The Extra's Survival
Chapter 199: Julian Vs will[2]

Julian raised both of her hands.

An icy storm started to emerge from her and it blew around her like a fierce snowstorm and the surrounding temperature around her fell by a huge margin and the chilly mana swirled around her.

She stomped on the ground and following her notion, the ground trembled and many pillars of ice started to emerge from the ground and formed a huge wall of ice that stood before her.

The wall made of ice started to enlarge and as Julian poured more of her mana, it became quite robust and as hard as a rock.

Soon she was covered by walls of ice all around her and then she condensed the mana in her hand and made it a ball that threw up into the air.

The condensed ball of mana flew up into the sky and after reaching a certain height, the ball of mana suddenly burst and exploded into a blast of ice.

A huge layer of ice was formed and Julian twirled her slim fingers and manipulated it to form a huge layer of barrier that fell on the huge wall of ice which supported it like a pillar.

The huge mass of flames fall and collided with the layer of ice formed by Julian and following the collision a huge explosion took place.


The layer of ice started to melt and was instantly vaporised by the onslaught of flames which shook the entire place.

Mini chains of crackling explosions took place as the mass of hot and cold air came into contact with each other and exploded into a wide sphere of circularized pressure.

A huge amount of water vapour and smoke covered the vision of everybody as they looked at the arena.

Julian stood on the same spot whereas Will landed on the ground with a thud.

"As expected of you," Will spoke with a smile as he looked at Julian.

"If you want to win, you have to do better than those tricks," Julian spoke as he looked at Will smile.

"It's hurt to hear that from you, Julian."

Will pulled out his sword which burnt in the fire and his whole arm seemed to be covered in the fire.

Channelizing his strength into the legs, he propelled his body forward while slashing at Julian.

A huge arc of fire emerged from his sword which seemed to engulf everything in front of it in flames and it accelerated towards Julian.

Julian tapped on the ring and took out a huge great sword and lifted it with a single hand and she just slashed it forward.

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From a distance, it may look like a casual slash of the sword without any strength but only those who have experienced it knew how much power was packed in this slash of the sword.

The arc of fire that rushed toward Julian was cut into two halves and it froze entirely and dispersed into countless particles and quickly disappeared from existence.

The place where the collision took place was entirely frozen and the temperature had plunged greatly in that place.

Will frowned seeing his attack being neutralized very quickly and he started to run around while firing many fire slashes.

Julian felt that it was just a child's play for her and it started to bore her.

"Let's end this," Julian muttered and tightened the grip on the hilt of her huge great sword.

Bending her knees a little and tilting her body forward, she lifted the greatsword as the tip pointed up to the sky.

"Haaaaaa."Julian exhaled as streams of frost emerged from her breath.

A strong gust of wind started to emerge from her body and the ground beneath her started to freeze slowly, emitting crackling sounds.

Her hair fluttered wildly and mana started to twirl around her.

The huge great sword started to be covered by a layer of mana and a layer after layer was formed on it and the sword was covered in blue ice emanating immense pressure.

Will's expression turned ugly seeing Julian's stance and he manipulated his mana to the maximum and started to raise the temperature around him.

Julian finished her preparation and raising her sword, slashed her sword downwards in Will's direction.


A huge vacuum was created and a burst of air hit the crowd as they looked at the centre which felt like it had been cut into two halves.

The air before Julian's sword strike had been cut into two halves and between the halves, the vacuum was created and a large burst of ice waves hit hard.

Will swung his sword and manipulated fire trying to take on Julian's attack but alas he wasn't able to do anything.

Before Julian's mighty attack Will was like an ant and after all his attacks were neutralized, he was frozen by Julian's sword strike and a huge mass of ice covered him and froze him like a statue.

The temperature of the entire colosseum fell by a huge margin and snowstorms started to occur.

Julian's attack had even affected the surrounding temperature much to people's shock which looked as if the entire place was going to experience an ice age.

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Julian looked at Will's unmoving figure and put down her greatsword and started to turn around to leave as she thought the match was finally over.

The referee walked toward Will to take a look at Will who was frozen by a mass of ice.

Everyone thought that the match was over and Julian won quite easily without any hindrance.

Julian was about to take a step when she heard a crackling sound from behind.


" Ahahhhhhhhhhh!"

"Please stop! Don't burn me, father."


A nerve-wreaking shrill cry echoed in a closed place where a child was burnt by fire.

"Tsk...Tsk...If this goes on you are going to be turned into a failure like your predecessor ." The man spoke while clicking his tongue and waved his hand.

At the centre of the place, was a child who was emitting a thundering shriek whose body had been caught by the fire and who lay at the centre motionless without any movement.

With the wave of the man's hand, the fire that was burning the child extinguished leaving behind many burn marks on the body giving one the smell of a charred corpse.

He took out a potion and threw it at the child.

A servant who stood at the side moved forward and taking the potion make the child drink it.


As soon as the child swallowed the potion, his body wounds started to disappear.

As soon as the child was healed, he started to cry again seeing his father's cruel treatment but his father looked at him mercilessly and walked out.

Like any other child, he wanted his parents to love and adore him, like any other child he wanted to live his life, enjoy his status and make some friends and have a normal sweet childhood.

But once he attained the age of ten, all of his dreams were shattered and it was crushed by none other than his father only.

His mother died at an early age and her condition of dying was still a mystery.

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Some say his father killed her finding her quite useless, some say she killed herself unable to tolerate his father's abuse while some say that she was disgusted by giving birth to a worthless child like him much to his father's dissatisfaction.

Their sorrowful childhood experience of his had engraved a deep scar on his heart igniting a fire that wanted to burn this while the damn world that mistreated him and took all his joys.

Every time, he stepped out people would bow before him but would curse him behind his back calling him an unlucky child whose birth was just brought misfortune to Reeves's house.

That was how he remembered his childhood passed.

Reeves Household.

People born in this household have a strong tolerance for fire and weren't burned by fire.

Their bloodline ability was one of the best and their noble household belong to ancient nobles and was one of the founding pillars of the Kingdom but even after this, their status was struck as Marquise position.

Bloodline with elemental ability was considered superior compared to other bloodline users and their powers were the exact opposite of Royal.

But even after this, their position was low and the reason was that for centuries no one had been born with the power to tap into the full potential of bloodline ability.

They have a form in which they can cover their entire body in the fire which can increase their firepower by a huge margin.

Harnessing the power of fire to envelop themselves, they can burn everything, that was what their ancestor believe.

But after countless generations with no one able to achieve this feat, it just became a mere rumour of legend.

Will's father, Oscar Reeves wanted to climb higher and achieve a higher position.

He didn't want the shackles of Marquise to hold him down. He believed that he had the power to achieve higher things then why settle for less.

That's why started his research to give birth to a child who could harness the full power of their bloodline ability.

After countless experiments trying to create a perfect specimen Will was born.

His birth cost his mother's life who had been equally tormented by the experiment.

But the results weren't satisfying. Though Will was born with higher firepower and higher tolerance compared to him, he still wasn't able to tap into his full potential.

And the reason was that Will was just too soft and a naive kid.

Oscar didn't care whether Will was a small child or not. He just wanted to achieve the results.

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But one day, when he thought that everything was over, he found a way.

A helping hand was offered to him by an unknown organization that can provide them with the means to tap into the full potential of their bloodline.

The Extra's Survival Chapter 199: Julian Vs will[2]
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