The Divine Hunter
The Divine Hunter

The Divine Hunter

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The Divine Hunter novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Faint Point. 637 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Luo Yi, a high school dropout in his original world, was isekai’d into the world of the Witcher 3. Starting out as a weak boy named Roy in the village of Kaer, Lower Posada, he was determined to grow stronger, no matter what it took. The first step toward becoming a legend was to kill. And his first kill was… a rooster. ‘You gain 1 EXP.’ Of course, Roy had his own cheat system like all the other isekai protagonists. His first step to becoming a legend started now…

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  • Dede68 5

    13/04/2024 I finished this novel and I must say it's one of the best fanfictions you can find. The story is catchy and the secondary characters are superb, you will love getting to know them. Our MC is good and not annoying The relationships he develops are interesting and feel natural. For a final word: try this novel, it is good and interesting, don't hesitate any longer and go ahead I would give him a 8.6/10

    • TheOneWhoKnocks 2

      I've only ever watched The Witcher season 1, is it going to be hard to understand the story?

  • Menezes 1

    Can you guys tell me about this "romantic subplot". Is there one or more love interests? Who are they? Does the mc become a manwhore like our beloved geralt?

    Edited: 12d
    • anovelnovel 2

      Its with a well known character and there is no harem or over the top romance

      Edited: 4d
  • The_Heavenly_Scribe 10

    Tian Shu's Summary for Dummies! 1. Great and Classic Mystery Novel! (Hidden Gem just a tad lower to LOTM. Every arc gives you a satisfying story and experience especially in terms of mystery and lore) 2. Great Blend of Original Content and Witcher Plot! (Plot doesn't feel out of place, it really fits with the Witcher Style of Writing) 3. Attention to Details! (Author puts great effort in details that builds up the tone of reading) 4. System! (MC has a system but isn't necessarily OP, slowly gets stronger while being cunning and resourceful) 5. Familiar Characters (Lots game plot used especially those side quests) 6. Great Drama and Thrilling Fights (Ninja Onions are calling!) 7. Great Humour and Comedy (Ehem... seggs jokes?) 8. Great Ending (More potential content but it ended elegantly and great) 9. Lore Abundant! (No need to play the game, just read the whole novel and youll get to know the Witcher Series!) 10. GREAT SUPRISE! (Trust me, I was really shocked author added it)

  • Christmas_cat 7

    I just finished it and this novel is a hidden gem, I absolutely recommend reading it, it should be in a higher top.

    • Menezes 1

      Can you tell me what are his stats at the ending? I am on chapter 50 and a bit annoyed by the fact that he will only become a witcher around chapter 120 (i was really curious so just searxhed through the titles of the chapters to discover it)

  • Antoreo 4

    I know nothing about the witcher games or lore. Are the references a big part of the appeal to this book? Will not knowing the lore make it hard to understand this book?

    • Enivid 4

      It won’t make it too difficult only moderately. It is still good either way. Maybe at least know what a Witcher is

      Edited: 15d
  • Arttt 1

    Could someone tell me what roy looks like?

  • BladeRocks 3

    one of the best stories i have read, fan fic or otherwise

  • Admiral_Leo 8

    Underrated novel deserves top 50

  • Demon_king 18

    let me first say this novel deserves rank in top 100(far better than all that harem sh*t) 😑 MC development (7.2/10) MC got the syndrome of wanting to save everyone and being a meddler in people's lives. Also, there is no time for them to rest not even for 1 day. no time skip to gain experience for anything. there is always something MC has to do. It could use a few training arcs. 😓 world is big but description of world is not that much deep (8/10) explanation of other races (include mini god) + their backstory is awesome (8/10) development of side characters who are directly influences by MC (9/10) MONSTER DESCRIPTION (10/10) author was able show monster hideousness' too well. 👏👏 fighting (9/10) 🤩

  • Decimmo 1

    I enjoyed it a lot! Loved the Witcher 3 and I appreciate this novel's use of the Witcher lore and characters.