The Favored Son of Heaven
The Favored Son of Heaven

The Favored Son of Heaven

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The Favored Son of Heaven novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Martial Arts, and Mystery genres. Written by the Author Highrise Building. 608 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Qin Fen had once been abandoned and broken until, one day, he picked up a liquid metal ball that turned his life upside down.
This is the interplanetary era where Classical and Modern Wushu are competing. Classical Wushu enables followers to grow as powerful as dragons and elephants, whereas Modern Wushu enables followers to freeze monsters or even extinguish erupting volcanoes.
Qin Fen steps onto the stage of both Classical and Modern Wushu while belonging to neither. With the exquisite combination of both Classical Wushu and modern technology, he will pave a way to become a legend.
He is one of a kind, a favored son of heaven.

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  • Milkdrinker

    I'm on chapter 55, and this is one of the most boring things ever. There's nothing going on except for the MC very, very, very, very slowly learning how to do things in the military and constantly being compared to his older brother.

    1 months ago 0 Likes
  • Habibi04

    Good enough to be in the top 😤👌

    3 months ago 0 Likes

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Finished this on my other account, But damn, Almost teared up at the ending, First novel i completely finished, Not too short and not too long