The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 1416: Seize the Core

Su Yu had no clue what the maze below had in store for him.

Heavy fog covered the maze, and the road ahead appeared to be complicated. The weirdest thing about it was that the blood-colored light curtain made it impossible to fly around the space. He could only try to find his way around through the maze as any ordinary person would.

Su Yu tried to use his Transparent Eyes, but his sight was again restricted by the blood-red light curtain above him. He was unable to see through the labyrinth and find his way out to the other side.

After contemplating for a while, Su Yu’s thoughts had shifted. Suddenly, Evil God appeared in front of him.

“Well, well, well. Looks like you got yourself into some serious trouble again, kid. This seal is enormous! Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it is the doing of a super strong person of at least Level Two that can seal up the entire sky??” Evil God glanced at the seal, and he knew immediately that this was no ordinary seal.

Su Yu replied, “Don’t speak of such nonsense. My friend was taken away, so I need you to find his breath and lead me out of this maze.”

Evil God raised his head, placing his hands on his hips as he proudly said, “Boy, I never wanted to say this. While you are rather strong on your own, however, you still rely on me, the Evil God, at the most crucial moments! To find your way out of this maze… Haha! I don’t mean to brag, but even the nine Emperors are no match for my skills!”

Su Yu said lightly, “I don’t think any emperor would be more capable of sniffing things out than you could with your dog nose.”

“Hey! Try insulting the dog again! What’s wrong with the dog? My dog ​​is glorious!” The black dog grinned.

Su Yu said, “The only way you could ever be glorious is if you find my friend.”

With that, Su Yu took out a jade tombstone and said, “There is the breath left by my friend on it. Smell it.”

Unexpectedly, the black dog saw the tombstone and his fur stood right up. Frightened, it hurriedly backed up repeatedly. “How are you carrying this thing with you? Do you know what this is?”

Su Yu nodded. “I am aware that it’s something very dangerous!”

“You know that it is dangerous, but you still carry it with you? Do you want to die?” The black dog said.

Su Yu flashed with a glow. “I have great use for this thing.”

The black dog stared straight ahead and said, “There are many people in the world who are not afraid of death, and I now consider you to be one of them. I wouldn’t even dare to carry out all of your tricks!”

“Okay, that’s enough. I already smelled this thing, so take it back now.”

Su Yu solemnly put away the jade tombstone and murmured, “If it were possible, I would not use this thing in the first place.”

The black dog’s nose was so sensitive that he quickly discovered Wang Qingchen’s breath. In the labyrinth, he moved forward as if he was familiar with the way to get there. He avoided dead ends, skipped past one trap after another, and soon caught up with Wang Qingchen’s breath.

Soon, Su Yu’s ears intermittently sounded.

“This labyrinth is a pain… Without the five old guys leading the way, we still would have never made it to the end of the labyrinth and release our master even after hundreds of years.”

“It is all thanks to them for coming. We can follow them to the control center of the Level Two Realm seal and gradually unlock it. Once we do so, we can release our master.”

“Now with these two as supplements, I believe the owner can break a part of the prohibition from within so that it will be even faster for him to break out.”

Su Yu moved ahead cautiously, while the black dog had also sensed the danger ahead. He masked his breath and silently followed them.

Half a day later, they finally came to the center of the maze after navigating a complicated and difficult portion of it.

They found themselves in a square room.

Complex wizard crafts were lying on the ground. With just one glance, anyone could see that there were at least a thousand of them!

Each shone with endless light. Some emitted dark grey light, while some were blood red.

The blood-red light occupied the majority of the space and continued to spread outwards.

The Blood Demon, Giant Eagle, Frog, and the Duckbill Beast stood in the center of the square. In the middle was a suspended crystal ball the size of a fist.

The Blood Demon was carrying a dried-up corpse in his hands. It was Chu Bawang!

He had been stripped of all his flesh and blood, leaving only bones and skin sacs on him.

To think that the famous most skilled warrior of the Wizard Tribe would ever end up like this!

His flesh and blood dripped onto the crystal ball, causing it to spin a little whilst making a snorting noise. Then, it emitted a burst of red light.

The blood-red color wizard craft on the ground immediately increased, while the dark-gray wizard craft suddenly decreased.

The four creatures appeared to be overjoyed, unable to contain their excitement.

“80% of the seal has already been lifted!” The Green figure said in surprise, “The blood of this wizard has a special effect on lifting the seal. He and the other five wizards should all be from families guarding our Asura Forbidden Lands, the Chu Clan!”

Even the Blood Demon, who usually remained apathetic, seemed to look happy. He said, “Heh, it’s more than that! This person should be an important inheritor of the Chu Clan. His blood power is much stronger than the five old things, and the seal unlocked by 30% just from his blood! There is still 20%, and the master can break out from inside within five days.”

Duckbill Beast nodded and said, “As long as we protect the crystal ball, that is. This thing is the core that controls the formation. Without it, the seal cannot be completely broken.”

“Indeed. From now on, we shall not bother with anything going on in the outside world. We will guard the crystal ball and wait for the master to get out!” Blood Demon said.

The four were very excited. It seemed that the long-cherished wish that they had been waiting for many years was about to be fulfilled.

Suddenly, the giant eagle said, “One more sacrifice from the Wizard Tribe should be enough.”

Looking forward to seeing the result, the other three Ferocious Beasts replied, “Heh. If this person is more powerful than the one just now, will he also be a member of the Chu Clan? If so, maybe the seal can be unlocked by today!”

The eagle stared at him coldly. His claws sucked in Wang Qingchen, pulling him onto the ground towards him.

At the same time, he sharpened his claws in preparation to crush Wang Qingchen.

However, at this moment, the giant eagle appeared to have sensed something. His expression changed drastically, Instead of attacking Wang Qingchen as he planned, his claws had now switched gears to block something in front of him.


A tremendous fighting spirit rose on the ground, striking the giant eagle and the other three Ferocious Beasts that were there.

The fierce fighting spirit was highly awe-inspiring, forcing them to heavily defend themselves from it.


When the fighting spirit dissipated, the giant eagle grasped at the spot where Wang Qingchen was meant to be killed only to touch something extremely hard. Not only did it fail to tear the sneak attacker as it was imagined, but the claws grabbed a few bits of light from a fire.

He opened his eyes wide, and a silver-haired back quickly disappeared from their sight.

“This is bad! The kid who was going to be sacrificed was rescued!” The Green figure shouted.

What?! The Blood Demon suddenly turned his head. It wasn’t Wang Qingchen he was looking at… it was the crystal ball!

Just as expected the worst possible outcome, the crystal ball disappeared!

Not only did their enemy rescue their human sacrifice, but they also stole the crystal ball right from under their noses!

The four Ferocious Beasts momentarily stiffened up as their expressions changed drastically. “Quickly, go after him! We can’t let him take the crystal ball out of Asura Forbidden Lands, or it will be forever impossible for us to unlock the master’s seal! If that happens, we will never be able to leave the Asura Forbidden Lands!”

Unfortunately, Su Yu was prepared and exited the maze quickly using the original path he took.

The special terrain did not allow flying here, so they could not catch up with Su Yu.


However, the sky suddenly darkened.

Su Yu looked up and his heart jumped!

A huge monster was projected on the huge red light curtain in the sky!

Densely pointed horns rested on its huge head. It could’ve resembled either a dragon, a demon, or a ghost.

A pair of extremely dark red giant eyes glowed like a lantern, stared at Su Yu coldly.


At that moment, the head of the mysterious monster slammed into the light curtain, causing it to shake drastically. Then, a crack suddenly appeared!

It was as if it would now break the seal and drill out from the other end!

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