and the purest odic force one could find in a body as a smirk crossed across his lips.

"Hey lizard brain! Guess who's back?"

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Azu's energetic voice echoed behind Mevrono, who stopped in his tracks with a look of shock and disbelief.

With trembling eyes, he slowly turned around, only to see Viktor standing tall and…alive!

Even Orgaz had his jaw drop upon seeing Azu getting back up as if he didn't even die in the first place. He had double-checked before, and that vampire was indeed dead. There was no coming back from that, especially after the heavy attack Mevron dealt.

"You…What the hell did you do…" Mevron mumbled with an unblinking stare. His shock became even more as he couldn't even sense the slightest injuries on Azu's body. There was no way a vampire could heal that fast, even if he miraculously survived his last attack.

Viktor's chest was bare since his shirt was tattered from Mevron's attack, and he almost had his upper body naked.

Mevron didn't even have to use his senses to see that Azu's previously punctured chest was now looking as fit and healthy as possible.

In fact, his odic aura seemed more potent and way purer than before. The instances he had sensed pure odic force would be in rare and special regions where most exports fight to the death to get a chance to meditate there and comprehend the secrets of odic force. And other than that, he only sensed them from beings of the spirit race like the Fairy Queen, who was naturally born like that.

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But in no way in hell could a vampire possess such pure odic force. In fact, it should be the opposite for them.

"This is not possible…You should be dead. I saw you die," Mevron just couldn't accept it. This was a slap to his face to see a man he thought he had killed coming back up. What if somebody had seen this, especially the Winter Dragon King. Wouldn't she look down on him like an impotent fool for not knowing if he had properly killed his enemy?

"I am just a guy who death is a bit scared of," Viktor said as he flexed his neck and added, "How about round 2, eh? Or are you gonna pussy out?"

The Bored Immortal Chapter 439: Round 2?
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