The Captivating Crown Prince
The Captivating Crown Prince

The Captivating Crown Prince

Chóngshēng tàizǐ hěn gōu rén

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357 Chapters 263K Views 724 Bookmarked Completed Status

The Captivating Crown Prince novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Gender Bender, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Cheng Zhenzhen. 357 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


After getting betrayed and killed by the only person she’d loved, Miss Shang wakes up in the body of the cowardly crown prince Shang Wuxin, who, due to her own circumstances, was actually a girl cross-dressing as a boy. After inheriting the crown prince’s memories, Shang Wuxin has three things on her agenda:

1. Clean up the house

2. Gather loyal followers and soldiers

3. Get the throne

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  • Addictedtonovels 1

    Please someone, translate it!!!

  • RiverWolf 1

    Bad translation the story seems interesting but it's not worth the headache of trying to peace it all together.

    Edited: 7mo
  • Barmumi 6

    Nice novel, but, terrible translation. Not worth the effort to understand when nothing makes sense.

  • Azarela_of_Moon 1

    I totally agree with you, I really enjoyed and loved reading it the suddenly the translations got bad which makes it difficult to read and understand. I think the reason for this is because the translator got replace.

    • OtakuModeEngage 16

      Is that why its rated so low? The story isnt trash, but the translation is?

      • AstridFourier 1

        Yeah, this history is amazing ;-;

      • Azarela_of_Moon 1

        Yea, I think so. In the earlier chapters the translations is soo good then suddenly it got difficult to understand. The names and events suddenly got jumbled up. You will got confused on who's who and when the specific event that they mentioned happened. But, I don't think it is entirely the translators fault, maybe the author also has some part on it.

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  • mecarelion 1

    Enjoyable at first, but then the translation starts to get really bad which makes it difficult to read