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Chapter 695: : The Lord Who Protects Her Own (V)

Chapter 695: The Lord Who Protects Her Own (V)

“Does County Military Chief Yang know my father?”

“We are both officials, of course we know each other. Back in the day, your father governed Hu County. The district of Hu County sits on the borders of Zhangzhou’s eastern gate. We were plagued with countless famines. With thick-skin, we approached your father to borrow rations on several occasions. That’s how we were able to overcome a potential danger and allow our people to live in peace.”


It seemed like there was no enmity between Yang Jian and Liu She. The former even owed the latter a favor.

Since that was the case, it would be easier to get things settled. If she wanted a chance to poach Yang Jian’s centurion, the other party shouldn’t be offended.

After a brief catch up, Yang Jian glanced at Li Yun and Dian Yan, then asked, “Are they both your subordinates?”

Jiang Pengji initiated the apology and accorded him respect. “Your junior has failed in governing my subordinates in such a way that Hanmei and the rest have offended the county military chief. I will return and discipline them harshly.”

Yang Jian also knew these were situational words. She spoke of harsh discipline, but at most, it’d just be a brief scolding.

“Don’t blame them, both of them are outstanding men, youths worthy of admiration. My troops are to be blamed for causing the dispute. If not for that man provoking Hanmei with malicious words, neither side would have fought at the drill grounds.” As he finished his speech, he shouted at the crowd. A bound up, middle-aged man approached. He’d lost a lot of blood and his face was pale white. “This matter is your fault. Apologize to Magistrate Liu immediately.”

The middle-aged man did not make things difficult. He cupped his hands with respect and offered his sincere apologies.

Before this point, Jiang Pengji hadn’t been in the position to continue speaking. This matter would just have to be put aside.

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“Just now, I saw the county military chief giving Hanmei pointers on his martial art skills. I wonder if I could have the honor of receiving pointers from the county military chief as well?”

Jiang Pengji’s principle was very simple… Stand up where you fall. Wherever one suffered a loss, that is where they must regain a victory. One must demand the reputation he lost from whom he lost it to.

Although Yang Jian wasn’t at fault, his troops were the ones who had started the fight and provoked Hanmei with malicious statements. Despite this, Yang Jian had still taught Hanmei a lesson.

Since this was the case, it was right for her to step up to teach Yang Jian how to act humanely.

The viewers in the live streaming room were in an uproar. The bullet screen was filled with comments which could be scrolled from one end of the screen to the other.

Muxuanying Marry Me: I observe that you overflow with heroism. Do you dare to battle with me?

Moyu is on my bed: With such beautiful scenery, why don’t we battle it out to ease our frustrations?

Xieyuan is Love: After one minute, Yang Jian appeared wronged and pitiful. ‘I was sipping my cup of tea just now…’

He’d wanted to reject her initially, but he recalled Jiang Pengji’s performance and his interest was piqued.

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“Why not?”

Jiang Pengji said bashfully, “Your junior’s skill set is unimpressive. Since I do not wish to embarrass myself in public, can we find a secluded location?”

Yang Jian was not suspicious. The youngsters’ pride deserved to be protected. What would happen if it shattered and could not be pieced together again?

In the end…

She did not choose any weapons, deciding to fight with her fists. Naturally, it didn’t sit well with Yang Jian to take advantage of the situation.

Nonetheless, he quickly realized it was a big mistake!

Yang Jian did not understand how a seemingly thin and weak body could muster such powerful strength. Although he didn’t feel hopeless when facing her, her strength was indeed frighteningly powerful. Yang Jian could only defend himself and attempt to identify her weakness. Nonetheless, Jiang Pengji wasn’t a novice like Li Yun, she was a seasoned fighter. It appeared like she had a weakness at every move, but truthfully they were all opportunities to kill. Yang Jian had initially thought there was a chance to beat her, but that nearly cost his arm.

He jumped away and evaded her strikes, increasing the distance between them. With lingering fear in his voice, he commented, “What an ingenious strategy to boast of your weakness and cause your opponent to let his guard down before attacking him. You are truly your father’s son.”

What an utter embarrassment.

“The county military chief is too kind with his compliments.”

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Jiang Pengji’s facial expression remained unchanged. She used her hand as a sword as she attempted to break apart Yang Jian’s face.

His heart sank as he raised his hand to block her wrist, readjusting his center of gravity simultaneously. He squatted to evade her attacks as she aimed her palm towards his face and swept across it.

“With your competent martial art skills, is there a need for pointers?”

Not only did he not find an opportunity to strike, but he was also trashed by Jiang Pengji. Her palm strikes were so intense that it seemed like an invisible shadow. The sight made him break out in a cold sweat.

“Certainly your advice must be sought, but it isn’t your junior who seeks advice from the county military chief. Regardless, Hanmei is your junior’s subordinate, so hitting him is akin to hitting me.” Jiang Pengji did not choose to exchange blows with him in public. As long as she achieved her purpose to win back her reputation, she would be satisfied. Yang Jian could claim the empty title for all she cared. “The county military chief could assume that your junior is being childish and mischievous. Please don’t be so calculative with me. Surely, the county military chief can understand that, right?”

Yang Jian laughed bitterly in his heart. Faced with Jiang Pengji’s offensive moves that were intense and swift, he could only gradually retreat in defeat.

Luckily, Jiang Pengji did not go overboard. His injuries were in unseen places. She also avoided attacking his face.

What appalled him most wasn’t her speed or martial art techniques, rather, it was her acumen and experience.

She didn’t seem like a pampered Langjun from an aristocratic family, she seemed more like someone who had crawled out from the depths of hell.

Even Yang Jian, who had accumulated more than 10 years of experience, had survived thousands of battles before attaining his level of fighting abilities.

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Countless thoughts filled his mind. Yang Jian lost his focus and revealed his weakness. She forced him to a dead end.

Her right hand was claw-like as it wrapped around his neck, her left hand restraining his arms to his back. Then, she commanded her strength to force him to the ground.

All her moves flowed smoothly.

By the time Yang Jian realized what had happened, all was lost. He had no chance of victory and was only left to admit defeat.

“That is enough… I cannot overpower these youngsters…”

Jiang Pengji released her grasp and helped him up.

“Thank you, county military chief for showing mercy.” Jiang Pengji said these words to admit defeat with dignity.

Yang Jian knew she was saving his face, but he was displeased in his heart. Despite this, he still had enough tolerance not to fault Jiang Pengji for this.

“You are like your father; both are cunning like foxes. Your father is cunning with his speech while you do not spare anyone with your fists.”

Yang Jian did not reveal that during the famine at the eastern gate county, although Liu She had offered to lend his rations, the interest he’d demanded was ridiculously high.

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It could not be compared to high-interest loans, but it had opened Yang Jian’s eyes to the manipulative literates and evil schemes of businessmen who were hypocritical and murderous.

Once again, he witnessed acts of violence from Liu She’s “son” who was skilled in martial arts.

“Your junior is embarrassed.”

“At this alliance meeting, even your father dares not converse with me, yet you have impulsively done so. Luckily, on the surface, it looks like we’re talking on bad terms and it will not be detrimental for you. During this period, it’s important to keep our distance and control ourselves as much as we can. I do not wish for our association to affect you or your father.”

For Yang Jian to hold the position of county military general, besides his background and talents, he couldn’t have achieved it without Prince Changshou’s recognition.

In other words, from the outsider’s point of view, he stood on Prince Changshou’s side.

Yet now that he had joined the alliance army, one must not be associated with him.

She did not reject the fact hypocritically. Instead, she readily accepted it. “Oh yes, your junior has a private matter to discuss with the county military chief.”

Yang Jian asked, “What’s the matter?”

“How long have you known my father and Hanmei’s father, Xie Qian?”

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Yang Jian and Liu She have mingled for years in official settings, but his relationship with Xie Qian was mostly personal.

“We crossed paths in our youth, why do you ask?”

She crossed her arms over her chest. It was intriguing to behold her expression. There were some matters she wished to investigate further.

Even though Qiguan Rang has already gotten an answer from Wei Yuan, Jiang Pengji needed to do a thorough investigation.

But now was not the right time to ask.

When she thought of this, Jiang Pengji’s attention was diverted. She accidentally began this conversation.


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