The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1163: The Sword Deity Strikes

The Glaze Fairy, wasn’t that the law enforcer that had participated in the rescue of the Central Prefecture’s King? Su Yu was slightly startled.

The Jiuzhou mission did involve deities.

He just didn’t know exactly what kind of relation the Glaze Fairy Deity had with the Central Prefecture’s King.

But it was absolutely impossible for Su Yu to stop what he was doing at the final moment!

The Book Deity’s Treasury was too much of a threat. Once this was over and Qin Feichen began investigating Su Yu’s secrets, there would be a major catastrophe!

Putting aside murdering a law enforcer, the most terrifying part was that the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron would be exposed.

Once divulged to the public, all the deities of the Great Eastern Alliance, including the Jing Deity, and all the others whose trust and support he had just gained, would become Su Yu’s enemies.

Therefore, the Book Deity’s Treasury had to be destroyed at all costs!

He couldn’t do it by himself, but someone else could!

As he secretly hurried him, Jingang disappeared haphazardly. Before the Glaze Fairy Deity arrived, he pounced onto the bookshelf and bombarded it with all of the divine energy in his godly spirit.

No matter how sturdy the bookshelf was, it was just an object after all. How was it supposed to resist the divine energy?

Nonetheless, a shocking wave of divine energy struck forth abruptly, carrying a frightening murderous aura with it.

In just a single thought, it had struck down right in front of Jingang and was on the verge of destroying him.

The frustration, anxiety, and fury contained in the murderous aura were extraordinarily clear and conspicuous.

Su Yu’s heart sank. The Glaze Fairy Deity had absolute confidence in their ability to protect the Book Deity’s Treasury!

In that case, destroying the Book Deity’s Treasury would be extremely challenging.

But Su Yu did not doubt Sheng Yuanxin’s words. If he acted recklessly now, the Glaze Fairy Deity had a substantial reason to finish him off, just as he was constantly looking for a reason to kill Qin Feichen.

Jingang was about to fail. Right at that moment, a blade of otherworldly divine sword struck. It possessed the immense divine power that could penetrate the galaxies and the universe, interrupting the Glaze Fairy Deity’s divine energy.


With a deafening noise, another shocking explosion happened near the mountains. Apart from the Prospective Deity Jingang who remained unscathed, the ten mountains in the proximity were razed to the ground.

Seizing the opportunity, the divine energy that Jingang mustered pierced through the bookshelf.

With the incessant sounds of shattering, the books ruptured and burst one by one. The information gathered in them over millions of years was washed down the drain.

At last, even the bookshelf had sustained severe destruction and had been broken into two.

Having witnessed the scene, Qin Feichen’s face was extremely grim. He turned ashen grey in color.

The Glaze Fairy Deity, who was on her way back, had arrived at the Book Deity’s cavern world at the same time.

Between thoughts, she had appeared at the Book Deity’s dwelling. Watching as the thousand books containing immense knowledge were destroyed, especially the “Record of Hundred Gods” that mastered the secrets of all deities, the Glaze Fairy Deity was enraged beyond words.

She pointed at Jingang with a finger, with the intention of killing Jingang along with his soul and godly spirit.

Su Yu’s lips curled into a smile. Jingang moved to the side, but he wasn’t running away. He growled, “Hahaha! I have killed enough deity’s descendants today anyway. If I die, it’ll be worth it! But, brat, you’ve been after me for the longest time, and I want you to die alongside me as I turn to ashes!”

As he spoke, Jingang pounced onto Su Yu ferociously.

But the next scene that unfolded made everyone gasp in stupefaction.

Su Yu said with nonchalance, “You came just in time! Let us die together!”

He maneuvered the Giant Divine Soldier to lift its leg and then…and then Jingang rolled underneath its foot.

Shortly after, Su Yu stepped down.

Jingang, dead.

Su Yu shifted the foot of the Giant Divine Soldier. Jingang had turned into a mesh of muddy flesh, left with only a soul that was carrying his godly spirit. It was now extremely feeble.

Su Yu shook his head and sighed. “Haih, what a horrifying fighting technique. Dying together was much more powerful than I expected! He nearly got his way!”

Chaos arose among the creatures that had gathered and seen the events unfold.

It really, really was a horrifying fighting technique! Sliding underneath the enemy’s foot and quietly waited for death. This… this was fraud!

Qin Feichen was so angry he was about to throw up blood. Up till this point, how could he not have realized that Jingang was being controlled by Su Yu!

The Glaze Fairy Deity’s eyes turned icy cold as she shot her glance at Su Yu. Her entire being was surrounded by a murderous vibe.

However, she cast a look beyond the heavens with some fear.

Just now, a powerful deity had gotten involved at the final juncture, thus giving Jingang the opportunity to destroy the Book Deity’s Treasury.

The matchless sword power contained in it could belong to no one else besides the Sword Deity!

If she attacked Su Yu without any reason, the Sword Deity might seize the chance to attack her!

Her eyes flickered, and the Glaze Fairy Deity pinned her gaze on Jingang. She reached across the air in an attempt to grasp his soul.

It would only take a search of Jingang’s soul to find out if he was being manipulated by Su Yu.

If it was true, then Su Yu could not escape from the death sentence for conspiring to destroy and slaughter the Book Deity’s family! The hundred deities would not be exempted either!

However, Jingang chuckled miserably all of a sudden. “Never have I thought of this, that I still couldn’t do any harm to you, Su Yu, even with death! Fine, fine! A man’s words turn kind at the brink of his death.”

“All my life, I have been doing evil things. Before I die today, I will hand over my godly spirit to you. I hope you could find me a kind person and pass him my godly spirit, and my last wish is that he will be kind to others. That way, my sins can be washed away.”

As he spoke, Jingang handed his godly spirit to Su Yu and sat on the ground with his legs crossed. He had a look of transcendence on his face. “Farewell, Su Yu, farewell, beautiful world, my time is up!”

Upon finishing his words, his soul vanished with a “pow”, turning into whiffs of smoke and disappearing between the heavens and the lands.

Having missed her target, the Glaze Fairy Deity was exasperated!

This was the murder of an accomplice!

What a joke! How could Su Yu not have realized such a huge disadvantage in this matter? Upon seeing the strange look on the Glaze Fairy Deity, Su Yu immediately commanded Jingang’s soul to destroy itself.

Looking at the dissipating soul, Su Yu gave a deep sigh. “He has killed countless people throughout his lifetime but became enlightened before his demise and was willing to wash his past sins away with his godly spirit. That was an act of immense kindness. It’s good indeed, good indeed.”

The on-lookers had baffled looks on their faces. With such clumsy acting skills, were they insulting the public’s intelligence?

But there was no evidence to prove that Jingang had been manipulated by Su Yu, so despite their shock, no one dared to assert it

Even the Glaze Fairy Deity was only staring coldly at Su Yu, without having the courage to harm him blatantly.

Qin Feichen was enraged to the point that he was full of hatred. “Su Yu!! The Book Deity’s family has been standing for thousands of generations, but you have destroyed it today! How are you going to compensate us?”

At a rough estimate, the people of the Book Deity’s family, especially the immediate heirs of the bloodline, were fewer than a tenth of their original number! It was almost a thorough massacre!

The resources, the training chamber and the Divine Path storeroom of the Book Deity’s family, those really important and irrecoverable places of great significance, had been thoroughly destroyed.

The foundation of the Book Deity’s family could be said to have sustained a complete annihilation!

Perhaps the impact wouldn’t be too obvious in this generation, but with nothing left, how was the Book Deity’s family going to prosper in future generations?

Without the assistance of an external influence, one generation would be more depraved than the previous one.

He hadn’t hated Su Yu in the beginning. He had only wanted to capture him or kill him, but now he hated him more than anything and anyone else.

He had never reflected on himself. Was he innocent after all, in trying to kill Su Yu twice?

Upon hearing that, Su Yu’s face turned cold. “Nephew Feichen, having considered your young age, I will forgive your lack of thought before speaking this time. But if you ever dare to make any reckless remarks again, do not blame me for being ungracious!”

Qin Feichen was even more enraged by his words. “Dare you say that you weren’t the one manipulating the giant to bring destruction upon the Book Deity’s family?”

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