Chapter 1588: Tell Nalan Chunbo?

“Who’s Mrs. Dean? Old Man, don’t spout nonsense like that,” Wen Shan hurriedly replied. She threw a glance behind her. Fortunately, Nalan Chunbo did not follow her here. Otherwise, she would have to explain it to him again.

Professor Zhou chuckled. “You young people are really hard to understand.”

Wen Shan ignored his crazy comment. “What do you mean by almost getting into a fight with the school?”

“If holds all the evidence of Righteous Yin accepting bribery over the years. If he handed them in, the school will be tarnished as well. If your degree and position were taken away yesterday, I assume you would have heard about our school’s scandal today.” Professor Zhou chuckled.

Wen Shan listened to Professor Zhou’s words. The corner of her mouth twitched slightly. What was this If trying to say?

He could not have had taken a liking to her, could he?

What was most important was that they had never met before.

Moreover, was it not Papa Nalan who had been rushing here and there in dealing with this matter?

It was really strange.

“Anyway, I don’t have to worry about you anymore. Remember to show up tomorrow.” As Professor Zhou finished speaking, he sounded the bell of dismissal. After all, he still had matters to attend to.

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Wen Shan sighed and immediately turned around to leave. However, when she went out, she saw Mao Cang who was leaving with his things. His arm was still in a sling, and he was limping as he walked. In this state, he looked a little pitiful.

In the beginning, Wen Shan did not sympathize with him at all. After all, the reason she was in her current state was all thanks to him.

“Hey, senior brother, are you leaving?” asked Wen Shan indifferently as she leaned against the wall.

Mao Cang shot Wen Shan a fierce glare and sneered, “Don’t be so smug. Just wait for your turn for things to turn sour.”

In any case, Professor Yin had already contacted several other professors. He did not believe that that man would be a match for so many people. He was just waiting to watch the show unfold.

Wen Shan gave him a cold laugh as she watched Mao Cang limping away. She snorted and was about to leave when Ding Junhui called out to her.

Ding Junhui simply called out when he saw Wen Shan. As though he did not expect it to be really her, he hurriedly walked over after Wen Shan turned around.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time,” Ding Junhui said with a smile. However, when he saw the mark of a hickey on Wen Shan’s neck, he involuntarily paused for a moment before silently shifted his gaze away.

Wen Shan followed his gaze and hurriedly stretched out a hand to readjust her clothes. “Teacher Ding, I’m sure you know what happened to me recently. Why have you come to school? You might get scolded to death.”

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“Basically, what happened with Professor Yin was only known to those in the School of Physics. It’s normal that other departments don’t know about it,” Ding Junhui said as he looked around. Then, he moved in closer to Wen Shan and said in a low voice, “But I heard that Professor Yin gathered a few professors from your School of Physics two nights ago. So, you’d better tell Nalan Chunbo to be careful.”

Tell Nalan Chunbo?

Ding Junhui took a step back after saying that. “But don’t worry. I’ve always believed in you and I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Wen Shan nodded. “Thank you, Teacher Ding.”

“I’ll head off to class first. Be careful, now,” Ding Junhui said. Looking at another professor who was approaching them, he turned around and left.

When Wen Shan turned around, she happened to meet Professor Lin from the School of Physics. She lowered her head and greeted the professor before leaving.

“What? What kind of student is Old Zhou teaching? She plagiarized the professor’s thesis and hid the professor’s reimbursement. Now, she openly walks around the school?” Professor Lin said in a peculiar tone.

Wen Shan took a deep breath and looked straight at Professor Lin. “Professor, you’re slandering me for something I didn’t do.”

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