The Great Demon System
Chapter 403: Interlude

A bright, patterned radiance of white emerged beneath the feet of every single student, and with a simple flash that engulfed their vision, they found themselves once again transported to an unfamiliar environment, one far more bland yet still pleasing to the eye.

Altogether, they stood upon what could only be described as shimmering clouds, each with a specific message that appeared in front of them that they immediately read.

[ You have approximately 30 minutes until your next fight and 15 minutes until your matchups are announced. You should be prepared due to the fact that your battle could begin as soon as five minutes after the matchups are announced to a full 45 minutes. In your free time, you can go explore the various different exhibits and tourist attractions within this area of virtual reality, spectate the battles of your fellow students, or simply train in a private area until you are automatically teleported to your next match!

In closing, good luck to all students!


Conversations sprung out immediately between the masses and their fellow students, discussing about what had just happened.

It was the first time that they could find the energy in themselves to properly speak after the day's events thus far.

And not too long after did light engulf the feet of many of the students as they disappeared from place, perhaps doing as the message suggested by their exploring this new world or training even further for their upcoming match.

Moby and the others had done extensive research in VR in preparation for this tournament. And, it had already been established to them that mind-link was oddly missing in this space. So, for the first time in seemingly forever, they had to rely on the word of mouth to converse.

After they had been teleported onto this cloudy void, they had already met up with each other.

"So, Kane. What do you think we should do now?" Regrit asked.

"I don't know, do whatever you want." He smirked, shrugging off Regrit's question. "It's only fifteen minutes so whatever training you're gonna get in isn't much."

"My lo— I mean… K-kane… Are you that confident of victory? Is it okay to be this casual? I believe I could easily defeat everyone here considering my status bu—" Kai spoke, before suddenly and abruptly being cut off by Artorias.

"I wouldn't speak too much if I were you… I wouldn't trust this space. For all we know they could be using this to spy on us without even knowing. The military is sly, we can't reveal all of our family secrets."

"Yeah, that's true. Good eye Art!"

"Art?" Artorias raised an eyebrow towards Regrit.

"Yeah! Art! Short for Artorias! Good nickname right?"

"Yes, I can conclude, I'm not incompetent. But the last time anyone has ever called me Art was my mother…"

"Then, Art... call me daddy!" Regrit laughed.

"Silence!! Call me art again and you shall pay!" Artorias retorted, and everyone around him could not help but laugh.

As though he felt a massive headache overwhelm him, he placed his hands on his head and sighed.

"Anyways, we don't have much time before the start of this tournament, and I'm really inclined to go exploring this VR area… Hikari, do you want to join me?"

"Ummm… Ahhh… O— okay! Yeah! I bet it'd be fun!" She nodded.

"I'll join you guys too," Elizabeth agreed. "It's not like I have anything better."

"Wh—" Regrit blurted before stopping his speech early.

"Hmm? What's the matter Regrit? You have something to say?"

"No! Art! I don't!"

"Then suit yourself," He smiled. "We'll just go without you!"

"B-big brother… You wanna join us?" Hikari asked with wide-open eyes.

"No, sorry, I have other things to attend to. It isn't something of concern really." He reciprocated her smile before casually walking away and disappearing into thin air before anyone could give him a proper goodbye like many of the others that once stood in this space.

"O— oh! I see! Well, good luck… What about you Regrit? You joining us then?"

"Nah," He shook his head. "I think I'll go alone with my big bro Kai. Am I right!" He laughed, wrapping his arm around his brother in a friendly manner, slightly startling him.

"Oh, well. Okay. Why not, seems like a good time with my cute younger brother!"

"Oh— Okay… well, you two have fun then…" The disappointment on Hikari's face was evident as she looked down gently before suddenly, Regrit shook his head and quickly turned away.

"We're gonna go now! Good luck with all of your matches! Hope to see you in the top 32!"

Both he and Regrit walked away, and a small white light engulfed them as they prepared to teleport.

"So long to you all as well!"

"Hey, and Kai… How many times did I tell you to stop calling me fucking cu—"

♦️ ♦️ ♦️

Kai and Regrit were whisked away through the void as they suddenly found themselves together at what they could only describe as an amusement park in heaven.

The sky shined down upon them with its same magical radiance, yet now it was blocked with various tall, magnificent structures one could have only imagined in dreams. It was not the machines themselves that were impressive, but rather the modern yet colourful and intricate design fitting the theme of heavenly magic.

They found themselves in the middle of a bustling crowd, rides all around them.

Overwhelmed with where they wanted to go, they began to aimlessly wander through the crowds. Yet, in the end, they could not find a single ride fitting, and they found themselves sat upon a bench, looking towards the sky.

"Hmmm? Does nothing seem to find your interest? I think this is all pretty cool." Kai spoke, looking towards Regrit.

"Well, uhhh… That's not it…"

"Then what is it?"

"The last time I came to an amusement park was when I was very young… My mother had finally saved up enough money to get tickets and we went there together… It was one of the best, most memorable days in my life and I just don't feel like it's the same… I always just think of her every time I'm here you know?"

"Ah! I see…" Kai nodded before slightly smirking. "But! Are you sure it's not because Hikari chose to go with Artorias rather than you?"

"Wha!? Where did that come from! Of course not!"

"You can't fool me little brother!" He laughed. "I've kept an eye on you for the past few months, and I can confirm that you have a crush on her!"

"N— no! That's not true! Why would I like someone like her of all people!"

"I don't know, why don't you ask yourself? If you wanna prove to me that you don't like her, why don't you try talking to a girl here? There's a lot of good ones! I'll even do it with you! Just for fun and to get you out of your comfort zone!"

"You've gotta be kidding me! I may have never had any experience in girl stuff, but I'm certainly not helpless! " He sighed, scratching his head. "And wait, what about that girl you always painted and stuff? I always thought she must have been your girlfriend or something."

"Her! Oh no! No no no no no no no! She is indeed the most beautiful girl in the world, but I would not dare think of her in such a way! I'm not even worthy!"

"Oh… Okay…"

"Anyways! Are you a pussy or not! You gonna talk to some girls with me!"

"Pussy? Where did you of all people get that word from?"

"From you! Who else?"

"Fair… Uggghhh! Fine! I'll do it! But I'm just gonna do some casual stuff! I'm not tryna be a weirdo!"

"Great!" Kai laughed. "This will be a first for me too! I'm certain it'll be fun!"

"I can tell you've been watching too many bad influences since coming here…"

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The Great Demon System Chapter 403: Interlude
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