The man opened his eyes and absent-mindedly took note of his surroundings.

‘This is…’

It was a place so dilapidated that it couldn’t be considered a room. The dusty, cramped area made it difficult to even stretch one’s legs.


His head throbbed. Memories surged forth like waves. If he were an ordinary person, his mind would have collapsed at this moment. However, the man only furrowed his brow.


“I am…”

The man continued speaking with an uncertain expression.

“Frey Blake, third son of the Blake House and student at Westroad Academy but at the same time…”

Taking a breath, he called out his true name.

“Lucas Traumen.”

If there was someone else present, they would have certainly looked upon him as a mad man.

Lucas Traumen. A name that was hailed as the greatest mage in human history.

“Finally… I’m finally out.”

A smile bloomed on Lucas’ face. It was his first emergence since the great mage suddenly vanished from the continent 4,000 years ago.

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