The Extra's Survival
The Extra's Survival

The Extra's Survival

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The Extra's Survival novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, and Action genres. Written by the Author Mohitkumar. 236 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Everyone loves the protagonist, many read countless manga, watch countless animes and adore the protagonist of the story.

They feel happy when their protagonist wins, feel sad when their protagonist loses.

Everyone takes fancy to reading a novel and wished to get a chance to relive in the world of their favourite novel.

But what happens, if thier wish comes to be true.

Is reincarnation as easy as it sounds? Are the person who reincarnated can really change the world to their wishes and can survive easily in tow the world that reincarnated into while in their previous world, they were just simple people without any power.

This is the story of a boy who died only to find himself reincarnating into a novel he had read 'Dawn of legends'.

Moreover, unlike in another story, he had reincarnated into an extra who is just cannon fodder in the novels who are just present to be used by the Villains and Protagonists to achieve their goals.

At first, he was in despair, shocked and confused about what to do. He racked his mind and tried to survive in this harsh world. He was in a pinch whether to stay low key or use his future knowledge to get stronger or befriend the protagonist.

But will everything occur according to his plans? Will the future event follow the same route as described in the novel? Can he overcome all the crisis that is about to happen in the future with the future knowledge?

Does the work have other plans for him? Is his reincarnation is just a coincidence or does someone or some other forces have a role in it?

It is the tale of a simple boy, a boy who is not like other reincarnater who adapt to this world from the very first day and established their dominance, rather it is the tale of the boy who rises up and climbs higher step by step.

Accompany Lucas on his journey, who with the help of his future knowledge and the help of the system transverse the obstacle in his path to fighting against the world which is and isn't similar to what he had known and find out the mystery behind his reincarnation.

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  • kunj1265
    Reader KP:18

    Why the hell this has R18 tag. . . there is no R 18 in this novel. . . at all

    Edited: 22 Sep, 02:28
    2 days ago Reply
  • Darksoldier
    Reader KP:116

    What happened Mr. Author. I have been waiting a week for the update. I would like to request for faster updates plz ..

    5 days ago Reply
  • Darksoldier
    Reader KP:116


    6 days ago Reply
  • Darksoldier
    Reader KP:116

    Okay, so what the heck author? Do u want to torment us? Where are the new chapters??

    6 days ago Reply
  • Darksoldier
    Reader KP:116

    Do I smell a possible rank up to 4- star, a red haired potential love rival for princess and Lucas's *ss-wiping in the future.

    8 days ago Reply
    Reader KP:67

    It is a Gem in its own way. Many easter eggs are unveiling after 1st volume. Its getting more interesting on the upcoming chapters(chap: 325). But, Recent chapters are getting shorter and shorter.😓

    10 days ago Reply
  • lnwUser18907
    Reader KP:116

    Author name sound like Indian, is he an indian?

    Edited: 10 Sep, 10:53
    14 days ago Reply
  • Charbel02
    Reader KP:215

    Does this one have early romance? I'm looking for any reincarnation type story with no harem and early romance. Appreciate any help.

    14 days ago Reply
    • Iendhxi
      Reader KP:26

      Well we already know who's the fml because of a certain vision but they're not in a relationship yet so, no

      13 days ago Reply
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  • Cianna
    Reader KP:64

    He has a diamond bloodline noww😍❤

    16 days ago Reply
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  • Justaslime
    Reader KP:101

    The amount of blood the people in this novel have coughed up just might be enough to drown an elephent in

    24 days ago Reply
    • paragon_jin
      Reader KP:169

      you see my brother blood comes in an unlimited amount if it comes out the mouth but the rest of the body parts have limited amounts you get me

      5 days ago Reply
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