The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 1312: When He Wanted to Do Something

After Ye Yuwei and Gu Juexi returned home, they took a bath and got changed. Ye Yuwei drove Gu Juexi away by telling him to take his bath in the children’s room since she didn’t want to see him.

Xixi was bored due to the nonstop rain, so she rolled around her bed to cure her boredom. Ye Xicheng was sitting on the rug watching TV. He saw Gu Juexi coming into their room and stared at him skeptically.

“Are you going to divorce Mommy?” Ye Xicheng asked suddenly.

Gu Juexi arched his eyebrows in annoyance. Yup, that was his own flesh and blood speaking.

“Dream on,” Gu Juexi scoffed and went straight into the bathroom to take his shower.

“My mommy kicked you out, stop denying it,” Ye Xicheng shouted at his back.

Gu Juexi ignored his son just in case his words triggered a heart attack.

Xixi got up, blinked her big eyes and screamed out of boredom. She climbed down from her bed and banged on the bathroom door. “Daddy, take me out to play, I’m bored.”

“It’s raining cats and dogs out there. I’ll take you to the zoo when the weather is clear,” Gu Juexi said in a gentle and loving voice, unlike the harsh and annoyed tone he had used with his son.

“Then can you please invite Brother Yuan Mo to our house? I miss him,” Xixi mumbled as she scratched the door.

Gu Juexi was speechless.

Ye Xicheng snorted. Brother Yuan Mo had one-upped the dad.

“The rain is too heavy, I’m afraid Brother Yuan Mo can’t make it.” The rain was the perfect excuse for everything.

“Why did you and Mommy go out then? And Grandpa too.” Xixi continued to pester her father from behind the door. “Daddy, can you please ask Brother Yuan Mo to come over?”

Gu Juexi took a quick shower. Because he was in the children’s room, he came out after getting fully dressed.

After coming out, Gu Juexi carried his daughter, who was leaning by the door, and put her down at the place where Ye Xicheng was watching his movie. “Put on a cartoon for your sister, what kind of a brother are you?”

Ye Xicheng glared at his dad in agitation before going to find a cartoon for his sister.

Mommy had such poor taste, why would she pick a guy like him?

After comforting his daughter, Gu Juexi exited the children’s room and went back to his room. Ye Yuwei had taken a shower and was drying her hair. Gu Juexi grabbed his phone, read his messages then went to the closet to take out a blazer.

“Stay at home if you don’t want to come along, I’ll go and check things out,” Gu Juexi said while putting on the blazer.

Ye Yuwei’s hand froze midair. She looked back at Gu Juexi who had already changed his clothes. Since the beginning, Gu Juexi had been treading a fine line in handling this matter in order to not harm her, but now, he was the one sprinting to the front line.

He was as sharp as a tack, as always. When he wanted to do something, he would go for the answer right away, like now.

But of course, Ye Yuwei wanted to tag along. She quickly blew dry her hair, changed her clothes and went out with Gu Juexi.

Nalan Jing was staying at a hotel. Gu Juexi had just obtained the information, and they went straight to the hotel.

Before they embarked on their journey, Gu Juexi asked Ye Yuwei to send a text message to Nalan Chunbo, asking him to go to the hotel two hours later.

Ye Yuwei raised an eyebrow in confusion. She was lost in his confusing mind game again.

Every time Gu Juexi fixed his mind on something, no one was able to keep up with his calculative mind. Sometimes, even before you could figure things out, he had already resolved the issue.

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