Chapter 40: Chapter 40.The Duchess and the Devil

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Chapter 40.


The girl gently continued her movements. Although Judith’s hands did not stop, she was looking at her husband’s face, completely absorbed in the process. It was simply impossible to tear herself away from him.

The feeling was intoxicating. Derrick suddenly grabbed Judith by the waist, as if he couldn’t catch his breath at all and was trying to cling to the last straw. The Duchess was amazed at this, thinking that he noticed her own excitement. Turning away, she pulled up the dress, first exposing her legs and bringing it to the navel area. White panties appeared under it. The demon ran a finger over them, feeling how wet the girl was.

From such unexpected actions, Judith trembled, and her ears turned red.

«Are you so wet already?»

With one deft movement, the demon took off her panties, as if proving his own words.

Judith covered herself with her dress again out of shame, but Derrick already had a mischievous smile on his face. He took his wife’s hand and put it on his penis again.

«Back and forth…» – Derrick began to imitate the movement, as if his penis was moving inside Judith’s vagina. «Imagine that I’m inside.»

Confused, the Duchess did not know how to behave, but she did not stop masturbating and caressing. She didn’t know what made her blush more: the masturbation scene itself or the demon’s comments? Derrick, meanwhile, completely unbuttoned and took off her dress, watching his wife’s concentrated gaze. They seemed to have become one now.

Focusing on the thought that Derrick was now inside her, Judith began to slowly move her waist, as if she was really sitting on top and enjoying it. A feeling of fullness hit her. Judith felt as if the demon’s large penis was entering her vagina, creating simultaneous pain and pleasure. Squeezing her toes and closing her eyelids, the Duchess tried to calm the trembling all over her body.

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Despite the fact that it was only an illusion, Judith was completely soaked, more than ever. It seemed too strange, but it was so pleasant, desirable and exciting, as if she had completely lost her mind.

At first, Judith didn’t even notice that she was moving in time with her own hips, until she felt the tenacious grip of Derrick’s hands on her waist and his hoarse and barely audible moans. The demon controlled her every movement, preventing her from speeding up and slowing down. Judith, on the other hand, seemed to never want to part with her fantasies again, always enjoying them.

«Do you like it? You’re already completely wet, » Derrick whispered, throwing the dirty dress on the floor so that Judith would no longer try to cover herself with it. «And you don’t really need my help anymore, right?»

The Duchess’s nipples swelled, aching with desire. They became bright red and hard as soon as Derrick began his caresses, and with each second it increased in size, pulsating. The demon licked his finger and gently ran it over them, trying not to cause even the slightest pain to his wife.

Even these barely perceptible movements acted on Judith like an aphrodisiac.

The desire and excitement grew until both of them became too stuffy from it. Naked bodies trembled. Although Judith was embarrassed, she just couldn’t stop and control her own actions. Seeing and feeling this, Derrick licked his finger again and rubbed the nipple with his thumb and forefinger.

«Oh-oh-oh, Derrick, stop it,» Judith moaned, unable to put up with the sensations and tingling all over her body. The pleasure of what was happening made me worry.

But the demon was no longer listening to her, only pulling her closer by the waist and licking her nipples. He touched them with his sticky tongue, as if he wanted to explore every millimeter. Judith, on the other hand, arched her waist, moaning languidly. The pleasure was like flames on a boat – it spreads slowly and incredibly strongly.

Judith wanted to understand exactly where her erogenous points are, but judging by the past days, her whole body is a big erogenous point. After all, no matter what place Derrick touched, it instantly became hot. Therefore, the Duchess could only enjoy the caresses, trying not to concentrate on her own thoughts. Derrick’s sensual lips ravaged his head, penetrating into the very heart. Judith twisted again, shivering. It was getting hotter when she felt the penis rubbing against her vagina, but not entering it.

«You have a delicious breast,» Derrick muttered and, without thinking twice, bit the nipple again.

Judith looked at him with her usual confused look, seeing the beautiful and lustful smile of the demon.

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«And why aren’t you moving as usual?»

The demon’s voice always got rougher and lower when it came to making love.

Blushing again, Judith immediately moved at the waist, imitating the usual movements and letting out a moan. Derrick did not stop teasing her, caressing her breasts. He grabbed the fair skin hard enough to leave a red mark, but gently so as not to hurt his wife.

From such caresses, Judith’s nipples constantly hardened harder, and there was excitement in her eyes. But Derrick didn’t want to finish everything so soon and simply, so he kept getting rougher, and then more tender again. The demon kept biting Judith’s cheeks and earlobe.

The Duchess already felt how hard it would be to get out of bed after such a stormy night, because this is just the beginning, and she already had absolutely no strength left. Most likely, she will not even be able to dress herself.


Judith suddenly moaned as she felt Derrick’s fingers penetrate her vagina.

The demon penetrated too deeply, causing the girl to tremble and clench her legs.

«Relax,» — only after that did Judith really calmed down and continued to enjoy. To relax her spouse, the demon began to stimulate the clitoris with his thumb, as she herself would like.

If Judith didn’t know what alcohol intoxication is, she would definitely think that she is experiencing it right now, because it’s just an indescribable sensation bordering on dizziness. A short break in sex made the vagina again as narrow as if it was the first time of the couple, which made Derrick chuckle.

He penetrated inside with another finger and slowly parted them inside, seeing the liquid flowing out of the spouse:

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«Do you feel that you were already so full?»

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