The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Chapter 944: Battle at the Selnes Country: Crimson Twilight Emperor

"Damn it!" Man-Eating Tamer cursed under his breath. He had just diverted some of his minions to obstruct Shen Yao and Adel's assault. Despite the abundance of minions at his disposal, their numbers were not infinite.

Frantically, he gestured and dispatched yet another group of monsters to impede Souta's advance.

"Stop him at all costs!" his voice rang out desperately.

Souta discerned the note of desperation in Man-Eating Tamer's voice. Paente had been engaged in a prolonged confrontation with this guy. During that time, while Souta was occupied fighting Boulder Jack, Man-Eating Tamer had expended an enormous number of monsters. He must be nearing his limit.

"You're going to die today," Souta declared in a cold, resolute tone.

Seven shadowy figures arose from his form and intercepted the charging monsters, providing a diversion. Seizing the opportunity, Souta swiftly maneuvered past the entangled creatures, making a beeline straight for Man-Eating Tamer.

Red lightning crackled around Souta's form, while ten black spheres materialized on his back.

"Don't push me, Blood Lightning Monster!" Man-Eating Tamer bellowed furiously, unleashing his final minions.

In response, Souta lunged forward with his sword, unleashing a burst of energy as the red lightning expanded like a spreading net.


The formidable lightning engulfed the fourth-stage monsters, hurtling forward and culminating in a colossal explosion.


Emerging from the billowing smoke, Man-Eating Tamer coughed up copious amounts of blood, suddenly feeling a shiver down his spine. Reacting swiftly, he dodged to the side.

However, Souta had already moved behind him, his sword slicing through Man-Eating Tamer's right arm in a swift motion. The severed limb spun through the air, splattering blood in all directions.

"Weak," Souta declared, his left hand opening to release several strands of web that ensnared Man-Eating Tamer's chest. In an instant, he forcefully drew Man-Eating Tamer closer.

"Without your minions, you're nothing compared to Boulder Jack," Souta asserted, thrusting his sword through Man-Eating Tamer's defenses. "In a one-on-one fight, you stand no chance against me. Your odds of winning are zero."

"Ugh!" Man-Eating Tamer spat blood, gazing up at Souta in disbelief. Attempting to speak, he struggled, "H-How... my most powerful minion... no one..."

Without waiting for Man-Eating Tamer to finish, Souta withdrew his sword and forcefully kicked him to the ground.

"Did you know what they called me before?" Souta's voice reverberated as Man-Eating Tamer tried to recall. "M-Master Hydra..."

Souta turned away, observing the ongoing battle between the Nine-Headed Hydra and the Earth Drill Centipede.

"Behold the death of the monster you've enslaved. You're a formidable tamer, but most of the creatures under your command lack depth. You've stripped them of their intelligence, reducing them to mere golems incapable of executing intricate commands," Souta stated with a crack of his neck. His presence became a crimson blur as he ascended into the sky within moments, radiating an unprecedented level of energy.

"It's here," he murmured, taking in a deep breath. A surge of tremendous energy coursed through him, fully revitalizing his stamina and power as the Tears of Divine Might restored him.

"Since the effects of the [Emperor's Blessing] persist, might as well use it to kill a fifth-stage monster."

It wasn't solely the [Emperor's Blessing]; the effects of the [Yin-Yang Unification] hasn't disappeared too, Man-Eating Tamer never stood a chance against him. Even if Man-Eating Tamer rivaled Nine Yin's strength, Souta would still triumph over him.

With resolve, Souta gazed upwards.

"It's a relief they aren't here. I don't know what they're up to, but it seems they've left Man-Eating Tamer to wreak havoc in this place."

Souta referred to Ice Death and the others who departed after the dimensions collapsed. Despite his newfound power, he dared not confront them simultaneously. They were the reason he concealed his trump card, even hiding Kessa for fear of becoming a marked target due to his potential threat in their eyes.

Closing his eyes, Souta experienced an uncanny sensation that surged through his body, simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. A faint voice of a young girl seemed to echo around him.

His body emitted a dazzling brilliance.


The luminosity gradually faded, unveiling Souta's form. His condensed energy permeated the surroundings, rendering his figure in the sky barely perceptible to ordinary onlookers.

A crimson gem emanated a soft glow from the center of his chest, as golden tattoos sprawled across his body. Red fur adorned his wrists, and his nails had turned a deep shade of black. His eyes blazed a fierce red hue, each harboring four distinct pupils.

Jutting from his forehead was a horn, standing five inches tall. On either side of his head, just above his ears, another pair of horns jutted out. His skin bore a mixture of red, green, and black, with sporadic scales dotting his body. Dark spikes protruded from his back, amidst a height of approximately 180 centimeters, a significant departure from his previous form.

This was Souta's current appearance, a result of his [Monster Orb Release].

As his form became visible to everyone, the onlookers were filled with awe and confusion.

"Is that Grain Leader S-Souta...?" Genzu muttered in disbelief, observing the figure hovering in the sky.

"B-Blood Lightning Monster...?" Kasci echoed, stunned by the transformation.

Adel and Shen Yao gazed silently at Souta's figure, intuitively realizing that he had consumed the mythical-grade fruit. The overwhelming pressure he exuded now far surpassed his previous strength, evident even amidst the presence of two fifth-stage monsters.

Even the monsters across the country, despite being in the presence of powerful fifth-stage monsters, regarded Souta with a sense of reverence, a reaction only a fellow monster could understand.

A lord had emerged.

Souta exhaled a dense, dark smoke, his eyes glowing a fiery red.


Weak monster.

A monster standing at the top of the monsters.

A monster among monsters.

He who seek power regardless when.

He who stood out in the brutal world.

A being that the monster looked up to.

A born emperor.

His body exuded sheer perfection, each part pulsating with an unimaginable energy, considering his current stage.

"T-This... Perfection..." Li Guan muttered, his gaze fixed on Souta's form.

With a deliberate motion, Souta raised his hand, his crimson hair swaying in the wind.

The consumption of the Tears of Divine Might didn't grant him an ability; rather, it unlocked the dormant potential within his bloodline. He underwent a transformation into a being far more powerful. To refer to him as a mere mutation would be disrespectful to the magnitude of the change.

He ascended to something immensely greater.

Crimson Twilight Emperor.

These words appeared in Souta's awareness. Despite being at the fourth stage, he now stood as the ruler among the crimson twilight.

[Crimson Twilight Emperor]: Within the crimson twilight species, only one can claim the title of emperor. So long as the emperor lives, no other can ascend to this rank. The one who treads the twilight path shall hold dominion over the darkness and light of this world.

[You've gained 500 health points]!

[You've gained +10 hp recovery]!

[You've gained 200 energy]!

[You've gained +10 energy recovery]!

[You've gained 50 stamina]!

[You've gained +5 stamina recovery]!

[All attributes have increased by 150]!

[All traits and trait skills have increased by 1]!!

[You've gained trait skill, Twilight Zone]!!

[You've expanded your trait genes by 1]!

[You've gained trait skill, Armor Integration]!

[You've unlocked the full potential of your blood genes]!

[You've unlocked the Bloodline Knowledge of the Crimson Twilight]!

[You've unlocked the Heritage Knowledge buried in the genes of the Crimson Twilight]!

[You've gained the Title "Crimson Twilight Emperor"]!

Title [Crimson Twilight Emperor]: In any time or place, all goblin-

type monsters will hold the Emperor in the highest regard. The Emperor stands as the supreme authority and can issue commands to goblin-type monsters of lower rank.

>Goblin-type monsters under the Emperor's command receive the following bonuses: +100 health, +70 energy, and +50 to all stats.

>An Emperor has the authority to appoint generals. Designated generals gain insights into their roles directly from the Emperor. Initially, the Emperor may appoint a minimum of three generals, but this number may increase based on certain conditions.

>The Emperor holds dominion over specific territories. These lands enhance the regeneration of all goblin-type monsters within. Any goblin-type monster undergoing evolution within the territory has a 50% chance of transforming into a Crimson Twilight (100% under specific conditions).

Note: The Emperor possesses the ability to alter the allegiance of any goblin-type monster, even if it previously served under a Monster Lord. For the Emperor.

Souta fixed his gaze upon the Earth Drill Centipede, his aura steadily intensifying.

The centipede remained engaged in battle against the hydra. Three of the hydra's heads fiercely attacked the centipede's durable armor, while the remaining heads unleashed their powerful [Bestrou] ability.

Despite having ascended to the rank of Emperor, Souta was still a fourth-stage monster. The influence of higher-ranking species was still palpable, but he found himself more resilient to its suppression than before. He could endure it now.

Chapter 944: Battle at the Selnes Country: Crimson Twilight Emperor
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