The Empress’ Livestream

Chapter 764: Cat with Nine Lives (III)

Chapter 764: Cat with Nine Lives (III)

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Although it was said that debtors these days were as conceited as could be, this did not apply to the situation the system was in.

Not only was the system holding the debts of the woman in red, but it was also holding onto her life and the lives of her family members.

“Host, I would like to remind you of something again. You were the one who first proposed exposing Liu Xi’s identity. You thought that the crime of lying to one’s ruler could topple the father and daughter. You merely told me this idea and treated me like a yes-man, so cut it out with the finger-pointing.”

The system was not without a temper.

She had failed again and again. This had used up all the patience that the system had for the woman in red. But Jiang Pengji had to bind the system to the woman’s physical body. As long as Jiang Pengji refused to release it, the system would not be able to regain its freedom at all, let alone find a new host.

The system could only pinch its metaphorical nose until Jiang Pengji kicked the bucket. It was bound to this stupid and lacking host, stuck cleaning up her messes and dealing with the aftermath of her actions.

A deep flush came over the face of the woman in red. Clearly, it came not from shame, but anger.

She did not have a good grasp of politics. How could she know that the crime of lying to one’s ruler was not a major crime?

She could only blame the TV series that she’d watched in the past for making her think that the crime of lying to one’s ruler was so serious that the accused and his entire extended family could be killed with only the slightest justification.

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Speaking of which, this was quite funny too. In the past, the woman had done well enough for herself. After all, she was full of vitality and could make waves wherever she went. However, she relied on the “cheat sheet” that was the system instead of her own brain. She had a one-track mind that only thought about playing at court intrigue, about how to fight for favor, and how to please the livestream viewers. When had she ever studied state affairs and politics?

With the system, her face was flawless, and her skin was so fair and tender it looked like it could be broken by the slightest gust of wind. Also, she had a lithe and curvaceous figure like a demoness. As for talents and learning, she could process a technical book in only a short amount of time. In just a matter of minutes, she could rise from an ordinary semi-famous internet celebrity to a global goddess.

With the help of the system, not only could she fully capture the attention of men with her appearance, but her body also held great mysteries on the inside.

What was so great about giving a good sexual response? Making men feel good during sex and having a shaved crotch?

Those things were just child’s play. There were more mysterious treasures that would entice men to come back for seconds, like poison entering their bones. It would be difficult for them to quit after they had become addicted.

If one made an analogy between food and the feeling of her body, a man having sex with the woman in red was like eating the finest food in the world. One bite was enough to conquer his taste buds. After her, a man having sex with an ordinary woman was akin to eating rancid gruel and sour-smelling rotten vegetables. How could the two ever taste the same?

The former did not allow a single drop of water to leak while the latter was like a cowhide pocket that had lost its elasticity, flapping around like a deflating balloon.

If it was about the ability to seduce, the woman in red was well-versed. If it was about state affairs and politics, she was totally ignorant.

How could a useless person who had been brought up by a system to behave this way then be expected to put in the effort and study boring politics?

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She took it as a matter of course that lying to one’s ruler was a very serious crime. She didn’t know that the “boy emperor” had no prestige at all.

The imperial powers had slackened, and the royal family had lost all its prestige. They could only struggle on whilst at death’s door. Did she think that she could assume unwarranted authority based on some pretext to punish one of the feudal vassals?

The woman in red thought that she could succeed, but had walked right into the trap in the end. She was caught by Jiang Pengji and killed in a counterattack.

“I don’t want to set myself against her anymore…” the woman in red murmured. She recalled her three deaths and trembled in fear. Each death had been more miserable than the last.

The system said indifferently, “Between the two of you, only one can survive. Either you die, or she dies. Are you sure you want to give up?”

The woman was so choked up that she couldn’t speak. In the end, her will to live triumphed over her fear.

The system said bewitchingly, “You’re the stupidest host I’ve ever seen. You know you can’t win in a fight against Liu Xi. Why do you keep meeting her head-on? You can similarly achieve your goals by hurting the people around her. You can’t approach Liu Xi directly to put her under the Level 9 Loyalty Talisman, but you can make the people around her betray her using deceit, control, etc. You have to be more flexible.”

The woman in red had a sudden flash of insight. Suddenly, everything was clear.

“If I want to deliver a blow to Liu Xi, it would be a good idea to use Liu She as my target…”

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The system was not optimistic about her choice. It immediately threw a wet blanket on her plan.

“Liu She stays in Chongzhou all year. The father and daughter don’t even meet with each other more than once a year. Their relationship is insignificant. Besides, with the hatred and enmity between you and Liu She, do you think he won’t have his guard up against you? Or do you think that you can seduce Liu She with this body?”

Heh heh, to say some defeating words… It would be good enough if Liu She didn’t vomit when he came face to face with the woman in red, nevermind become sexually attracted to her.

“Then who should I choose?” the woman muttered softly, analyzing the situation in a dramatically serious manner. “At present, there are only a few subordinates around Liu Xi who could get close her and gain her trust… Meng Hun, Li Yun, Dian Yan, Yang Si, and Feng Zhen… Meng Hun and Dian Yan are too ugly… According to what that little b*tch, Gu Min, remembered, Yang Si is quite shrewd and self-disciplined. Only Li Yun and Feng Zhen are left…”

Based on their appearances, she definitely wanted to choose Li Yun.

His waist looked incomparably strong. He was as handsome and talented as Prince Charming. He was a real piece of high-quality, fresh meat.

It was even rumored that he was a virgin. If that was true, he would be easy to control.

However, she also thought about the caution that Li Yun would take as a military man. Besides, the barracks did not allow women to enter, so it would be difficult to infiltrate.

After another round of elimination, it seemed that only Feng Zhen was left.

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“Feng Zhen likes to revel in the beauty and charms of women. To put it simply, he’s just a lecher. He’s a good choice.”


Although she was a bit dissatisfied with the weak body of the scholar, there was nothing to be done about it since he was the most suitable choice.

At this moment, the system reminded her without any pity, “Host, if you still want to be resurrected, make your decision as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you still want to reconstruct your corporeal body after those people outside burn your corpse, you’ll need at least ten billion popularity points.”

The face of the woman in red lost all its color. She immediately said, “Of course I want to be resurrected!”

“Two billion popularity points! It’s a fixed price.”

The expression on her face was not fit to be seen. Two billion?

Even the price of resurrection had gone up?

The system explained, “The popularity points used for the resurrection are determined based on the degree of damage that the corpse sustained. The lesser the damage, the fewer points that are used. Your corpse… Well, Liu Xi went about it rather viciously. The destruction of your body is even more thorough than if she’d torn it apart with five horses. Since the damage is greater, the cost is also higher.”

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The woman in red waved her hands weakly.

“Fine, two billion it is.”

It was said that people in debt become less worried as their debts accumulate. She already carried a debt of two billion points, so it was no bother to add another two billion on to that.

It was paid in installments anyway. With her popularity in the livestream, she could clear her debts after a few years of hard work.

With the help of the system, the body that should have been incinerated was taken away with a gust of an evil wind, shocking countless officials and inflicting a sleepless night on them.

As for Jiang Pengji, she ate well and slept soundly, only waking up at dawn after a dreamless night of sleep.

As Governor of Wanzhou, she could not be away from the base camp for too long.

The mission of the allied forces to gather troops for the rescue of the emperor at the capital was almost completed. She should pack up and prepare to return home.


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As for Prince Changshou, who had already been declared emperor, would he make a comeback after the allied forces left?

It was none of her business!

“How is my lord free to come out now?”

Feng Zhen raised his sleeve to cover his yawn, and two tears squeezed out from the corners of his eyes. He’d stayed up too late last night to cultivate his Qi and was now sleep-deprived.

Jiang Pengji said gloomily, “I responded to the decree to rescue the emperor only because of these three things. First, I wanted to be a legitimate governor of Wanzhou. Second, I wanted to make some money by selling the method for making flashed bricks. Third, I wanted to see how loyal the staff of the other lords are and poach some of them for myself… As of now, the first two goals have been completed. I came here with an empty purse, and I’ll be leaving with one that’s fit to burst. But where are my people? We only got Qi Kuang. Zi Shi, you’ve been remiss in your duty!”

Feng Zhen was speechless. He’d almost forgotten about this matter entirely!

However, she couldn’t say that he’d been remiss in his duty. Even Qi Kuang, one of the few great people that remained, had been brought over by him.

“It’s not that easy to poach the talents of other princes and lords…”

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