The Extra's Survival
Chapter 210: Black Market Auction[2]

The bid started fiercely but Lucas didn't make a move from the beginning and waited till the end to start the bid.

[Number 898 is now bidding 4 million!

Number 467 bid off with 6 million!]


Reynold heard the buzzing sound that rang inside the room suddenly and turned around to see Lucas bidding for it and was taken back for a moment.

[Number 603 bidded 14 million. Will, anyone is bidding higher.]

Reynold hurriedly walked toward Lucas and asked"Lucas what are you doing?"

"There are many artifacts like that. I can easily bring something like it for a low price. Don't waste time on it."

Lucas shook off Reynold and ignored his words, looked at the locket and with twinkling eyes pressed the tablet again and raised the price again.

Reynold's expression turned ugly seeing Lucas's behaviour and he seriously tried to persuade Lucas to give up on this item.

"Reynold, trust me. I am not throwing away the money."

"This thing is definitely worth the price," Lucas muttered with twinkling eyes.

Although everyone knew about the blinding effect of the Locket what they didn't know was the domain of darkness which is a hidden feature of this Locket.

With his eyes wide open, Reynolds was at a loss for words and didn't know what to say as Lucas was hell-bent on buying it.

In the end, he gave up and raised his hands and just watched the show from the side.

[Ohh! It's Number 603. This time he bid 22 million.]

Lucas kept on bidding for a few minutes further and finally bagged the locket for 49 million.

"Yes!" Lucas shouted and stood up with a happy expression.

Staring at him Reynold smiled bitterly.

Lucas was quite happy with the purchase but it didn't last too long.


"Here's your item."

A man appeared holding onto a golden tray, and the person appeared bowing in their direction.

"Thank you!!" Smiling kindly, Lucas took the Locket and observed it carefully.

While he was observing the Locket, the man took another tablet and handed it to Lucas.

Lucas looked at another tablet.

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There were two different tablets with catalogues for the items and slaves.

After the items were auctioned, the slaves were going to be sold off.

A certain item attracted Reynold who started to bid for it while Lucas looked at the slaves listed in the catalogue.

Lucas who was scrolling down suddenly stopped in his motion and his eyes went toward a certain elf girl.

His expression hardened seeing the elf girl.


Age:19 Year

Rank:5 Star]

Sweats trickled from Lucas's forehead as she saw the name and profile.

"What is she doing here?" Lucas muttered with an uneasy expression.

Layla was a highly proficient assassin of Villain Society who reached 8-Star and caused several damages to human society later on.

Under her command, many powerhouses died which gave the demons a chance to counterattack against the human army.

She received the assassin order and killed many army commanders quite swiftly.

As far as Lucas remembered her character, she hated humans and was disgusted with humans who destroyed her home, and killed her parents.

Seeing her here, Lucas could already understand what might have happened to her.

She didn't leave in the land of Elf and seemed to live in the village with her family which might have been invaded by slave traders.

She might have been picked by some noble child who might have taken a fancy to her and toyed with her.

Lucas pondered for a moment while massaging his forehead.

Reynold noticed Lucas's expression and asked"What happened to you suddenly?"

"You were dancing around just now and now you have an expression as if you stepped on some shit."

Lucas looked at Reynold with a serious expression and spoke"Reynold, I want to buy a slave."

Lucas's words rang like thunder in Reynold's ears and he thought that he might have heard something wrong.

"Lucas, did you have a fever?"

"Have you taken any wrong medicine today?"Reynold asked with a panic tone.

Reynold knew that Lucas hated slave traders

thoroughly and now he was the one who wanted to buy slaves.

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'Did, he want to free the slave after buying them but it's not if as he has that much money.'Reynold thought curiously.

" What type of slave you are going to buy?"

"An Elf girl" Lucas answered non-chanting with an indifferent expression.

"What!!" Reynold screamed and snatched Lucas's tablet and looked at the elf girl.

The Elf girl had yellow hair and looked quite beautiful.

"Lucas, tell me the truth."

"Have you taken a fancy to her?"

"No, I didn't," Lucas answered with an irritated tone.


Reynold patted while narrowing his eyes on Lucas.

"Lucas, what do you feel isn't love? You are just attracted to her beauty."

"What you are feeling now isn't love but a fleeting emotion?"

"Lucas, don't waste money and affection on her. You are still young to have a girl. You will surely get a good girl when you grow up so don't be stubborn."Reynold tried to explain like a friendly neighbourhood uncle who tries to force their opinion on their neighbour's kid.

" I didn't fancy her. Nor did I love her. She has some good skills which I can put into use. I can also use her maid"

"I need servants as I have been rank 2. I think that she suits the role perfectly." Lucas explained.

Reynold sighed seeing Lucas's wild tastes.

"Did you even have money to purchase her?"

"Slaves sell higher than items. Moreover, seeing her beauty many lovesick people are going to bid for her."

"If I can make an estimate. She is going to fetch around 70-100 million."

"For these young hot-blooded nobles, this much amount is like rubbing the dirt out of their palm."

"But you have brought a hundred million only of which you have already used 50 million."

Lucas contemplated for a moment.

Taking the money from his company may cause too much trouble.

For now, he can only look for his friend for a loan.

Since Fredeick is here then he can't ask Frederick

Next comes Charles.

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Charles had already invested in his company.

Asking anything further from him was not something Lucas could do now. As his friendship with Charles isn't as deep as Fredrick's.

Now the only one who remained was the Princess.

As Lucas thought about it carefully, his eyes twinkled.

"The noble butlers get around 20 million per month. I can ask for the money using this as an excuse."

But the problem was Lucas had to tell the truth as even if he didn't tell the truth, Julian can find it easily.

Mustering his courage with a heavy heart, he called Julian.


Lucas heard an icy cold tone which made all his courage disappear in an instant.

"Hello, Highness! How are you doing?"

"Did you sleep well? Have you eaten your food?" Lucas asked.

"No need to butter up."

"Tell me what do you want?"

Lucas's lips twitched as he thought about why God made her too wise.

"Highness, actually I needed to borrow some money. Please lend it to me. I promise to return the sum."

"How much money do you need?"

Lucas after hearing Reynold's estimation decided to ask a little more to be on the safer side.

"I think 200 million will suffice."

Reynold who heard this almost choked to death.

After being silent for an instant Julian asked.

"I will give you the money. First, tell me what are you going to do with the money."

Lucas's leg turned soft after hearing her question.

Taking a deep heavy breath to calm himself, Lucas muttered.

"I am going to buy a slave."

But what he got was a moment of silence followed by the faint noise of heavy breathing.


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The Extra's Survival Chapter 210: Black Market Auction[2]
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