The Daily Life of the Immortal King

The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Chapter 1100: Wang Ling s Birth

Wang Ling had heard from Mother Wang more than once about his own birth. She said that when he was born, he wasn’t that much different from ordinary children, so there was nothing much to say about it, but Wang Ling had never believed it.

This time, he saw the video recording from back then, which gave him a rough idea of what his birth was like.

The image bead recorded Father and Mother Wang’s slightly immature appearances from back then; their faces were still very young, and Mother Wang didn’t have too many wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. Thirty years old was in fact the prime of one’s life, whether for men or women, and was the age at which they could work hard to realize their ambitions.

Seeing Mother Wang’s head that was full of sweat in the image bead, Wang Ling’s heart suddenly ached. A long time ago, giving birth was like hell. With the development of science and technology, there were various methods available nowadays to ensure smooth deliveries of babies; some people who couldn’t take the pain chose C-sections.

Wang Ling thought that Mother Wang was just like a heroine.

Throughout the entire process, apart from the sounds of the nurses cheering her on, there was also the sound of Mother Wang trying hard. Everything seemed unexpectedly harmonious.

But after a few minutes, one of the nurses suddenly cried out, “My god! It’s out… It’s out!”

Reasonably speaking, maternity nurses had witnessed plenty of births, so they shouldn’t be so stirred up, but they couldn’t help feeling shaken by what they saw.

“What’s the matter?” Mother Wang was so tired and covered with sweat, but she did feel a sense of relief; it was like the free flow sensation after being constipated for a long time, and the burden on her body was lifted significantly.

When she saw the surprised faces of the doctors and nurses around her, she became even more curious about the situation. “What’s wrong? Is it a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a boy…” A female nurse calmed down. She rubbed her eyes. “But it seems that the baby crawled out on his own.”

That was right…

Back then, Wang Ling didn’t develop awareness until he took his first breath of fresh air, but he did leave behind the legend of a miraculous baby who crawled out of the belly on his own at the maternity hospital…

The only thing Wang Ling didn’t have at that time was a name.

He actually crawled out of Mother Wang’s belly on his own…

Even Wang Ling himself was very surprised by this end result.

After all, this could be a reflection of what might happen when Wang Nuan was born in a month!

Who knew what method that little troublemaker would use to come out of the shell?

Leaving his homework to the two gremlins, Wang Ling began to scroll through the chat history on WeChat. Actually, after Old Pan released him, the group messages hadn’t stopped coming in. Some showed him care, while others were more concerned about the outcome of his fight with Xia Ming.

Too many people knew about this matter, and it had spread like wildfire. It would have a huge impact on him for some time to come; clearly, it was unrealistic to hope that it would completely die down with time.

Moreover, since this matter had already spread, he couldn’t realistically pay each person a visit and erase their memories one by one… It was sometimes difficult to assess the impact that a video had in an online environment.

The impact of a single sentence could be very critical, to say nothing of a video.

Like the NBA incident that just happened, where a team manager’s shocking and explosive comment directly created a storm in the NBA.

So, this person called Morey; did he do it on purpose?

Wang Ling thought it might have been deliberate.

Because looking at the whole picture, the team manager was one of those who stood to benefit the most.

Would a person with a sky-high salary, an understanding of the cultures and bottom lines of various countries, and high academic qualifications, not think about the consequences of his statement? Wang Ling thought the man was cunning as he dragged an entire industry into the mire for his own personal gain, brazenly using “freedom of speech” as a shield. It was extremely ridiculous.

Wang Ling didn’t have anymore comments to make on it.

In any case, one just needed to know that this man was very shameless.

The NBA had spent a lot in order to open the door to Huaxiu nation. Now, however, that door was tightly shut because of a single comment on social media that could be called “retarded.” Not only that, the NBA chairman even went to the trouble of putting locks on the door afterward.

Everyone knew that the earth still turned no matter what it was missing. It wasn’t as if people couldn’t live without the NBA. They could watch volleyball and learn from the spirit of the women’s volleyball team, or watch table tennis and enjoy the hellish level of fancy play. Wouldn’t that be more enjoyable?

Wang Ling didn’t respond to the messages from other people. Although he had added a fair number of WeChat friends, many of them were because of his recent reputation… He felt that rejecting them or giving them the cold shoulder couldn’t help but seem too impolite; he might as well add and then ignore them. After being rebuffed, some of these people would later delete his name from their lists.

Wang Ling usually used WeChat only to reply to people he knew well.

For example, the four-person group which consisted of Super Chen, Dopey Guo, Little Peanut and him.

“What are you going to do about the matter with Classmate Lotus Sun?” Super Chen asked concernedly.

At the beginning of the semester, Super Chen himself had also pursued Lotus Sun, but he later gave up because there really were too many people chasing her. There were too many competitors and Super Chen felt that his chances of victory were too low, so he never did anything.

In his opinion, working hard for something imaginary and which couldn’t be seen was very stupid. If he had the time and energy to do this sort of thing, he would rather spend it on tempering his own muscles.

After all, the lines of his muscles would only become clearer the more he tempered them.

“Haven’t thought about it yet,” Wang Ling replied.

He knew that sooner or later he would have to think of a way to deal with it… It looked like it would be another fierce battle tomorrow…

That Classmate Xia Ming definitely wouldn’t let him off. As for Lotus Sun, Wang Ling still didn’t know what on earth the girl was thinking. Although she had confessed to him, she had conversely became the one with the most mysterious attitude; she had holed up at home until now, unwilling to meet anyone.

Tomorrow was Friday. Ultimately, how this incident would be settled actually depended on what Lotus Sun wanted to do.

As one of the parties at the center of the incident, Wang Ling could only take it one step at a time…

Friday, November 7th.

A stretch limo from Huaguo Water Curtain Group appeared at the gate of No. 60 High. Leaning on a cane, an old man, whose hands were bedecked with gold and silver accessories, slowly emerged from the limo.

Bodyguards stood in front and behind him.

“This is the place, old master,” someone in the retinue said to the old man.

A lot of people who saw this old man were utterly astonished at his identity.

This was Sun Yiyuan, the current president of Huaguo Water Curtain Group!


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