Chapter 223: Li Murou Reveals Her True SThe Female Lead Has No Cheats

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“Person above, you’re hilarious. If she doesn’t know how to cook, how can our little fairy Murou cook such beautiful-looking food? This is a live-broadcast. How can she add special effects? You’re quite funny. Heh. Of course you try to slander her.”

“Can we continue to watch and not fight? I don’t think it has to do with little sister Murou’s food but rather the three of them mistakenly ate something? Let’s continue to watch.”

The live-broadcast room stayed silent for a while before the scene cut to Lin Yueqi and Li Murou talking. The timed-comments started praising and commenting “1111.”

“1111. I agree with Lin Yueqi. Li Murou is too haughty. She thinks that just because she’s an online celebrity that’s been praised by the film emperor and famous directors that she’s everything? Hilarious. She’s not suited for this show at all. She’s making the food all flashy and whatnot. But who knows? Maybe she added some poisonous seasonings inside [rolls eyes].”

“111, Li Murou is too arrogant. If she was willing to ask everyone if the wild fruits were poisonous or not, they wouldn’t have gotten food poisoning a few days ago.”

When the live-broadcast cut to Lu Ting and the men, the online users sunk into silence after listening to their ridicule. Next, the bullet screen started to explode.

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“!!! As it turned out, they didn’t eat anything wrong. Rather, they were just fed disgusting food which was why they vomited.”

“That’s too much of an exaggeration. It looks pretty good on the video. It didn’t seem like it was going to be disgusting. Even if it was, they didn’t need to jump into the water did they? Were they doing this for the sake of effect and purposely acting it out?”

“Why don’t you vomit and show us? If you can, I’ll immediately contact the Oscars and have them give you an award.”

“Uh…I also think they’re exaggerating. Even if it’s disgusting cuisine, they didn’t need to vomit like that did they? Plus, when they first started eating, they were wolving down the food. Why did they suddenly say it tasted bad? Maybe…”

“Maybe it has to do with the ingredient itself? Didn’t you guys notice? This is a live-broadcast. It hasn’t been edited or anything. But Li Murou’s food was so beautiful and delicious-looking as if it had been filtered. It looked perfect. Don’t you guys think…something is off? Emmm…I think that Li Murou added other things into the food so that it could look good under the cameras. But as long as it wasn’t too disgusting, everyone should be able to reluctantly accept it no? Looking at their huge reactions, I think Li Murou probably didn’t control how much food additives she added, causing the food to be unbearable to eat…”

Everyone thought the comment made sense. The three men clearly weren’t pretending. It was clear how disgusting Li Murou’s food was.

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“I’m curious as to what she added. Was it that strong? I looked over her food. It was really…perfect and surreal. She probably actually added some things for the effect.”

“Do you guys still remember the wild boar meat? It became stinky overnight. Yet, Li Murou said that it tasted better after placing it overnight. I’m suspicious of her needing time to ferment her special food additives. Even more, she needed to control the quantity. If she used too much, it would cause the food to become stinky. But if she used just the right amount, not only could she keep the freshness, the taste is also guaranteed.”

“Damn. Are you Sherlock Holmes? I actually think your reasoning makes sense.”

“So if there is someone in this field that understands what Li Murou used? Does Taobao sell it? I want to buy it! The next time I go to my boyfriend’s house, I’ll bring the food additive along. I can look good in front of my parents-in-law! Haha!”

“You guys have quite the imagination, denying someone’s hard work just because of your guesses. Heh. Shut up. There’s probably an inside story to the rabbit meat. The cameraman just didn’t capture it. In these primitive forests, do you guys even know how many unknown plants and creatures are in there? Maybe some sort of plant affected the quality of the meat? Please. Be nice.”

Li Murou was on the top of the hot search after this.

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